The 10 Best Indoor Plants for Relaxation of 2021

From air purification to decor, these plants are a good addition to your space

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Spending time in nature can lead to some great mental and physical benefits. However, the average person still spends between 80 and 90% of their lives indoors. But when people can't leave their place—a common occurrence during the pandemic—they can still reap the benefits of nature by adding indoor plants to their home, office, or apartment.

Research shows that indoor plants can have a positive effect on your health. In addition to reducing stress and helping with task performance, they act as air purifiers by reducing pollutants in their environment.

Many indoor plants require minimal maintenance and don't require direct sunlight for proper growth, making them great for beginner plant owners. Caring for them can also be a good reminder to take care of your own health.

If you want to unwind and take in the benefits of your own plant, here are the best indoor plants for relaxation.

Our Top Picks
Stylish, low-maintenance, and air purifying, the aloe plant only requires watering once every few weeks.
If you don't have too much space to spare, this affordable and compact 6-pack can be grouped together in your home or spread out.
Ideal if you enjoy tropical plants, the low-maintenance pick is pet-friendly and best suited for darker rooms.
Whether you're new to plant parenting or don't have a lot of time, this low-maintenance plant won't take up too much space.
Perfect if you don't have a lot of time to dedicate to plants, the low-maintenance option lives best on windowsills.
The White Bird of Paradise grows vertically and is the perfect companion to an office desk or reading nook.
If you're looking for a natural air freshener, this jasmine plant simultaneously releases scent and purifies the air.
Best placed on the floor due to its large size, it makes a welcome addition to any porch or sunroom.
If you're prone to allergies, this set of four plants provides air-purifying benefits, no medicine needed.
An easy way to liven up any room, the hanging plant doubles as a DIY project and blooms white flowers in the summer.

Best Overall: Costa Farms Aloe Vera Live Indoor House Plant

Costa Farms Aloe Vera Live Indoor House Plant
  • Low Maintenance

  • Affordable

  • Air Purifier

  • Can burn in direct sunlight

  • Can easily be over-watered

  • Toxic if ingested

Aloe plants are low-maintenance and purify the air from formaldehyde and benzene, which are found in household cleaners. They're members of the succulent family, so they don't require much upkeep and don't like prolonged, direct sunlight.

A good choice for new plant owners, aloe only requires watering once every two to three weeks.

Best Budget: Leaf & Linen 2” Assorted House Plants 6-Pack

Leaf & Linen 2” Assorted House Plants 6-Pack
  • Affordable

  • Good for experienced growers

  • Beautiful assortment

  • Will need time to mature

  • Needs repotting with growth

  • Individual plant needs

If you buy a large, fully-grown plant, it will likely be expensive. But if you're willing to give your plants time to grow and mature, buying them young can save you money.

Leaf and Linen's plant bundle includes an assortment of six plants. Each one comes in a 2-inch grow pot, and they are easy to maintain—requiring water every two to three weeks.  

Best Low Light: The Sill Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm
  • Good for darker rooms

  • Low maintenance

  • Non-toxic 

  • Prone to root rot

  • Needs warmer conditions

  • Sensitive and fragile roots

If you want a tropical addition to an otherwise basic room, look no further than the Parlor Palm. This low-maintenance plant does well in indirect sunlight, it's safe for pets and children, and it only requires water once every two or three weeks.

When caring for it, ensure the pot has drainage holes to prevent root rot.

Best Low Maintenance: Philo Tropicals Philodendron Birkin

Philo Tropicals Philodendron Birkin
  • Affordable

  • Low maintenance

  • Decorative and unique

  • Small size

  • Will need to be repotted

  • Sensitive to overwatering

Known as the “new trendy plant,” the Philodendron is a small, tropical plant that is perfect for tables or shelves. It does well in indirect sunlight and only needs watering once every week or two.

It arrives in a basic, nursery grow pot but can easily be transferred to a more decorative option.

Best for Beginners: The Sill Succulent Assortment

Succulent Assortment
  • Unique appearance

  • Low maintenance

  • Affordable

  • Small

  • Needs direct sunlight

  • Sensitive to overwatering

A succulent is a drought-tolerant plant that does well in desert-like conditions. It's fairly easy to maintain, making it good for beginners, but you need to make sure it gets a decent amount of direct sunlight.

Thanks to its small size, it doesn't require any pruning and it's the perfect addition to a compact space like a windowsill.

Best Tall: Costa Farms 24” White Bird of Paradise

Costa Farms 24” White Bird of Paradise
  • Air purifier

  • Low maintenance

  • Good size

  • Needs repotting with growth

  • Needs direct sun

  • Expensive

Spruce up a boring corner with a tall plant, like the White Bird of Paradise. With a vertical growth pattern, this plant doesn't require much surface area, making it good for an office or a reading nook.

If you're trying to take up more vertical space, a plant stand can give you the extra height needed to complete the look.

