10 Best Podcasts to Listen to If You Have ADHD

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If you’ve been diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and you like podcasts, you might be pleasantly surprised to know that there are a number of top ADHD podcasts out there.

Whether you’re looking for something short, something to make you feel less alone in your struggles with ADHD, or you want tips on how to deal with ADHD, there’s a podcast out there for you.

These podcasts range from expert interviews to lighthearted fare that people with ADHD use to make sense of their diagnosis. Most of the hosts have been diagnosed with ADHD themselves and draw from their personal experiences to help others.

Here is a list of 10 of the most interesting, more informative, and most thoughtful podcasts out there for people who live with ADHD.

Faster Than Normal

Startup founder and host of the "Faster Than Normal" podcast, Peter Shankman, views living with ADHD as a gift—he describes it on his website as “living faster than normal.”

His show focuses on the benefits he finds of living with ADHD to help others use living with it to their advantage. The episodes lengths are super ADHD-friendly, with most clocking in around 20 minutes. 

About the Host

Peter Shankman is an entrepreneur, author, and keynote speaker on topics including marketing, brand building and social media. He is also passionate about the ADHD experience and what he calls “the new Neurodiverse Economy.”

The Ironman triathlete and podcaster is also the author of five books, including "Faster Than Normal: Secrets of the ADHD Brain."

About the Podcast

The Faster Than Normal podcast leverages Shankman’s extensive business network to interview people with ADHD—from dentists to CEOs to authors—about how they use their ADHD traits and symptoms to find success on their own terms.

Hacking Your ADHD

William Curb, host of the "Hacking Your ADHD" podcast writes on his website that, the more he learned about ADHD, the more he “wish[ed] someone had told me about [these things] when I was diagnosed.”

On his show, short episodes center around tips and tricks from guests and himself on how to thrive with ADHD, such as “How to Handle Low Capacity Days.”

About the Host

William Curb writes on his website that he is “the proud owner of an ADHD brain and a podcast aficionado.” He is also an ADHD coach, helping others who live with ADHD figure out how to conquer their lives and to-do lists.

About the Podcast

Curb strives to provide actionable advice for his listeners to be able to implement into their own lives. While many other ADHD podcasts focus on the “benefits” of ADHD, "Hacking Your ADHD" also delves into the difficulties of ADHD, including episodes talking about other mental health issues that might overlap with ADHD, such as depression.


Kristen Carder, an ADHD coach who works with adults with ADHD to help them thrive, despite their challenges, also has a podcast, simply called "I Have ADHD." This diagnosis can touch many areas of your life, and Carder discusses how it can affect some of them, such as motherhood, sex, sleep and more.

About the Host

Kristen Carder is a certified life coach who turned her ADHD diagnosis into her life’s work, pivoting from tutoring students struggling in school to developing executive functioning coaching plans for her clients to help them thrive.

About the Podcast

For listeners officially diagnosed with ADHD, self-diagnosed, or just curious, this podcast uses Carder’s personal experiences as well as expert interviews to help listeners learn about themselves and their diagnosis so that they can live a successful life with ADHD. 


We live in world a world that is busier and more chaotic than ever, with to-do lists getting longer and patience or attention getting shorter. More attention than ever is vying for our limited brain resources, and the "Distraction" podcast helps you learn how to better tune out some of these distractions. 

About the Host

Ned Hallowell, M.D. is a child and adult psychiatrist and ADHD expert as well as the founder of The Halloween ADHD Centers. He is also the author of 20 books, including "Delivered from Distraction", "ADHD 2.0" and "Married to Distraction." Rounding out his resume is his popular TikTok where he delivers his “Ned Talks” on thriving with ADHD.

About the Podcast

This podcast discusses the reality that it’s difficult enough living in an always-connected world—but especially when you’re dealing with an ADHD diagnosis.

The podcast provides information about celebrities who’ve disclosed their ADHD diagnoses, how to fit into a neurotypical world when you have ADHD, and how to find success with ADHD. 

ADHD Rewired

Eric Tivers, a therapist and coach, is a clinician who specializes in ADHD and has lived experienced with it as well. Because of this, his podcast, ADHD Rewired, offers perspectives from his personal experience, professional experience with clients, and interviews with listeners as well as fellow mental health practitioners who work with people with ADHD. 

About the Host

Tivers is a licensed clinical social worker and coach who specializes in ADHD and also works with people on the autism spectrum. He draws on his experience researching children with disabilities and learning how to help them advocate for themselves as they talk with their teachers about theirIndividualized Education Programs (IEPs).

