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Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) can feel daunting to live with. About 2.3% of adults in the United States will be diagnosed with OCD at some point in their lifetime. Nearly half of American adults living with OCD experience it as severely debilitating. This disorder can be particularly distressing, with common behaviors including rituals of handwashing or tapping items before walking through a door. Other times, OCD might present as intrusive thoughts that individuals direct at themselves or others.

Finding treatment for OCD can feel especially complicated when factoring in cost, travel time, and the labor of finding a therapist who is the right fit for you. This is why we rounded up the best online therapy for OCD. 

Despite the seriousness of this condition, it is possible to find an OCD therapist online. Online therapy offers an opportunity to heal from the comfort of your own home while eliminating the stress of traffic, parking, and physically getting into the therapy room. We surveyed 105 users of these online therapy companies, as well as 180 users of online therapy directories, in order to better understand their services. There are plenty of options out there, and we’re confident you may meet your match among some of our top picks for the best online OCD therapy. 

Best Online OCD Therapy of 2023

Why Trust Us
Companies reviewed
Total users surveyed
Data points analyzed
We surveyed 105 users from each online therapy company and asked the companies to complete questionnaires. Then, we tested the services ourselves, conducted comprehensive data collection research, and evaluated our results with the help of three licensed therapists.

When choosing an online therapy provider, we recommend that you read the company’s privacy guidelines before you sign up to better understand whether it is HIPAA-compliant and whether it shares any private information with third parties. There have been some concerns raised by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and several government officials about what user health information online therapy providers collect and what they do with any information they collect.

Best Overall : NOCD

  • Price: $170 per session
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: Yes
  • Type Of Therapy: Individual Therapy, Teen Counseling
Why We Chose It

NOCD is an online therapy platform tailored to treat OCD specifically. We chose it as the best overall online therapy treatment for OCD because of its effective treatment modalities, range of insurance plans, and strengths-based approach. 

Pros & Cons 
  • Accepts insurance

  • Offered in all 50 states

  • Treats all OCD subtypes

  • Out-of-pocket treatment is expensive

  • Only offers one treatment modality


NOCD is our pick for the best online OCD therapy because of its effective treatment, acceptance of insurance plans, and ability to support all OCD subtypes. It was founded in 2018 by Stephen Smith after he went through the hardship of seeking treatment for OCD. We were especially impressed by the ethos of the company being founded by someone who struggles with OCD. 

This platform exclusively offers exposure and response prevention (ERP) therapy. With ERP therapy, those living with OCD face the obsessing thoughts that are causing distress and then refrain from engaging in any compulsions as a response. This treatment is considered one of the best for OCD. However, therapy isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation, so access to just one modality may feel limiting for some.

Sessions are available for children, teens, and adults. According to the NOCD website, clients can expect to see about a 40% reduction of symptoms within the first three to four months of treatment. Clients are generally satisfied with this platform; 71% of users we surveyed gave it a positive rating of good, very good, or excellent overall. 

Plans & Pricing 

Each session at NOCD costs $170. There aren’t any subscription plans offered. Instead, the number and frequency of treatments will be determined with your care provider. 

NOCD accepts UnitedHealthcare, Cigna, Aetna, Humana, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. You are able to check your insurance coverage on its website.  

User Satisfaction  

Seventy-eight percent of users stated their NOCD provider met all or most of their needs. Additionally, you can expect strong diversity amongst the providers: 70% of users gave positive feedback on therapist diversity at NOCD, rating it as excellent, very good, or good. 

Best for CBT Therapy :

  • Price: $200-$440 per month
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: No
  • Type Of Therapy: Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy
Why We Chose It

We chose as the best for CBT therapy because it focuses exclusively on CBT, offers unlimited messaging, and has plenty of homework you can complete between sessions. 

Pros & Cons 
  • Specializes in CBT

  • Plenty of resources to use between sessions

  • Live video, audio, and chat messaging

  • Doesn’t accept insurance

  • Therapists cannot provide diagnoses

Overview is a virtual therapy platform that exclusively specializes in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Offering treatment for adults worldwide, sessions are available via audio, video, or even chat messaging. What we find particularly special about this company is all the resources it offers. There is a CBT online course you can take, a virtual journal, worksheets, and even yoga videos. Your therapist will give you feedback on the resources you complete in your portal throughout the week, ensuring your growth is maintained between sessions. 

