The 7 Best Meditation Cushions of 2020

Comfortable seating to help you achieve mental clarity

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: The WAVE at Wave Meditation

"Allows you to physically connect to the sound of your meditation."

Best Budget: Peace Yoga Meditation Buckwheat Bolster at Amazon

"Provides a natural weight and support."

Best For Back Pain: Hugger Mugger V-Shaped Cushion at Amazon

"Protects your posture and prevents pain."

Best For Bad Knees: Gaiam Kit at Gaiam

"Relieves pressure on your knees, ankles, and back."

Most Stylish: CB2 Zafu

"Made from sustainable materials."

Best Classic Bolster: Manduka Enlight Bolster at Amazon

"Provides superfirm support with plush absorbent microfiber."

Best For Travel: Xtreme Comforts Coccyx Orthopedic Cushion at Amazon

"Comes with a handle and carrying bag."

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: The WAVE


wave meditation

The WAVE is not your average meditation cushion. In fact, the WAVE Bolster is a memory foam cushion infused with a vibrational technology that allows you to physically connect with your meditation music. With the included Bluetooth headphones, you can listen to the WAVE meditation app that has gentle songs guiding you through your practice.

The cushion matches the beat of your audio track in order to keep you extra grounded and present with they synced vibrations. The bolster can be used sitting cross-legged, laying down, or in a chair up lengthwise to support your back and bring you to a deeper state of comfort.

Best Budget: Peace Yoga Meditation Buckwheat Bolster

Peace Yoga brings several high-end cushion features to a super budget-friendly option. The Meditation Buckwheat Bolster uses buckwheat hull stuffing that provides a natural weight and support to make this cushion sturdy and firm, yet pliable and comfy. The zipper access to the filling allows you to remove some of the buckwheat if you want to make your own cushion a little softer. This bolster has a handle so you can move it from room to room, and the cotton cover is machine-washable so you can keep it spotless, particularly if you have it on display in one of the rooms of your house.

Best For Back Pain: Hugger Mugger V-Shaped Cushion

When your back is giving you troubles—from low back tension to sciatica and beyond—you need a specific kind of seat to protect your posture and prevent pain. In this case, a v-shape cushion is your best option so you can sit cross-legged with comfort and ease.

The slanted shape slopes downward toward the knees, giving the right support where you need it and creating an optimal position for your body so you can focus on your practice. It's filled with buckwheat hulls, giving it some solid weight and sturdiness for support.

Best For Bad Knees: Gaiam Kit


 Courtesy of Gaiam

This combo of the zafu and zabuton pillows is perfect for anyone with any sort of knee issues; the cushion stacking relieves pressure on your knees, as well as your ankles and back while meditate, providing proper alignment and form. If pain and discomfort have been holding you back from this restorative self-care ritual, it’s time to stack up some cushions.

The small zafu sits on top of the zabuton, allowing you to get into the optimal position for your posture. Gaiam’s set is covered in a supersoft microfiber suede material, adding to the sensory experience. You can zip off the covers to these cushions and toss them in the washing machine, making it a practical and convenient addition to your home.

Most Stylish: CB2 Zafu


 Courtesy of CB2

This elegantly simple and beautifully designed cushion is as tasteful as it is practical. CB2 nailed it with the exclusive Sedona Small Zafu Pillow, which was modeled after traditional Japanese zen meditation cushions. You can use this small pillow—known as a “zafu” (the Japanese word for small cushion)—on its own, or stack it on top of a larger one depending on your preference.

It’s made from sustainable materials (breathable linen, filled with buckwheat hulls) and measures 16” in diameter, making it easy to add to even a small apartment, whether that’s in your bedroom, living room, or studio. A true win for mindfulness and interior design.

Best Classic Bolster: Manduka Enlight Bolster

If you’re looking for lumbar support, or the flexibility to lay down on your cushion, you’ll want the Manduka Enlight Bolster. As one of the most premium brands in yoga, Manduka is known for its high-quality products, and the Enlight is no exception.

With a fiber filling (no down, no allergies) that provides superfirm support, a plush “absorbent” microfiber encasing that zips off for cleaning, and a sturdy handle, this is the kind of bolster that will stand the test of time. Try sitting on it cross-legged, laying on it with the length of the bolster running up and down your spine, or placing it lengthwise behind you in a chair for better spinal support.

Best For Travel: Xtreme Comforts Coccyx Orthopedic Cushion

Lightweight, flat, and easy to pack, this memory foam seat cushion makes for an ideal travel companion. With a handle and carrying bag, the Xtreme Comforts Orthopedic Cushion was built to go wherever you go—whether that’s on a long-haul flight or commuting to the office. It’s made from ultra-luxe memory foam and is “ergonomically contoured” to distribute your body weight evenly across the seat. The mesh cover keeps it breathable so you don’t get sweaty, and it’s machine washable with a zipper to remove it.

The grippy non-skid bottom ensures you can mediate without sliding around. If you suffer from back pain, sciatica, or an injured coccyx, you’ll want to try using this well beyond meditation time—like in the car or your office chair.

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