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Lemonaid Healthcare wins as best overall for life coaching

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If you’re considering finding a life coach, you might feel like you’re at a crossroads. Perhaps you’ve decided to change careers, or a major life event has left you struggling to come up with your next move. Regardless of the reason, a life coach can help you get back on track, and accomplish your personal and professional goals. Unlike therapists, life coaches aren't required to have a license or certification to practice, but they can acquire one by completing training at an accredited training program.

One easy way to find a quality life coach is to go through a life coaching provider, which is a company that will help match you with a vetted coach who fits your specific needs. The best life coach companies employ board-certified coaches with multiple specialties, and they offer communication with coaches through multiple platforms, such as video sessions and in-app messaging. To help you find the right fit for your needs, we rounded up the best life coach providers in the business.

Best Life Coaches of 2023

Best Overall : Lemonaid Healthcare

Key Specs
  • Price: $30 for the first month, then $115/month 
  • No. of Specialties: 9
  • No. of Online Platforms: 2
Why We Chose It

Lemonaid is a one-stop-shop for your health care, wellness, and life coaching needs.

Pros & Cons
  • Nationally-certified health and wellness coaches

  • Unlimited coaching sessions and messaging

  • Medical providers can treat 30+ conditions

  • Discounted first month

  • Offers prescription delivery

  • Coaching is subscription only

  • Does not accept health insurance

  • No free consultations


Coaching is just one part of Lemonaid’s comprehensive telehealth services. It also offers prescription management and delivery, general and mental health care, and treatment for over 30 common medical conditions.

Lemonaid only hires national board-certified health and wellness coaches, meaning they have completed training and education requirements. Coaches who are board-certified demonstrate national standards coaching competencies. Their specialties include chronic disease, relationships, stress management, weight management, and self-care. “Health” and “wellness” are defined broadly here, so the coaches can help with most issues relating to your life and well-being while also complementing the medical care you receive from your Lemonaid doctor or nurse practitioner.

Coaching is entirely online via video sessions through Lemonaid’s website or app. One downside is that insurance will not cover coaching sessions or consultation fees for the other health care services or medication delivery services. However, if you would like to use insurance to cover the costs of your prescriptions, you can instead have them filled at a local pharmacy. 

A health and wellness coaching subscription with Lemonaid costs $95 per month and includes unlimited 30-minute video sessions and 24/7 messaging with your coach. You can reach your coach between sessions by sending them a message via the app. Lemonaid’s website does not specify how quickly or how often your coach will get back to you.

Lemonaid does not offer free consultations, but your first month is billed at the deeply discounted rate of $25. And the FAQs note that its services are ultimately less expensive than many insurance copays.

Best for a Personalized Experience : Ama La Vida

Ama La Vida

Ama La Vida

Key Specs
  • Price: $379–$775 per month
  • No. of Specialties: 8
  • No. of Online Platforms: 3
Why We Chose It

You’ll work with professionally certified coaches who will tailor your experience to fit your specific needs.

Pros & Cons
  • Self-guided curriculum via eCoaching suite

  • International Coach Federation-certified coaches

  • Free consultations

  • Members-only Slack channel

  • Bimonthly coach roundtables 


Ama La Vida (ALV) caters coaching to each unique individual with its comprehensive eCoaching curriculum and private Slack channel. While the company has a structured coaching process, it touts “freedom within a framework,” meaning each coaching experience is designed around your specific goals, concerns, and needs. This is reflected in the variety of coaches within ALV’s roster. 

Every ALV coach is professionally certified by the International Coach Federation, meaning they’ve completed a certain amount of training to meet national standards. They have also undergone ALV training, and many have additional credentials including a master’s degree in fields like leadership studies.

In addition to broad specialties like career and health, you can choose from sub-specialties like ageism, burnout/stress management, decision making, and building confidence. ALV notes that its coaches undergo continual evidence-based training, so you won’t have to work with a coach whose methods haven’t been updated since their initial certification. Besides life coaching, ALV’s coaches also specialize in leadership and corporate, and higher education coaching.

Sessions are held almost exclusively via Zoom, though in rare circumstances, they may take place on the phone or in person. To learn more about ALV’s coaching program, book a free 30-minute consultation to get matched with a coach.

The company doesn’t accept insurance, so its monthly memberships are all self-pay. However, if you can afford the upfront cost, you can save between $480 and $840 by paying annually. There are two main membership levels: the Go-Getter Membership which costs $379 for two sessions or $4,608 per year ($339 per month), and the Change-Maker Membership at $729 for four sessions or $7,908 per year ($659 per month). 

