Amanda Capritto

Amanda Capritto

Health Writer, Personal Trainer, Health Coach


Health Coaching, Personal Training, Healthy Eating


Louisiana State University



Amanda Capritto, ACE-CPT, INHC, CF-L1, is a health and fitness expert who—after years of restrictive dieting, over-exercising, and dealing with disordered eating—dedicated her career to exposing and dismantling harmful narratives within the wellness and fitness industries. She primarily does this through her work as a freelance health and fitness writer across various platforms.

After she realized how extreme dieting and obsessive exercise were impacting her physical and emotional health (namely, her relationship with food and herself) she swore off the diet mentality and got to work unlearning all of the ludicrous food and fitness "rules" the industries sell people. Amanda is happy to say she now eats ice cream and skips workouts whenever she wants—and is still healthy, if not healthier.


 Amanda has a B.A. in journalism from Louisiana State University, as well as certifications in personal training, health coaching, and CrossFit training. 

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