Arlin Cuncic



Arlin has written about the struggles faced by those with social anxiety disorder (SAD) and the people in their lives since 2007. She has a keen understanding of the difficulties faced by those SAD and a desire to provide helpful up-to-date information on this topic.

She has worked in a variety of mental health and research settings in Ontario, Canada including the cognitive-behavioral therapy unit at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Multi-Health Systems (a psychological test publisher) and the Thames Valley District School Board.

In addition to her self-help books, she is the author of the young adult fiction short story Silent Night and the blog About Social Anxiety. She also runs the Facebook group Social Anxiety Self-Help.


Arlin holds a BA in psychology from the University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada and an MA in clinical psychology from York University, Toronto, Canada.

A Word From Arlin Cuncic

If you are experiencing symptoms of what you think might be SAD, it is important to ask someone for help. This site is a great starting point to learn about SAD and find out how to get the help that you need. Although you may have suffered in silence for many years, there are effective treatments that can make a difference in your life.

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