Your subscription also includes access to ALV’s eCoaching suite, where you’ll find a self-guided coaching curriculum. Your coach will give you assignments here to supplement your work together. The members-only Slack channel allows you to connect with other users, share resources, and build community with people working toward similar goals. You can also use the Slack channel to communicate with your coach outside of sessions.

ALV has overwhelmingly positive reviews and high levels of customer satisfaction. Users call the program “engaging” and “motivating,” and often noted how their coaches made sure to tailor their sessions to fit their unique needs and goals.

Best for LGBTQIA+ People : Pride Counseling

Verywell Mind readers get 20% off their first month of membership.

Key Specs
  • Price: $240–$360 per month
  • No. of Specialties: 12+
  • No of Online Platforms: 3
Why We Chose It

This intuitive service matches you with coaches who support and/or are part of the LGBTQIA community.

Pros & Cons
  • Easy to navigate

  • Serves all 50 states plus UK

  • Unlimited therapist messaging

  • Can’t choose therapist

  • No medication management

  • No therapist bios


As part of BetterHelp, one of the most well-known online therapy platforms, Pride Counseling was specifically created to support the LGBTQIA+ community. And while it doesn’t exclusively offer life coaching, many of its therapists provide the same type of support a life coach does. 

Pride Counseling has a large roster of therapists, many of whom are licensed and accredited. However, they’re not all LGBTQIA+, and users can’t specifically request a therapist who falls into that category. However, the site notes that the therapists all have experience with LGBTQIA+ people and have at least a master’s or doctorate degree. 

After you answer a few questions on Pride’s website, you’ll be matched with a therapist who fits your needs. The two of you can chat via online messaging, live chat, phone, or video chat, and if after a session or two, you feel like you’re not well-matched with your therapist, you can easily switch to someone else.

Pride’s subscription costs are about average compared to other, similar online therapy and websites. There is just one, all-inclusive subscription plan that ranges in price considerably depending on where you’re located, from about $240 up to $360 a month.  Pride Counseling also claims to provide financial aid to those who qualify. Services aren’t typically covered by insurance, but some reimbursement might be possible based on your insurance company.

It’s a relatively intuitive site to navigate, and its services are rated highly by users, but some users noted that the steep prices are not necessarily worth what you get. This may be especially true for people seeking more of a life coach and less of a therapist. Life coaching is a less regulated field, so overall, life coaching companies tend to be less expensive than companies that provide therapists. 

Best for Mental Health Support : Plumm Health

Plumm Health

Plumm Health

Key Specs
  • Prices per Session: $65–$210 per month
  • No. of Specialties: 7
  • No. of Online Platforms: 2
Why We Chose It

Plumm’s coaches are also therapists, and you can lean toward one specialty or the other during sessions. 

Pros & Cons
  • International company whose coaches speak many languages

  • HIPAA and GDPR compliant

  • Self-guided courses, meditations, mindfulness education

  • Website/client dashboard is difficult to navigate

  • Some outdated language (“differently-abled”)

  • Takes at least a day to get your coach recommendations


Formerly called Healingclouds, Plumm recently renamed and rebranded itself to reflect its company’s growth and global expansion. The founder, Asim Amin, has first-hand experience with the impact of mental illness, and the difference that getting support can make. His company acknowledges that life coaching is rooted in mental health. That’s why its coaches are also therapists and you can request sessions that are more therapy-leaning whenever you feel like that would be useful. 

In addition to coaching sessions, Plumm Health has expert-led courses, guided meditations, live events, and a member portal filled with educational resources. Every Plumm Health membership includes a set number of sessions with coaches and/or therapists. All members have access to unlimited messaging with their coach or therapist. 

Plumm is a U.K.-based company, so the prices on its website are in British pounds. In USD, the basic level currently costs about $65 a month and includes one session. The $120 standard membership gets you two monthly sessions, while the $210 premium level gets you four. 

Coaching sessions are conducted over video, and you can message your coach through your member portal. Payment is by credit card and insurance is not accepted. When booking each session, you’ll choose one of six areas you want to address: mind, body, relationship, personal growth, addiction, or work. Each area is further broken down into specifics, and you can select multiple options. “Work,” for example, includes addressing burnout, workplace stress, and imposter syndrome.

