The 10 Best Himalayan Salt Lamps of 2022

Turn your environment into a place of relaxation with these top picks

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Whether it comes from work, personal relationships, or finances, stress can take a toll on your physical and mental health. One of the best ways to decrease stress is by altering your environment to make it more calming. Peaceful and serene, Himalayan salt lamps can be a good addition to your space if you're looking to upgrade your stress management routine.

With very little scientific research surrounding the use of Himalayan salt lamps, there's no certainty in the impact they may have on your overall health. However, advocates claim that they can pull allergen particles and toxins out of the air, as well as release negative ions into the air, which is believed to improve air quality.

The soft orange glow and reduced brightness are also believed to prepare the body for sleep—aligning one’s circadian rhythm, which is necessary for healthy sleep patterns.

If you're looking for one of your own, you should pay attention to salt sourcing, size, illumination, and style of the lamp. Here are the best Himalayan salt lamps on the market.  

Best Overall: UMAID Natural Himalayan Rectangle Salt Lamp

UMAID Natural Himalayan Rectangle Salt Lamp


Made exclusively from salt mined from the Himalayan mountains, the sleek black stand and hand-carved rectangular shape of this lamp are stylish enough for any room. The interior features a 15-watt bulb and a dimmer switch which allows you to control the lamp's light level.

Great for a desk, a living room, office, or even a yoga and meditation room, the lamp is designed to purify the air in its environment. It may also give off a calming effect due to the subtle pink glow.

Best Budget: Himalayan Glow Natural Pink Salt Lamp

Himalayan Glow Natural Pink Salt Lamp


Weighing in at 6 pounds, this salt lamp is attached to a durable, Neem wooden base. You have to assemble it yourself, which could be a turn-off for those wanting a hassle-free option. However, it comes with easy-to-follow instructions for a seamless setup.

This budget-friendly lamp is a good option for anyone who's curious about the benefits of a salt lamp. It's made from Himalayan salt mines and it features a naturally cut surface.

Best Night Light: AMIR Salt Lamp Night Light 2-Pack

AMIR Salt Lamp Night Light 2-Pack


Sold as a set of two, these salt lamps are great for a child’s room, a small bathroom, or used together in a large bedroom on both sides of the bed. They come with four light bulbs and two wall units for easy plug-in to any electrical outlet.

Each unit contains a power switch, but the level of light cannot be controlled with a dimmer. They also come in two style options—natural rock and cylinder-shaped if you prefer a modern style lamp.

Best Basket: CRYSTAL DECOR Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp Basket

CRYSTAL DECOR Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp Basket


This basket-style lamp features a black, metal salt rock holder and a collection of natural-cut rocks that sit inside. The 15-watt bulb sits in the center of the basket, but the rocks hide it entirely for a look that can double as decor.

Best made for areas that receive more foot traffic, this salt lamp is perfect for an entryway table or as a living room table centerpiece. The subtle orange glow also works as a nightlight or meditation light.

Best Design: Spantik Flower Shape Himalayan Salt Lamp

Spantik Flower Shape Himalayan Salt Lamp


This option is perfect for a table-top setting or for your office desk, thanks to its intricate tulip flower shape. Handcarved from 100-percent Himalayan salt crystals, it can serve as a decor piece even when the light isn't turned on.

The Spantik salt lamp comes with a power cord and a convenient dimmer switch. Plus, the box includes two extra light bulbs for replacement purposes.

Best Heavy Weight: Himalayan Salt Solution Crystal Rock

Himalayan Salt Solution Crystal Rock


The pinkish-orange color of Himalayan salt lamps makes them a beautiful addition to any room—whether they're sitting out during the day or lighting the room up at night. This one, weighing in at nearly 60 pounds, is designed as a focal point for anyone looking for a unique decor addition

The lamp features a wood base and a rough exterior. Though it does not come with a bulb, customers say a 15-watt or 25-watt bulb works best.

Most Creative: HeaHap Himalayan Salt String Lights

HeaHap Himalayan Salt String Lights


Great for college dorm rooms, teenagers' bedrooms, or as a unique piece of home decor, the Himalayan salt string lights are a fun and stylish way to experience the benefits of salt lamps.

These ones have the same orange glow as classic lamps, but the string-style lights allow the glow to be dispersed throughout the room. The set comes with 10 LED lights and a 6o-inch extension cord.

Best Candle Holder: Sister Candle Co. Himalayan Salt Tealight Candle Holder

Etsy Himalayan Salt Tealight Candle Holder

Courtesy of Etsy

These tea light candle holders don't require an electrical cord for use. Instead, you can add a scented or unscented tea light to the top of the base to gently warm your room.

With freedom from cords and sockets, they can be placed anywhere and easily rearranged. While the structure is unique, the tea light holders are still designed to release natural ions into the air.

Best Sensory: Sharper Image Himalayan Salt Lamp and Diffuser

Himalayan Salt Lamp and Diffuser

Courtesy of Sharper Image

Activate and soothe your senses with this Himalayan Salt Lamp and Diffuser from Sharper Image. The two-in-one design produces a soothing mist to moisturize dry air in your room, and you can add essential oils to deodorize your space up to 160-square-feet.

The negative ions in the salt purify the air, and the lamp comes with five adjustable glow settings to fit your light preferences.  

Best for Kids: Salt Lamp Co. Heart Shape Night Light Salt Lamp

Night Light Salt Lamp

Courtesy of Amazon

The fun designs of this nightlight make it a good choice for young kids. Handmade with 100-percent Himalayan salt, the hand-carved design lightly glows for any child in need of relaxation and improvement in sleep quality.

Similar to classic lamps, this nightlight emits natural ionizers to detoxify the air. It also comes with a 7-watt bulb and an easy-to-use power button.

Final Verdict

If you're buying a salt lamp for the first time, the UMAID Rectangle Salt Lamp (view at Amazon) is a good choice. Featuring a classic design, it may help ease stress and anxiety. Plus, it comes with a dimmer switch for a custom light level.

The Etsy Tealight Candle Holders (View at Etsy) are another option if you're looking for something more unique. A great way to break away from electrical cords, they can be placed anywhere around your home.

What to look for in a Himalayan Salt Lamp 

Salt Sourcing

While many products claim to be Himalayan salt, true Himalayan salt is sourced from the Khewra salt mines in Pakistan. When selecting a good product, be sure it is labeled as Himalayan salt from this region. 


The size of the lamp should correlate with the size of a room. A small lamp in a larger room will not have enough reach to detoxify the entire room. For larger rooms, use either larger lamps or smaller lamps scattered throughout the room. 


A good lamp should enhance the mood and ambiance you are trying to create. For sleep, you will need a dimmer light setting, while meditation may be enhanced with a two-in-one diffuser option. A brighter light setting can be used to increase concentration when reading or studying. 


There are many options to choose from, so select a style that reflects your personal style as well as the style of the room. There are many sleek and modern designs, along with more traditional and natural styles. The style is important to help create the ambiance you are looking for.

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