Best Smelling: Hirts Garden's Store Jasmine Plant

Hirts Garden's Store Jasmine Plant
  • Great scent

  • Beautiful blooms

  • Air purifier

  • Requires pruning

  • Watch for mealybugs

  • Needs cooler air to bloom

If aromatherapy is what soothes your soul, then a blooming jasmine plant is nothing short of medicinal. While scented candles and air fresheners can sometimes release chemicals into the air, jasmine plants detoxify the surrounding air.

They do well in cool rooms, ideally between 60 and 75 degrees, and they require regular mealybug inspection, pruning, and watering.

Best Floor Plant: Costa Farms Majesty Palm Tree

Costa Farms Majesty Palm Tree
  • Air purifier

  • Fills entire corner

  • Great décor

  • Needs warmer climate

  • Need direct sun

  • High maintenance 

Reaching a height of 3 feet, the Majesty Palm Tree is a good option for adding dimension to a bare corner. It's a natural air purifier and it's ideal for brightening a room.

When it's cold outside, the Majesty Palm Tree should be moved to a warmer place in your home. Otherwise, the plant needs indirect bright light and regular watering.

Best for Allergies: Emeritus Gardens Plants Clean Air Plants Collection

Emeritus Gardens Plants Clean Air Plants Collection
  • Removes air toxins

  • Beautiful assortment

  • Affordable

  • Individual plant needs

  • Higher maintenance

  • Needs repotting with growth

Plants with more surface area are highly effective at purifying and detoxifying air. Available in a set of four, these ones stand at approximately 1.5-feet-tall, and they're hand-packed with allergy-free peat moss.

Group them together to create a focal point, or spread them around your room for all-over relaxation.

Best Hanging: SuccsIntheSun 6” String of Pearls Hanging Plant

SuccsIntheSun 6” String of Pearls Hanging Plant
  • Unique appearance

  • Good in lower light

  • Perfect for hanging decor

  • Toxic if ingested

  • Burns easily in direct sun

  • Medium to high maintenance

If you're looking for a hearty hanging plant, the String of Pearls could be a good option. Adding it to your home will draw your gaze to higher points in the room, and because it's easy to maintain, you won't have to worry about tending to it often.

As a member of the succulent family, the String of Pearls does not like direct sunlight. If you have children or pets, it can be toxic if ingested.

Final Verdict

For beginners and experts alike, the Costa Farms Aloe Vera Live Indoor House Plant (view at Amazon) is easy to maintain. Budget-friendly and unique, it eliminates toxins that are mostly found in household cleaning products. The Costa Farms Majesty Palm Tree (view at Amazon) is also a beautiful, easy to care for plant that is large enough to fill up an entire corner on its own.

What to Look for in Indoor Plants 


Most indoor plants are low-maintenance, requiring watering once a week or every other week. Each plant variety requires different care, so you'll need to do your research to learn about watering frequency, required room temperature, sunlight needs, and whether it's prone to root rot or bugs.

If you're a beginner, start with one or two low-maintenance plants before you grow your collection and feel comfortable with the upkeep process.

Air Purifying Ability

Indoor plants should make your space feel as refreshing as the outdoors. Each one naturally cleans the air and produces oxygen in a unique way, so having multiple types can add a variety of benefits to your home, office, or apartment. Ones with more surface area tend to be more effective at detoxifying the air.

Decor and Ambiance

Adding some home decor can be as easy as buying some indoor plants for your space. Floor plants and hanging plants can turn a bare corner into a design focal point while instantly making the entire room feel complete and vibrant. Choose colors, sizes, and even planter designs that complement the rest of the room. If you plan on purchasing a floor plant, make sure it's nontoxic if you have pets or children.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I care for indoor plants?

    Sufficiently caring for your indoor plant means proper watering (not too much or too little), sufficient light (natural light from a direct or indirect source), and ensuring that you take precautions to avoid root rot or bug issues.

  • How do I get rid of bugs on indoor plants?

    If you need to get rid of bugs on your plant, you want to make sure you don't hurt the plant in the process. One way to do this is by dipping a cotton ball in 70% isopropyl alcohol and dabbing it on the stems. You can also spray the plant with a mixture of dish soap and water (1 teaspoon of soap and 1 gallon of water).

  • How do I water indoor plants?

    Each plant variety has different watering needs, so it’s important to research how much and how often to water your specific plant. Most require watering once a week to once a month. When watering, remember these tips:

    1. Water the soil, not the leaves or plant. 
    2. The plant’s roots mirror their foliage, so make sure the water is dispersed throughout the soil, not in a single place.
    3. Create holes in the pot so excess water drains away from the roots. Failure to do this could result in root rot.
    4. Some plants need more time between watering to allow for air to reach the roots. Plants typically come with care instructions, so check to see if your plant likes constant moisture or more time between watering.

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