The 13 Best Bath Pillows of 2022

Stay comfy while you soak

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As far as getting clean goes, adults tend to opt for showers over baths. But baths still play an important function in the lives of some modern-day adults: They offer an escape from the rest of the world, an opportunity to truly relax—even if only for a few minutes. Giving ourselves the chance to de-stress can have a positive impact on our mental health.

“During a busy, high-stress day, our bodies are often running on adrenaline,” Carla Manly, PhD, a clinical psychologist practicing in California, says. “Calming, mindful actions such as taking a bath bring the body’s parasympathetic nervous system on board; as we wind down, we feel calm and stress-free. As we relax in a bath, the levels of stress neurochemicals such as adrenaline and cortisol subside, and we experience an increase in soothing, feel-good neurochemicals such as serotonin.”

In addition to the mental benefits, there are also ways that bathing may help improve your physical health. “There are many benefits of taking baths, like relaxing your muscles and joints, de-stressing from the day, and even improving digestion—as you relax your gut relaxes as well,” Navya Mysore, MD, a primary care physician at One Medical says.

But depending on the size and shape of your bathtub, as well as your body, it can be difficult to find a position that’s actually comfortable. That’s where bath pillows come in.

Here are the best bath pillows on the market for ultimate bathing comfort.

Best Overall

Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow

Everlasting Comfort Luxury Bath Pillow - Head, Neck, Back Support Cushion for Bathtub, Spa, Soaking


  • Powerful suction cups

  • Ergonomic design with supportive headrest 

  • Good value

  • Cushion may flatten over time

  • Bulky, especially in smaller tubs

There’s a lot to love about the Everlasting Comfort Bathtub Bath Pillow, from its ability to fit into any shape or type of tub, to the built-in side storage pocket, to the drying hook.

Not only is the pillow made from soft, breathable mesh, but it’s also fully adjustable, allowing users to find the perfect position. And in the event that something goes wrong with your bathtub pillow, it comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Price at time of publication: $36

Material: 100 percent polyester cushion covered in breathable mesh | Type: Head, neck, and shoulder support | How it attaches: Large suction cups | Firmness: Soft

Best Budget

BINO Bath Pillow

BINO Non-Slip Cushioned Bath Pillow with Suction Cups, White - Spa Pillow Bath Pillows for Tub Neck and Back Support Bathtub Pillow Bath Pillows for Tub Bath Accessories Set Bath Tub Pillow Rest


  • Easy to clean

  • Quick-drying

  • Excellent price point

  • Relatively small

  • Suction cups don’t work well on textured bathtubs 

The BINO Non-Slip Cushioned Bath Pillow is also made from mesh-covered foam, making it both comfortable and easy to maintain. It is designed to support your neck and back and comes in two sizes (small and large) and five different colors.

The bath pillow can attach to most smooth surfaces, thanks to its suction cups.

Price at time of publication: $13

Material: PVC and polyester blend | Type: Neck and back support | How it attaches: Suction cups | Firmness: Firm

Best Splurge

100 Senses The Full Body Float Duo

100 Senses The Full Body Float Duo

Source: 100 Senses

  • Comes with two pillows

  • Allows for a deeper soak

  • Customizable firmness

  • Expensive

  • No suction cups

The Full Body Float Duo consists of two bath pillows: one that conforms to the user’s head and neck, and another that is placed under the knees. The idea is to release the tension throughout your body and turn the tub into your own personal flotation tank.

Another standout feature of this bath pillow set is that it’s inflatable. It’s perfect for travel, and it allows the user to make the pillows as firm as they’d like by adding or letting out some air. On the other hand, many people prefer a mesh and foam combination pillow over something plastic and inflatable. But given that the concept is achieving a feeling of weightlessness, you might not care what the pillow is made out of if it makes you feel weightless.

Price at time of publication: $88

Material: Non-toxic TPU | Type: Whole-body relaxation | How it attaches: Doesn’t attach to tub; instead, one pillow is secured around the user’s neck, and the other goes under their knees | Firmness: Customizable 

Best for Straight-Back Tubs

Hylaea Bath Pillow

Bath Pillow, Bath Pillows for Tub with 7 Suction Cups 4D Air Mesh Non-Slip Soft Support The Head Neck Back Shoulders Suitable for Hot Tubs Massage Bathtubs and Home Spa


  • Stays in place very well

  • Good value

  • Machine-washable

  • Easily stained by bath bombs and salts

If your bathtub has a straight back, you may have noticed that some bath pillows won’t stay put, due to the shape of the tub. But the Hylaea Bath Pillow is different: It consists of a headrest attached to a back cushion in a way that allows it to work in a straight tub.