Detailed questionnaires are a big part of Plumm. You first fill one out when signing up, and then again each time you book a coaching or therapy session. There are a lot of questions, which can feel tedious, but they help pair you with the right coach for your unique needs. They also screen for depression and suicidal ideation to make sure users in crisis get appropriate professional support. 

After submitting your answers, you’ll have to wait until the next business day for your personalized coach recommendations. We found this frustrating, especially since other sites we reviewed let you read about their coaches before even signing up. However, Plumm does allow you to message multiple coaches before committing to a session. 

Plumm life coaches are accredited by the International Coach Federation. Every Plumm membership gives you access to both coaching and therapy, so it’s easy to switch between coaches and therapists as your needs and goals change.

Best for Women : Blush Life Coaching



Key Specs
  • Prices per Session: $119–$449 per month
  • No. of Specialties: 8+
  • No. of Online Platforms: 2
Why We Chose It

Blush’s all-women coaching staff was created to specifically support girls and young women.

Pros & Cons
  • All-female coaching staff

  • Each coach has a master's in counseling

  • Missed video sessions roll over for one month

  • Accepts clients of all genders

  • Subscription only

  • Does not accept underage clients

  • Little mention of middle-aged/older women


In 2014, CEO Kali Rogers founded Blush Life Coaching as a safe space for girls and young women to work on their issues. Its all-women coaching staff and female empowerment ethos makes Blush Life Coaching our pick for Best Life Coach for Women. It was initially created to support women and girls but has since transitioned to coaching all genders. 

Blush coaches call themselves “generalists” because they’re capable of coaching you on a broad range of life issues. Their most popular topics are breakups, relationships, confidence, self-esteem, career dilemmas, the quarter-life crisis, and creating/setting boundaries. 

Every life coach has a master’s in counseling, but Blush stresses that its coaching program is not the same as traditional therapy. The coaches are uniquely focused on helping you achieve your next life goals using encouragement and dynamic collaboration. Note that coaches can’t prescribe medication or diagnose mental health disorders.

Prices range from $199–$449 per month for unlimited chat plus two to four video sessions. Unlimited chat lets you message your coach through the Blush app 24/7, where you’ll receive a response once a day. The video-session-only packages are $119 a month for two 30-minute sessions, $199 for four, and $379 for four 60-minute sessions. Coaching sessions take place via video using Blush’s app or website. You can schedule a free 15- minute consultation to get matched with the right coach.

Payment can be made by credit card or PayPal, and Blush does not accept health insurance.

Blush has been around for the better part of a decade and has mostly positive testimonials. However, it is a relatively small company, so there isn't a lot of review data to draw from.

Best for Men : Man-UP! Life Coaching

Man Up! Life Coaching

Man Up! Life Coaching

Key Specs
  • Price: $562.50–$750 per month
  • No. of Specialties: 7
  • No. of Online Platforms: 2
Why We Chose It

If you’re looking for support from other men, this is the life coaching service for you.

Pros & Cons
  • Exclusively works with men

  • Free strategy session

  • Members-only Discord community

  • Expensive

  • Only three life coaches available

  • Bro Coach® Approach may not be for everyone


Man-UP! Life Coaching (MULC) is the only coaching service we found that exclusively works with men. If you’re a man looking to build community with and learn from other men, MULC is our pick.

MULC is a subscription coaching service with a minimum three-month requirement. The three-month package costs $750 per month and comprises 13 hour-long sessions. For $625 per month, the six-month package gets you 26 hour-long weekly sessions, plus full member access to MULC’s private Discord community. The 12-month package offers 52 hour-long sessions and Discord access for $562.50 per month. All sessions are conducted in consecutive weeks—if you miss a session, you’re out of luck.

MULC’s all-male coaching staff covers a range of topics, including self-confidence, dating, marriage, fitness, entrepreneurship, career struggles, and spirituality. The website refers to MULC’s coaching as a system “based on science-backed methodologies for restructuring the brain’s cognitive functions.” It has four main components: problem-solving, discipline/routine, creativity/mindfulness, and validation/confidence. 

You choose from three experienced male life coaches and use the members-only Discord channel to build community with other coaching clients. MULC uses Zoom for coaching and does not offer in-person sessions. It offers a free “strategy session” to focus on an urgent or ongoing challenge you’re facing. Complete a short form to schedule your free session. 