Scheduling is super easy. Once you sign up and are assigned to your therapist, who you can change at any time, you will be prompted to book your first session. Depending on your provider, you may be able to book a session within just a few days. 

There are a few cons to be aware of. First, therapists cannot provide diagnoses through this platform. Therefore, it is best for those who already have received an OCD diagnosis. Additionally, only adults and couples can receive treatment through 

Plans & Pricing offers four different plans:

  • The Basic tier costs $200 a month and offers access to all the platform’s therapeutic resources and unlimited messaging. No live sessions are included in this tier.
  • The Standard tier is $320 a month and includes all the platform’s resources, messaging, and weekly 45-minute sessions.
  • The Premium tier costs $440 a month and includes everything the basic tier does plus two 45-minute sessions a week.
  • The Couples Therapy tier is $440 a month and includes everything in the basic tier plan plus weekly couples therapy sessions.

Unfortunately, does not accept insurance.

User Satisfaction  

Seventy-nine percent of users found to have a strong value for the money it costs. Users also report positive experiences with their therapists—45% state that they feel their therapist is understanding and open-minded, while another 40% feel heard by their therapist.

Best for People With OCD and ADHD : Wellnite

  • Price: $95 per month (charged bi-weekly) for medication management only; $450 per month for regular therapy sessions; $245 per month for medication management and 1-2 monthly therapy
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: Yes
  • Type Of Therapy: Individual Therapy, Medication Management
Why We Chose It

Wellnite is a dynamic mental health platform that offers cognitive-behavioral therapy for those experiencing both OCD and ADHD. 

Pros & Cons 
  • Offers sliding scale

  • Focuses on CBT therapy

  • Treats many different conditions

  • Not available in all 50 states

  • Only prescribes non-controlled substances


Wellnite is a mental health company that aims to make quality care accessible by way of reasonable pricing and acceptance of insurance. It offers both therapy and psychiatry, with the option to receive treatments separately or combined in its various monthly plans. Keep in mind that only non-controlled substances can be prescribed, which is typical for most telehealth services. 

What we find especially unique about this company is its focus on certain mental health conditions, including OCD and ADHD. Almost 12% of individuals living with OCD, also have ADHD, making it incredibly important to access providers who are versed in treating both of these conditions. ADHD and OCD can be successfully treated with cognitive-behavioral therapy, which is what Wellnite primarily focuses on. 

Plans & Pricing 

Wellnite has three different plans are available:

  • Psychiatry services, which are referred to as “medical care,” cost $95 a month charged biweekly. This plan includes access to one monthly visit and wholesale pricing on any mental health medication prescribed. 
  • Therapy services cost $450 a month. This plan gives you multiple options for how you’d like your services rendered. You can have six 30-minute sessions, four 45-minute sessions, or three 60-minute sessions. 
  • Combined psychiatry and therapy services cost $250 a month, but this plan includes fewer therapy sessions. You will still have access to one monthly psychiatrist visit, but you only receive either two 30-minute therapy sessions or just one 60-minute session. 

Wellnite also offers reimbursements for PPO plans, which means you’re responsible for all upfront costs and will have support in seeking reimbursement from your insurance company.

User Satisfaction  

About half of users surveyed (52%) considered the process of finding a therapist through Wellnite easy. Another 30% said it was neither easy nor difficult and just 6% referred to it as difficult. Users weren’t unanimously thrilled with provider options, but the majority was. Sixty-three percent of users stated they were satisfied with the therapist options provided. Another 24% were neutral about the options available. 

Best for Psychiatry : Brightside

  • Price: $95-$349 per month
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: Yes
  • Type Of Therapy: Individual Therapy, Medication Management, Psychiatry
Why We Chose It 

Brightside Health offers cognitive behavioral therapy, a recommended form of OCD treatment, and psychiatry services at an affordable price. 