An attached hook makes it easy to hang up the pillow to dry, and the whole thing is machine washable (though you can also wash it by hand).

Material: Mesh | Type: Head, neck, back, and shoulder support | How it attaches: Suction cups | Firmness: Medium-soft

Best Full-Body

Coastacloud Bath Pillow

Full Body Spa Bath Pillow Mat, Bathtub Mattress Luxury Cushion with Large Suction Cups, Comfort Support Your Head, Neck, Shoulder, Back and Tailbone, Relax & Quick Drying


  • Provides cushioning from head to tailbone

  • Quick-drying

  • Odor-resistant

  • Expensive

  • Suction cups may not be as strong underwater

The leaf-shaped Coastacloud Full-Body Spa Bath Pillow Mat attaches to the back and bottom of your bathtub in order to provide cushioning from your head and neck all the way down to your tailbone.

The 3D breathable mesh allows air and water to pass through, cutting down on drying time and reducing the chances of mold or mildew growing.

Price at time of publication: $55

Material: Air mesh | Type: Full-body | How it attaches: Suction cups | Firmness: Plush

Best for Travel

IndulgeMe Bath Pillow

IndulgeMe Super Soft Non Slip Bath Pillow, Bonus Travel Case and Soft Removable Cover, Extra Large Suction Cups, Quick Drying Mesh, Bath Pillows for Tub, Neck and Back Support


  • Detachable, machine-washable cover

  • Comes with travel case

  • Quick-drying

  • Doesn’t offer much cushion coverage

  • Some may find it to be too thick

Almost all of the bath pillows designed for travel are inflatable, which absolutely makes sense when it comes to packing. But if you’d prefer a mesh and foam option and don’t mind it taking up a little more room in your suitcase when you travel, the IndulgeMe Super Soft Bath Pillow is a good choice.

At 13 x 10 x 3 inches, the pillow is compact while still offering a decent amount of support for the neck and back.

Price at time of publication: $33

Material: 100 percent polyester | Type: Neck and back support | How it attaches: Suction cups | Firmness: Soft

Best for Couples

Gorilla Grip Spa Bath Pillow

Gorilla Grip Luxury Bath Pillow, Slip Resistant Waterproof Bathtub Head Neck Support, Relaxing Spa Essentials, Soaking Tub Cushion Accessories, Fits Curved or Straight Back Tubs Strong Suction, Charcoal


  • 100 percent waterproof

  • Orthopedic design

  • Does not budge in the tub

  • Pillow floats if suction cups become detached

Whether you’re bathing solo or with another person, the Gorilla Grip Spa Bath Pillow is an all-around solid choice. Strong suction keeps this bath pillow in place, even in situations where two people are in the tub together, and is designed to fit in any tub.

It’s worth noting that the external material of this bath pillow is nonporous and 100 percent waterproof: That makes it very easy to wipe clean, but it may feel too much like plastic for some people.

Price at time of publication: $22

Material: Vinyl | Type: Neck and shoulder support | How it attaches: Suction cups | Firmness: Medium-firm

Best for Standard Tubs

AmazeFan Bath Pillow

AmazeFan Bath Pillow, Bathtub Spa Pillow with 4D Air Mesh Technology and 7 Suction Cups, Helps Support Head, Back, Shoulder and Neck, Fits All Bathtub, Hot Tub and Home Spa [US. Patent Design]


  • Designed to fit in any bathtub, hot tub, or home spa

  • Made from antibacterial polyester

  • Ergonomic support

  • Discoloration may occur over time

  • Suction cups may slide down in the tub

If you’re looking for a bath pillow that fits in a variety of different tubs, the AmazeFan Bath Pillow will do the trick. In addition to being made out of breathable mesh polyester, the pillow also comes with an attached hook, allowing users to hang it up to dry when it’s not in use.

The two-panel contoured design and 4-inch pillow-top cushion make it especially comfortable.

Price at time of publication: $25

Material: Polyester | Type: Head, back, shoulder, and neck support | How it attaches: Suction cups | Firmness: Medium-soft

Best Non-Slip

Idle Hippo Non-Slip Bath Pillow

Non Slip Bath Pillow, Luxury Spa Bathtub Head & Neck Rest Support, Permeable Quick Drying Air Mesh Tub Pillow with 4 Large Suction Cups, Fits Any Tubs, Soft and Relaxing


  • Machine-washable

  • Designed to cradle the head and neck

  • Quick-drying

  • May develop an odor quickly if not fully dried

  • Exterior material may feel scratchy to some

The Idle Hippo Non-Slip Bath Pillow firmly attaches to any smooth, flat surface and then stays put, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping or sliding.

