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Addictive Behaviors

In addition to drugs and alcohol, we can also become addicted to behaviors. These resources will help you understand and manage your addictive personality.

Explore Addictive Behaviors

Working at a table
Are You Addicted to Work?
man leaving his house
The Importance of Work-Life Balance and Overcoming Work Addiction
Woman after too much alcohol
What It Means to Relapse to an Addiction, Substance or Behavior
Woman yelling at slot machine
How Gambling Disorder Is Defined According to Psychiatrists
Rear View Of Woman Playing Game On Computer At Home
Can People Really Become Addicted to Everyday Activities?
Woman with handful of drugs
Why Self Medication Creates Problems for Addictive Behavior
Paranoia can make you overly suspicious.
How Can Paranoia Symptoms Be Treated?
A man drinking water close up
How Dilutional Hyponatremia Can Be Life Threatening
woman leaning on barbell on weight rack
What Is Exercise Addiction and Are You at Risk?
Are You Subconsciously Hooked On Adrenaline?
wooden spoon with cacao powder
The Different Effects in Your Body When You Snort Cacao Powder
Woman reaching into fridge
How to Understand the Phenomenon of Food Addiction
A woman shopping in a store
Is Compulsive Shopping Really an Addiction?
Is Sugar Really, Truly Addictive?
Woman relaxing on bed
Addiction Can Significantly Impact a Brain's Chemistry or Homeostasis
Man in bar with a beer
Is Stress a Factor of Your Addiction?
A female tattoo artist working on a customer
Are Tattoos Addictive?
man surrounded by 6 different screens of online poker
Key Features of the Psychological Process of Addiction
Girls dancing at a party
Why Addiction Can Sometimes Be About Fitting In
Hamburger, close-up, waitress in background (wide angle)
Excessive Appetites Is a Controversial View of Addictions
woman with belt around neck autoerotic asphyxiation
The Link Between Asphyxiation and Drug or Sex Addiction
Depressed young man
10 Cognitive Distortions That Can Lead to Addiction Relapse
couple jogging up steps on outdoor hillside trail
The Science Behind Runner's High and What to Do If You're Addicted
Pyromaniacs are obsessed with watching and setting fires.
The Difference Between Pyromania and Arson
Rear view of a couple watching TV
Television Addiction Can Be When You Really Can't Miss Your Favorite Show
Troubled youth
The Alarming Signs and Symptoms of Addiction to Watch For
a young couple fighting in an alley
What to Do When Your Addicted Loved One Lies
Drug addiction crisis
What Is It Like to Experience Addiction?
Peer Pressure
What is Peer Pressure?
Close-up of a hand turning off a gas stove
The Difference Between an Addiction and a Compulsion
Model poses as chemist looking in a test tube
Effects of Being High on Mephedrone
stacks of chips at gambling table
Is Gambling Always a Problem?
Two people dealing drugs in alley
What Does a Drug Dealer Look Like?
Woman using slot machine
Learn the Signs of Pathological Gambling and Gambling Addiction
Female looking out of window, with her reflection looking back at her
Do You Know About Dissociation?
Mature counselor listens compassionately to female client
Best Alcohol Treatment Centers
A photo of different medicinal drugs, tablets and pills on blue background.
Best Drug Addiction Treatment Centers of 2021
Woman throwing dice at craps table in casino, friends watching
How to Live With and Treat Behavioral Addiction
Contemplating her next move
How Emotional Pain Addiction Causes Physical Issues
Man taking notes
How Denial Can Harm the Treatment of Addiction
How Long Does Withdrawal From Sugar Last?
A woman drinks a cup of coffee with her co-workers
The Negative Toll That Drinking Too Much Caffeine Can Have on Your Body
Coffee for three
Side Effects of Caffeine
man drinking an energy drink
Can You Overdose on Caffeine?
Close-up of a businesswoman suffering from caffeine withdrawal syndrome
What to Expect From Caffeine Withdrawal
The Rundown on Caffeine Amounts in Popular Foods and Drinks
Woman drinking energy drink by the computer
Energy Drinks Have Many Ingredients That Could Be Addictive to Teens
coffee, black cup, man, woollen hat, beard
How Does Caffeine Affect Your Stress Levels?
Closeup coffee beans which contain caffeine
Caffeine Is a Natural Stimulant That Can Be Misused
How Caffeine Addiction Can Affect Your Health
hand of person using social media
Hooked on Social Media
Close-up of woman wearing jeans from behind with cell phone in her back pocket
5 Tips to Help You Quit Your Cell Phone Addiction
Woman checking her phone
The Stress of Constantly Checking Your Phone
Girl being excluded by peers
How to Avoid Being Embarrassed, Exploited or Harassed Online
boy enjoying video game console at home
The Signs and Effects of Video Game Addiction
Woman ignores companion while she looks at her phone
10 Basic Rules of Netiquette or Internet Etiquette
Man playing video game in living room
Video Gamers Can Show Signs of Addiction
man smiling while looking at cell phone
When Sexting Becomes Addictive
Woman looking at computer in dark room
4 Surefire Signs of an Internet Addiction
Couple laying on bed playing video games
Common Characteristics of Addicted Gamers