Pros & Cons 
  • Affordable monthly plans

  • Available in all 50 states

  • Ability to quickly message your provider

  • Sessions are brief

  • Psychiatry sessions are only offered monthly


Brightside Health wins best online psychiatry treatment for OCD thanks to its affordable price point, ability to integrate talk therapy sessions into medication management, and access to virtual self-care lessons that focus on mindfulness and coping strategies. It was founded by Brad Kittredge, Mimi Winsberg, MD, and Jeremy Barth in 2017 with the goal of providing evidence-based mental healthcare treatment for anxiety and depression. Brightside’s primary treatment modality is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). While the platform focuses on treating anxiety and depression, CBT is an effective treatment for OCD, making its services appropriate for OCD in some circumstances. 

What stands out to us is its affordable psychiatry plan. For $95 a month, you can meet with a psychiatrist, message them anytime, and track your progress so they can tweak your treatment accordingly. If you’re paying out-of-pocket, any prescribed medications cost just $15 each. All sessions are held as live video sessions. The only downside? Sessions are short. Psychiatry visits are only 15 minutes, though the first one is a bit longer (exact length depends upon the treatment). 

Plans & Pricing

Brightside offers three different plans:

  • Receive weekly psychotherapy sessions and access to virtual self-care lessons that focus on coping tools to be used in-between sessions for $299 a month.
  • Monthly medication management, consisting of a 15-minute appointment, progress tracking, and messaging with your psychiatrist, costs $95 a month. 
  • Access to both weekly psychotherapy sessions and monthly medication management is $349 a month. 

Brightside also accepts Aetna, Anthem CA, Allegiance, Cigna, Optum, and UnitedHealthcare, so you could pay less, depending on your plans. Payments can also be made from an HSA or FSA account. 

User Satisfaction

Brightside has a high level of user satisfaction. Ninety percent of users surveyed gave it a positive rating. Seventy-five percent would recommend the platform to a friend. Additionally, according to 78% of users surveyed, Brightside beats out other therapy services they’ve used in the past. 

Best With Insurance : LifeStance Health

  • Price: $150-$300 per session out-of-pocket
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: Yes
  • Type Of Therapy: Children's Therapy, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, Individual Therapy, Medication Management, Psychiatry, Teen Counseling
Why We Chose It

LifeStance offers a wide range of telehealth and in-person services and accepts plenty of insurance plans, making it our pick for the best online OCD treatment with insurance. 

Pros & Cons 
  • Wide range of services

  • Accepts a variety of insurance plans

  • Quick availability for therapy appointments

  • Out-of-pocket costs are high, but can be mitigated through insurance availability

  • Only available in 33 states


LifeStance offers therapy for individuals, couples, families, children, and teens, plus medication management and psychological testing. We love that it offers treatment for the whole family. This means any youth in your life suffering from OCD symptoms may be able to find relief through treatment at LifeStance. Additionally, the family system may be rocked by the news of a family member receiving an OCD diagnosis, making it all the better that LifeStance offers family therapy sessions

This platform accepts a wide range of insurance plans. The exact number depends on the state you live in—for example, it accepts 39 insurance plans in California alone. This makes services with LifeStance even more accessible.

Plans & Pricing 

LifeStance does not offer monthly plans. Instead, you pay by session. Your session fee will depend on the provider you see and the service rendered. Fees generally range from $75 to $300 per session if paying out of pocket. Costs will vary by insurance provider

The company is in-network with over 50 insurance plans, including Anthem, Optum, UnitedHealthcare, and Oscar. The exact plans accepted depend on your location and coverage.

User Satisfaction  

Users were pleased with LifeStance’s therapist qualifications—90% of those we surveyed gave it a positive rating. Half of the LifeStance clients we surveyed stated the platform featured therapists with better qualifications and specialized training than other companies they’ve used in the past. 

Best Availability : Amwell

  • Price: $109 to $279
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: Yes
  • Type Of Therapy: Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Individual Therapy, Medication Management, Psychiatry, Teen Counseling
Why We Chose It

Amwell offers efficient telehealth services with appointments available in the same week, making it our pick for the online OCD therapy platform with the best availability. 

