A List of Resources About Social Anxiety Disorder

For those dealing with the symptoms of social anxiety disorder (SAD), resources such as self-help books or videos can be useful in coping with daily life. You might also be interested in how SAD is portrayed in the media or about discussion groups or forums that you can join. Here is a list of a variety of different kinds of resources for you to learn more about social anxiety disorder.


SAD Discussion Forums

Social anxiety discussion forums are a great place to get started talking to other people who are dealing with the same fears and anxieties as you. Popular forums include Social Anxiety Support and Social Phobia World. If you have never visited a forum about social anxiety, you will find a welcoming group of people who understand the unique experience that you are going through.


Social Anxiety Disorder Support Groups

Social anxiety disorder support groups are places where people with similar problems with social anxiety can meet, connect and learn from the experiences of each other. Support groups might take place in person, over the telephone or in chat room format. The type of support programs may also be unsupervised or led by someone with professional training in mental health issues. Here is a list of support groups that might interest you.


SAD Self-Help Books

Self-help books about social anxiety disorder are a good alternative for those looking for an option to try at home to cope with anxiety. They are also useful as an add-on if you have already received treatment for social anxiety disorder. Here is a list of popular self-help books that you might want to consider the next time you head to the bookstore.


Social Skills Self-Help Books

In addition to traditional treatment for social anxiety disorder, such as medication or cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), some people will receive social skills training. Whether you have difficulty with social situations because of a lack of skills or because of overwhelming anxiety, social skills training can help. Here is a list of self-help books that can help improve your social skills.


Children's Books About Shyness

Although it might not be immediately obvious, children's books about shyness are a great way to introduce the topic of social anxiety to your child. If you worry that your preschooler is overly shy, try reading one of these books with him to start talking about his feelings. Although shyness in childhood does not necessarily predict social anxiety in adulthood, it is always good to have open lines of communication about feelings with your children.


Songs About Social Anxiety Disorder

Though you might not want to be reminded of your problems with social anxiety, sometimes music has the power to heal. Here is a list of songs that have links to SAD. They range from ballads to hard rock and include everything in between.


Quotes About Social Anxiety Disorder

Quotes have the power to uplift and bring meaning to events in daily life. Perhaps you have read a quote that you identified with or that changed how you thought about something. Here is a list of quotes about social anxiety and related topics. Some are positive and some are negative; the common theme is that social anxiety remains a problem that is widely misunderstood.

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