Note: “Man up” is a phrase that many find regressive or uncomfortable. The name initially made us wary of this company. However, we found that MULC is a legitimate business with many satisfied customers. It is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and clients rave about the founder’s commitment to his clients. If the “bro coach” culture resonates with you, MULC may be a very helpful resource.

Best for Professionals : BetterUp



Key Specs
  • Prices per Session: $89–$279 per month
  • No. of Specialties: 8+
  • No. of Online Platforms: 3
Why We Chose It

This company focuses on career development and using technology to support its users.

Pros & Cons
  • Informative & appealing website

  • Techniques based on behavioral science

  • Content library full of resources

  • Missed sessions don’t roll over

  • Questionnaires get repetitive

  • Difficulty getting refunded


BetterUp focuses on professional development and coaches both businesses and individuals in this area. It has a robust, well-designed website and claims to combine its coaching with AI technology and behavioral science experts. BetterUp’s use of modern technological advances and emphasis on careers makes this company the best for professionals.

BetterUp was founded in 2013 and became widely known when Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, joined the company as chief impact officer in 2021. It’s designed to work on what it calls “The Whole Person™,” though career development is its main focus. In the sign-up questionnaire, we selected “seeking career support,” which led to further choices: career development, leading others, strategic management, influence, communication, and time management/productivity. 

It also asked about our preferred communication style (motivational, direct, upbeat, etc.), our current job, and whether we identify as LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, or first-generation immigrants. Though BetterUp prioritizes career coaching, it also considers your needs as a person and takes care to use inclusive language. 

BetterUp defines a coach as “a partner who will encourage, challenge, inspire, and help you clarify what you want and work with you to see it through.” All of its coaches are certified by the International Coaching Federation and have years of experience. BetterUp also offers ongoing coaching training and certifications in “Conscious Business Coaching” and “Designing Your Life Coaching.”

Coaching sessions happen over video via BetterUp’s website. You can also message your coach anytime and should expect to hear back in about 24 hours. Outside of coaching sessions, take advantage of the content library full of resources about self-growth, professional development, mindfulness, and more.

BetterUp offers tiered monthly subscriptions starting at $89 for one session, $149 for two, and $279 for four sessions. Sign up for a free introductory coaching session to learn more. If you waive your free session, you’ll instead get 20% off your first month.

BetterUp has mostly positive reviews from happy former and current coaching customers. However, we did find a few complaints about difficulty canceling the service or getting refunded for accidental purchases.

Best for Relationships : Couples Therapy Inc.

Key Specs
  • Prices per Session: $150–$275 per 55-minute session
  • No. of Specialties: 8+
  • No. of Platforms: 3
Why We Chose It

The company works exclusively with couples and spouses who are looking to get their relationship back on track.

Pros & Cons
  • Self-guided online relationship courses

  • Also offers couples therapy and retreats

  • Works with “hopeful spouses”

  • Expensive

  • No subscription option

  • Doesn’t take insurance


With Couples Therapy Inc.’s impressive variety of relationship coaching options, you can choose from coaches specializing in relationship topics like blended families, parenting, neurodiversity, sobriety, and affair recovery. 

They work with both couples and individual “hopeful spouses” who do not currently have partners interested in participating. Self-guided online courses supplement the work you do in your sessions. You can take advantage of free consultations and customer support to find the right coach for you.

Couples Therapy Inc. has coaches and therapists located throughout the United States. While most of their coaching sessions take place via video chat, some coaches have in-person availability. If that's of interest, click on the “Our Team” menu on their website to see who is available in your region. 

Pricing per session ranges from $150–$275, depending on the level of expertise and experience of your coach. There’s also a self-guided free couples therapy course. You can use a credit card or PayPal to purchase services through the website but note that Couples Therapy Inc. does not accept insurance.

In reviews, satisfied customers praise the dedicated customer service team—available 20 hours a day, seven days a week—plus the coaches’ experience, credentials, and diversity of specialties.

Read the full Couple’s Therapy Inc. review.

Final Verdict

There are many life coach providers to choose from, all of which claim to be the best for you. BetterUp is known for quality coaching for people seeking a career change, while Pride Counseling caters to the LGBTQIA community. But our best overall pick for best life coach provider is Lemonaid.

Lemonaid’s national board-certified coaches have a range of specialties, from chronic disease to stress management, and can even connect you with a medical practitioner who can prescribe medications. Your subscription includes unlimited 30-minute coaching sessions and the ability to chat with your coach online 24/7. That coupled with the flexibility of having everything they offer available online or via its app makes the service one of the easiest to use. 