Pros & Cons 
  • Accepts over 100 insurance plans

  • Low commitment—pay per session

  • Wide range of treatment modalities

  • Website is hard to navigate

  • Can’t view therapist bios until sign-up


Making the decision to seek treatment for OCD can be hard enough. Having to endure an arduous wait for a session can make matters even worse. Amwell is a virtual therapy platform that offers same-week availability. In fact, it isn’t uncommon to see an option for an appointment available within the next 24 hours. Founded in 2006, Amwell is one of the largest telehealth companies in the world and offers primary care services as well. 

It is incredibly easy to sign up for services at Amwell. You’ll simply head to its website, verify your insurance, and make an account. After that, you are taken to your patient portal where you can browse different provider options before landing on your pick. Then, you will be able to review their availability. You are able to receive the therapy of your choosing and explore psychiatric services too, if needed. 

Plans & Pricing 

There are no plans offered and all services are paid per session at Amwell. Therapy sessions range from $109 to $129. A psychiatry intake session costs $279 and follow-up sessions are $109. 

Amwell accepts over 100 insurance plans, including Blue Cross, Aetna, Oscar, and UnitedHealthcare. You can also use an HSA or FSA to pay. 

User Satisfaction  

Eighty-eight percent of Amwell users we surveyed gave the platform a positive overall rating, and another 88% rated it a high value for the service rendered. Additionally, 79% of users found the sign-up process to be easy. 

Best Directory : Zencare

Why We Chose It

Zencare is a robust therapist directory offering an array of search filters that allow you to find the perfect OCD therapist that matches your criteria. 

Pros & Cons 
  • Can filter by therapist identity

  • Wide range of OCD specialists

  • All providers are vetted

  • No support with insurance claims


Zencare is an online therapy directory that aims to streamline the process of finding a therapist. Its bright interface with distinct search filters and rigorous vetting system brings a sense of ease when navigating the trenches of finding a provider. You can filter your search to find therapists and psychiatrists who specialize in treating OCD. 

Since this is a therapy directory, there is no fee to use the service and all session fees vary by provider. Keep in mind that since this isn’t a membership-based service, you will schedule appointments, handle billing, and manage your care directly with your therapist.

Plans & Pricing 

It is free to use the directory. Session fees vary by provider. All providers offer a free consultation call, though. Some providers also take insurance—you’re able to filter your search by your insurance plan. 

User Satisfaction  

Seventy-one percent of Zencare users were able to find a provider that met all their needs through the directory. But it might take a bit of trial and error. Fifty-six percent of surveyed users saw two to three providers before finding the right fit. 

Compare the Best Online OCD Therapy of 2023

Best For
Is Insurance Accepted?
Does it Accept HSA/FSA?
Type Of Therapy
Communication Options
Reset All
NOCD Best Overall $170 per session Yes No Individual Therapy, Teen Counseling N/A Learn More
Hide, not for me Best for CBT Therapy $200-$440 per month No Yes Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy Audio, Messaging, Video Chat Learn More
Hide, not for me
Wellnite Best for People With OCD and ADHD $95 per month (charged bi-weekly) for medication management only; $450 per month for regular therapy sessions; $245 per month for medication management and 1-2 monthly therapy Yes No Individual Therapy, Medication Management Live Chat, Phone, Video Chat Learn More
Hide, not for me
Brightside Best for Psychiatry $95-$349 per month Yes Yes Individual Therapy, Medication Management, Psychiatry Messaging, Video Chat Learn More
Hide, not for me
LifeStance Health Best With Insurance $150-$300 per session out-of-pocket Yes Yes Children's Therapy, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, Individual Therapy, Medication Management, Psychiatry, Teen Counseling Video Chat Learn More
Hide, not for me
Amwell Best Availability $109 to $279 Yes Yes Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Individual Therapy, Medication Management, Psychiatry, Teen Counseling Video Chat Learn More
Hide, not for me
Zencare Best Directory N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Sign Up Now
Hide, not for me

Final Verdict

While there are plenty of options when it comes to online therapy for OCD, we are confident NOCD is the best out there. It is unique in its specific focus on solely treating OCD and we love that it uses evidence-based practices to help folks get the support they need for lasting relief. We found it to be highly accessible since it accepts insurance and offers services to children and teens as well. 