The 3D honeycomb-woven mesh material dries quickly and is resistant to discoloration. Plus, if you’ve found the design of other bath pillows uncomfortable, this pillow’s unique shape offers another contoured option.

Price at time of publication: $30

Material: Air mesh | Type: Head and neck support | How it attaches: Suction cups | Firmness: Medium-firm

Best Design

Ruvince Bath Pillow

Bath Pillow RUVINCE Ergonomic Luxury Bathtub Pillow with Head,Neck, Shoulder and Back Support, 4D Bath Pillows for tub with 6 Powerful Suction Cups, Fits All Bathtub, Spa Tub, Hot Jacuzzi


  • Sculpted for back and shoulder support

  • Machine-washable

  • Comes with two natural loofah pads

  • Exterior material may feel scratchy to some

  • Pillow isn’t wide enough for all body types

A lot of bath pillows boast contoured design, but the Ruvince Ergonomic Luxury Bathtub Pillow goes one step further. In addition to the cushioned back that supports the neck, shoulders, and back, it also features a built-in pillow dedicated to the user’s head.

The breathable mesh material is machine-washable and quick-drying, and the pillow comes with a built-in hook allowing the user to hang it up to dry.

Price at time of publication: $24

Material: Polyester | Type: Head, neck, shoulder, and back support | How it attaches: Suction cups | Firmness: Soft

Best for Neck Support

Kowalczyk Freestanding Bath Pillow

Kowalczyk Freestanding Bath Pillow


  • Designed to relieve tension in neck

  • Simple, effective design

  • Material absorbs water easily

As its name suggests, the Kowalczyk Freestanding Bath Pillow does not come with suction cups or any other way to attach it to a bathtub. However, once you’re in the tub and have found the most comfortable placement for the pillow, your head should keep it in place.

Because the pillow’s dense foam tends to absorb water, your best bet is to keep it behind your head (as designed) rather than submerging it in water.

Price at time of publication: $23

Material: Polyurethane foam | Type: Neck support | How it attaches: Freestanding | Firmness: Firm

Best Inflatable

Aquasentials Inflatable Bath Pillow

Aquasentials Inflatable Bath Pillow - Terry Cloth (White)


  • Soft, terrycloth cover

  • Cute Art Deco shell shape

  • Great value

  • Suction cups are not very strong

  • Some may find it difficult to inflate

One of the main reasons why some people prefer mesh and foam pillows to inflatable ones is that they’re not fans of the cool, smooth plastic that can make you feel like you’re lounging on a beach ball.

But the exterior material of the Aquasentials Inflatable Terry Cloth Bath Pillow is a soft, waterproof terry cloth. It provides a comfortable exterior with all the benefits of an inflatable pillow.

Price at time of publication: $10

Material: Terry cloth and plastic | Type: Back support | How it attaches: Suction cups | Firmness: Medium-soft

Best for Kids

iClosam Bath Pillows

iClosam Bath Pillows for Tub 5D Air Mesh Fabric Bathtub Pillow Tub Cushion Ergonomic Bath Spa Pillows Cute Panda Shape for Adults and Toddlers


  • Fun panda design

  • Adults can use it, too

  • Built-in hook for drying and storage

  • Cushion is on the thinner side

  • Fits best in smaller bathtubs

If you know a kiddo who isn’t a fan of bath time, the iClosam Panda Bath Pillow might help change that. First of all, when put into position, it looks like a smiling panda is already in the tub, ready for its bath. Then, when a child (or adult) rests their head on the pillow, the panda’s ears will still be visible, allowing them to pretend they’re a panda, too.

And if a child is bath-resistant because they don’t think that sitting in a hard tub for any length of time is comfortable, the cushion on this pillow should provide some good support.

Material: Mesh | Type: Child-sized pillow and cushion | How it attaches: Suction cups | Firmness: Medium-firm

Final Verdict

When it comes to a bath pillow that has and does it all, it’s hard to go wrong with the Everlasting Comfort Bathtub Bath Pillow (view at Amazon). And if something does go wrong, the company will send you a replacement, free of charge. While mesh may be more difficult to keep mold- and mildew-free than some types of plastic, features like the built-in hook help mitigate that risk. Finally, this bath pillow isn’t only comfortable, but it's also adjustable to help it fit in many different tubs.

What to Look For in a Bath Pillow


There are several different types of bath pillows, and you should look for one based on the size and shape of your tub, as well as the part(s) of the body that need the most support and cushioning. For example, if your bathtub has an angular, straight back, you’ll need to find a bath pillow designed to make that shape more comfortable. Or if you always get out of the bath with a pain in your neck, you probably want to consider a bath pillow that supports the head and neck.