He is also the founder of the ADHD Rewired Network, a podcast network of shows that focus on ADHD. 

About the Podcast

On his show, Tivers talks about his experience as both a clinician and human with lived experience with ADHD. He shares his own journey and the tips and tricks he’s picked up along the way, as well as those of listeners, coaches and therapists. 

ADHD Essentials

While many of the ADHD podcasts out there focus on adults dealing with ADHD, ADHD Essentials is specifically geared towards the parents of children with ADHD. With strategies of how parents can help their children with homework, reduce screen time and discuss mental health with them, the show features educators, parents and mental health experts.

About the Host

Brendan Mahan, M.Ed., M.S., is an ADHD coach and speaker. He is also a former teacher who works with people with ADHD to learn how to set realistic goals so they can thrive in their lives with ADHD.

About the Podcast

Mahan’s goal, as stated on his website, is to give parents, educators and experts the essential skills to manage ADHD. These days, many people are fairly open about having ADHD—but it hasn’t always been this way. Mahan interviews guests of all ages to learn what it was like to manage ADHD when it was more of a secret and how it is now. 

ADHD for Smart A*s Women

Though women are now being diagnosed more frequently, many still think of ADHD as something a male has. Tracy Otsuka found out that she had ADHD eight months after her son did, and the successful lawyer’s podcast focuses on the high-achieving women with ADHD and how they find the power in their challenges.

About the Host

Otuska is an attorney turned ADHD coach who is using her experience with pushing through ADHD symptoms her entire life to help other people not need to do so. After receiving her diagnosis as an adult, she committed herself to learning everything she could about the diagnosis on her own.

About the Podcast

ADHD for Smart A*s Women interviews successful women with ADHD and draws from Otsuka’s knowledge to help women with ADHD feel less alone in their diagnosis and show how much is possible.

Episodes range from discussing various treatments with practitioners to educating on how ADHD affects women specifically due to hormonal shifts.

The ADHD Friendly Lifestyle

Moira Maybin, an educator who holds an M.Ed in Educational Psychology, long worked with neurodivergent students without realizing she was one of them. Following her being diagnosed as an adult, she has turned her work into sharing on her podcast, "The ADHD Friendly Lifestyle," how she works with her ADHD tendencies, rather than against them. 

About the Host

Maybin is a former educator whose work focused on understanding motivation, self regulation and growth mindsets—for others. Following her own diagnosis, she sought to find what worked for her, what didn’t, and share it with others.

About the Podcast 

The "ADHD Friendly Lifestyle" podcast centers around people who’ve received a later-in-life ADHD diagnosis and how they can learn to turn what others told them were deficiencies into their strengths.

Adulting with ADHD

Journalist Sarah Snyder launched this podcast "Adulting with ADHD" after her diagnosis in her 30s. She shares research-backed information about how ADHD affects women, especially at the intersection of hormones and ADHD. Her show features patient stories, interviews with experts and her own patient story. 

About the Host

Snyder, diagnosed at 34, is a former journalist who already had been using her platform to raise awareness about ADHD when she had her 'a-ha' moment during the beginning of the pandemic. She began to realize how much hormones affected symptoms for women with ADHD, and that became a major focus of hers.

About the Podcast

"Adulting with ADHD" shares interviews and information on everything hormonal from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) to premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) and how they interact with ADHD diagnoses and factors. Guests include everyone from mental health professionals to fellow people with ADHD to share tips that make it easier to "adult" with ADHD.

Translating ADHD

The "Translating ADHD" podcast was built on the belief that the world is not made neurodivergent people. Hosts Cameron Gott and Shelly Collins, ADHD coaches, try to help listeners better understand themselves and their journey with ADHD so that they can “translate” to the neurotypical people in their lives why certain things are hard or why certain solutions don’t necessarily work for people with ADHD. 

About the Hosts

Cameron Gott and Shelly Collins are ADHD coaches who both deal with ADHD themselves. Gott focuses on the completion of tasks and creating methods for positive and sustained change.

Collins, a former client of Gott’s, brings her experience as a professional organizer to helping clients with ADHD organize their lives.

About the Podcast 

Gott and Collins believe that there is an understanding gap between those with ADHD and “neurotypicals, where people with ADHD have trouble articulating to others just how ADHD affects them. This gap can lead to needs—on both sides—not being met, and "Translating ADHD" helps bridge this gap.

By Theodora Blanchfield, AMFT
Theodora Blanchfield is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and mental health writer.