If you happen to be struggling with both ADHD and OCD, Wellnite is your best bet. Need quality psychiatry services at a low price? You can count on Brightside. Plus, you can virtually track your progress and share it with your provider, making it exceptionally efficient. 

Guide to Choosing the Best Online Therapy for OCD 

What Is OCD?

OCD is marked by recurrent thoughts, which are known as obsessions, and repetitive behaviors, which are referred to as compulsions. While we all have a certain way of getting our tasks done, someone with OCD will have their responsibilities interrupted by their obsessions and compulsions, noticing that their daily life is disrupted. 

Is Online Therapy Effective for OCD? 

Yes, online therapy is effective for OCD. A 2022 study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research concluded that teletherapy treatment can be more efficient than in-person sessions when it comes to cost and time. An earlier study found a self-guided online CBT program to be successful in reducing OCD symptoms in adolescents. This study is encouraging for those who are interested in signing up for’s services and using its virtual CBT lessons. 

What Types of Therapy Are Available for OCD? 

First, let us be clear that treatment for any mental health ailment is always unique to each individual, and OCD is no exception. “There is not one form of treatment that is right for everyone, but the majority of literature indicates that exposure and response prevention (ERP) can be an effective treatment for OCD,” says subject matter expert Amy Marschall, PsyD. ERP is a subset of cognitive-behavioral therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy is the recommended treatment for OCD. 

Treatment for OCD often includes both psychotherapy and medication. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are the typical medications prescribed. In rare cases of co-occurring mental health disorders, antipsychotics may be prescribed. 

Compare Online Therapy Providers for OCD 

Once you’ve decided you’re ready for OCD treatment, it can be hard to land on a provider. To make the process easier, start by creating a list of your criteria for your treatment. For example, what fee can you reasonably afford on a weekly or monthly basis? What days and times are you available to meet for sessions? Is there a particular type of therapy you’re drawn to? Do you need to use your insurance?

Additionally, it is important to find a therapist who simply feels like a good match. “Ask them about their experience with people like you, [such as] your symptoms, demographics, culture, et cetera,” explains Dr. Marschall. She says that no one provider will have perfect expertise in all aspects of your life, but these questions will help you gauge how they may understand your background and, subsequently, how comfortable you will be working with them.

What If I'm Having Thoughts of Harming Myself? 

Online therapy treatments are not a fit for mental health crises, like suicidality and self-harm. Telehealth sessions typically do not provide the containment and support that a crisis requires, so finding in-person services is essential. Instead, reach out to an emergency hotline like 988 to get connected to resources in your area. If you feel like you need help immediately, dial 911 or head to your nearest emergency room. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Type of Therapy Is Most Effective for OCD?

Current research states cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most effective treatment for OCD. In particular, exposure and response prevention therapy (ERP), a subset of cognitive-behavioral therapy, will provide the best results.

Are There Limits to When OCD Can Be Treated Online?

There can be limits to online OCD treatment. For example, if you’re experiencing severe thoughts of harming yourself or others, in-person sessions would likely be the best fit for providing you the support needed. Another limit with OCD is the interventions used with exposure and response prevention therapy. “Certain in vivo exposures (exposures completed in the session) can be more difficult to do over telehealth if the client does not have certain things at home,” Dr. Marschall says. However, she has found that most therapists have been able to work around this issue. 

Can You Treat OCD Without Medication?

Yes, OCD can be successfully treated without medication. In fact, cognitive-behavioral therapy can be equally effective as medication. Everyone is unique and OCD treatment reflects that.

Is There an App to Help With OCD?

Yes, NOCD offers an app to help with OCD. In addition to accessing your therapy sessions, you can also attend support groups and live streams with mental health professionals, as well as access a discussion board. This app is available both for iOS and Android. 


We reviewed 55 different online therapy companies and surveyed 105 users of each. Additionally, we reviewed 25 online therapist directories and surveyed 180 users of each. I personally tested three of the companies included on this list and interviewed one subject matter expert. The key criterion in selecting companies for this review was its efficacy of treating OCD, evidenced by use of relevant treatment modalities. User experience, value for money spent, diversity of providers, and overall cost were other factors in making selections.

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