Also, pay attention to how the bath pillow is going to stay in place. The shape and/or slope of some tubs may make it difficult for some bath pillows to remain in the spot where you need them to be, while in others, it’s not an issue at all. If bath pillow slippage is an issue, you may want to purchase one with suction cups on the back—the larger, the better.


Ultimately, your decision to use a bath pillow is all about comfort so that your body and mind are able to fully relax. “When a bath is a soothing and restorative personal care ritual, the bathing process itself can be truly calming,” Manly says. “And, once you settle into the just-right bathwater, stress and anxiety tend to melt away in the safe, calming space you have created.” 

Keep in mind that part of being comfortable is being able to breathe easily and deeply, so make sure that a bath pillow also leaves you in a position to enable—and ideally, encourage—deep breathing. “Focusing on all the sensations of the body can allow individuals to engage in mindfulness and slow down their respiratory rate, which could dissipate stress and anxiety.” Leela R. Magavi, M.D, a psychiatrist and Regional Medical Director for Community Psychiatry + MindPath Care Centers, says. “Individuals can engage in diaphragmatic breathing while they bathe, as this could slow down some of the pathways implicated in anxiety.”


Bath pillows are typically made of either a combination of foam and mesh—that provides a softer, more fabric-like feel—or smooth vinyl or PVC, which may be less comfortable but is easier to clean and better for preventing mildew. It is possible to have allergic reactions to both vinyl and PVC, so while those materials make caring for a bath pillow easier, avoid them if you have any prior knowledge of sensitivities. “When using any products, always check for allergies in advance to avoid any reactions,” Manly says.

Another factor to consider is where you plan to use the bath pillow. If you want to use it while traveling, then getting something inflatable might make more sense. But if your bath pillow will be primarily for at-home use, you can opt for something made of foam or a bulkier material, since it won’t be going into a suitcase.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you care for a bath pillow?

    Bath pillows are used in a room that happens to be the ideal breeding ground for mold and mildew. If you simply toss your bath pillow on the floor, in the tub, or in a cabinet after using it, there’s a good chance there will be some type of fungal growth.

    To prevent this, keep your bathroom as ventilated as possible with an exhaust fan, an open window, or both. Then, take the time to rinse off and dry your bath pillow. If that’s not doing the trick, spray your bath pillow with a solution of either water and white vinegar or water and one teaspoon of tea tree oil—both of which should help stop mold and mildew from forming and growing.

  • How do you use a bath pillow?

    The purpose of using a bath pillow is to provide your head, neck, shoulders, legs, or other body parts with support, making it more physically comfortable to soak in a bathtub.

    If a strained neck is the reason why you can’t get comfortable during a bath, test out a few different bath pillow positions until you find the one that allows you to fully relax.

  • Can you take a bath while pregnant?

    Generally speaking, taking baths while pregnant is safe—with a few caveats. Darren Salinger, MD, a board-certified OB-GYN in South Florida, says that people should be especially cautious when bathing in the first two months of pregnancy, particularly when it comes to the duration and temperature of the bath.

    First, baths should be limited to around 15 to 20 minutes for pregnant people, he explains. Second, the water shouldn’t be too hot. “There is discussion of increased body temperature before seven weeks causing neural tube defects, including defects of the brain, spine, and spinal cord,” Salinger notes, adding that saunas, steam baths, and full-body immersion in hot tubs are not recommended during pregnancy.

    But at the appropriate temperature and length, taking a bath can help soothe muscle aches and pains that are common during pregnancy, Mysore says. The key, she explains, is to make sure you’re not overheating your core temperature. “In a healthy pregnancy, your body temperature is a little higher than when you are not pregnant, and hovers around 99 degrees,” Mysore says. “Ideally, when taking a bath you want to make sure the water is between 98.6 to 100 degrees.” 

    It may be helpful to purchase a thermometer, so you’re able to check the temperature of the water before taking a bath. If you feel like you are ever overheating, Mysore urges pregnant people to get out of the water, and possibly even take a cool shower to bring down their core temperature.

  • Are baths good for you?

    When the body is in a relaxed state during a bath, the brain follows suit, Magavi explains. “All the sensory stimuli of a bath activate various parts of the brain and help slow down the amygdala, which is the fear center of the brain,” she notes. “Self-grooming and a nice, warm bath may help alleviate anxiety.” 

    In addition to all the mental health benefits of taking baths, Salinger says that baths can help relieve pain in muscles and joints and reduce swelling in feet, hands, and fingers. “They are frequently used to alleviate discomfort caused by hemorrhoids and skin tags, especially when a good amount of salt is added,” he notes, adding that baths can also soften the skin.

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