Compare Providers

 Company  Price per Session  Specialties Platforms Free Consultation
Best Overall Lemonaid $115 per month ($30 first month) 2 No
Best for Unique Experience Ama La Vida $339–$729 per month  6 3 Yes
Best for LGBTQIA+ Pride Counseling $240-$360 12+ 3 No
Best for Mental Health Support Plumm Health $65–$210 per month 6 3 No
Best for Women Blush $99–$399 per month 8+ 3 Yes
Best for Men Man-Up! Life Coaching $562.50–$750 per month 7 2 Yes
Best for Professionals BetterUp $89–$279 per month 8+ 3 Yes
Best for Relationships Couples Therapy Inc. $119–$199 per 55-minute session 8+ 3 Yes

How To Choose the Best Life Coach for You

Are Life Coaches Worth It?

Life coaching is a useful alternative to therapy for those who need guidance and support but don’t have serious mental health issues that require a therapist. Your life coach helps you identify your goals and strategize ways to achieve them. Unlike therapy, life coaching is often short-term, so it’s ideal for solving present problems and making important one-time decisions. If you need help planning a life or career change, or simply desire a little extra support, life coaching is worth it.

Comparing Life Coaches

When choosing a life coach service, it's helpful to consider several factors that may help differentiate what each one you're considering has to offer. Some of those include:

  • Cost: Determine what you can pay before exploring coaches. If you search without setting a budget, you could fall in love with a service and then realize you can’t afford them.
  • Who They Serve: Most life coaches specialize in certain areas, like career, health, or relationships. Figure out your main goal, then seek out services that offer coaches who work in that area.
  • Your Needs: Do you prefer video, phone, or in-person? Do you want a library of resources to continue your self-development work on your own? What coaching style are you hoping for: motivational, compassionate, casual, formal, etc.?
  • Availability: Do you want to meet once a week, once a month, or just a few times? How important is 24/7 messaging? Make sure your life coach’s availability fits your expectations.
  • Free Consults: Many companies offer a free consultation to help you choose the right life coach, and determine if coaching is right for you. To compare and contrast multiple companies, sign up for two to three free sessions.

What to Expect After Choosing a Life Coach

Once you choose a life coaching website and select a coach, you’ll likely work with them on outlining a plan for reaching your current life goals. This could be anything from making a career change to overcoming a relationship obstacle to coping with a major life event like divorce. Your coach will help you break down your goals into smaller steps for you to track your progress over a period of time. They may also help you address specific goal-related issues you’ve had in the past, like difficulty with public speaking, by giving you exercises. 

Future sessions may involve checking in on your progress, addressing any issues that have come up, and potentially modifying the steps towards your goal(s). In many cases, you’ll decide with your coach how often you meet, but some subscription services may require a monthly or yearly minimum. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Life Coaches Give Advice?

    Yes. Life coaches will not necessarily tell you what to do, but their main purpose is to offer you guidance. Feel free to ask direct questions about your needs and goals.

  • How Do I Find Life Coaches Near Me?

    If you prefer to see a local life coach in person, there are many online directories with local coaches, like Noomii, Thumbtack, and Bark.

  • How Much Do Life Coaches Cost?

    The fees charged by life coaches vary. The companies featured here are all online coaches, which tend to be cheaper than in-person. On average, online life coaches charge anywhere from $75 to $200 an hour. Keep in mind that coaches in big cities tend to be more expensive, as do coaches with specialized expertise. Ask potential life coaches if they provide discounted rates, such as 15% off if you purchase a package of four sessions.

  • Should I See a Life Coach or a Psychologist?

    It depends on the issue you're grappling with. Life coaches can help you achieve your goals, so it would make sense to see one if you're unsatisfied with your job or a relationship. They can help you figure out how to get back on a path that makes you happy. Meanwhile, seeing a psychologist would be appropriate if you suspect you have a mental health disorder or a deeper emotional issue. These licensed health care providers have been trained to help you identify behavioral patterns and resolve mental health challenges.



We looked at more than 20 life coach companies to seek out coaches that fit the eight categories we outlined. The number of specialties was difficult to quantify, as each site lists many categories that could be considered specialties. To be consistent, we defined specialties as broad, general categories like work, health, and relationships.

We also looked at cost, customer reviews, and the number of platforms on which coaching sessions take place. We did not consider individual life coaches and instead focused on online-only life coaching companies as they are available across the U.S.

Senior female teaches in casual setting

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