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Everyone feels angry sometimes—it’s part of life. Sometimes, anger sends us a message that we need to defend ourselves or stand up for what is right. But other times, our anger can be much stronger than the situation warrants, or may even drive us to act out in unhealthy ways. When this happens, people can benefit from support, classes, and therapy services to learn to process anger more appropriately.

If your anger is interfering with your relationships, work, or life, you might benefit from anger management services. Maybe you need to complete an anger management course for a court requirement, or you want to do some self-help work. Perhaps your anger is a symptom of underlying stress, trauma, or another mental health issue—and if so, a counselor could help diagnose and treat you.

We reviewed online resources for anger management and chose the best programs based on price, accessibility, insurance acceptance, and platform. If you are looking for support for anger management, read on to learn which resource is the best fit for your needs.

Best Anger Management Programs of 2022

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We surveyed 105 users from each online therapy company and asked the companies to complete questionnaires. Then, we tested the services ourselves, conducted comprehensive data collection research, and evaluated our results with the help of three licensed therapists.

Best Overall : Doctor on Demand

Verywell's Rating

  • Price: $129-$179 per session
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: Yes
Why We Chose It

Doctor on Demand offers full and comprehensive healthcare, including services to help those struggling with anger. Because it employs both therapists and physicians, you can get medication management as well as therapy support. It offers specialties in many areas that could be contributing to anger, including relationship issues, trauma, grief, and problems at work.

Pros & Cons
  • Accepts insurance

  • Only pay for the visits you need

  • Support available 24/7

  • Offers medication management

  • No subscription service available

  • No free trial available

  • No discounts offered


Doctor on Demand is a great resource for your anger management needs. The company’s therapists can help you with everything from medication management to life stressors that may be contributing to your anger.

Doctor on Demand provides care for individuals of all ages, though children’s accounts must be registered by their parents or legal guardians.

All providers on Doctor on Demand are licensed, vetted professionals who work as independent contractors for the company. You can choose your own therapist based on qualifications and training, rather than being matched by an algorithm. Additionally, Doctor on Demand also offers psychiatrists who can prescribe non-controlled substances, so you won’t need to seek another referral if it is determined that medication could help you.

Appointments are available seven days a week, although you’ll need to schedule an appointment in advance to see your therapist or psychiatrist, You can choose your therapist for regular sessions, but they also offer 24/7 care for crises.

Therapists at Doctor on Demand have a variety of specializations, including relationship issues, insomnia, stress, mood problems, and anger. The company can also work with many insurance plans to defray the cost of care, and it accepts Medicare Part B, which is fairly uncommon among the online services we evaluated.

Plans & Pricing

If you pay out of pocket for sessions, the cost varies based on the length of the session as well as the type of service provided:

  • 25-minute therapy session: $129
  • 50-minute therapy session: $179
  • 45-minute psychiatric consultation: $299
  • 15-minute psychiatric follow-up: $129

If you reach the end of your session and urgently need to continue, you can extend the session for an undisclosed additional fee. 

Doctor on Demand is a fantastic resource to address multiple care needs in one setting. Although the cost is higher than some other resources, it can provide specialized support for a variety of issues and it works with many insurance plans to help with the cost of care.

Best for Teen Anger Counseling : TeenCounseling

Verywell's Rating

  • Price: $240 to $400 per month
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: No
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Why We Chose It

Teen Counseling offers discrete, confidential therapy specifically for adolescents. It employs therapists who specialize in anger management, as well as the many underlying issues that can contribute to anger, such as bullying, divorce, and inadequately supported ADHD.

Pros & Cons
  • Clear expectations of privacy from parents

  • Multiple communication options available

  • Providers specialize in adolescent mental health

  • Does not accept insurance

  • Does not fulfill court-ordered treatment

  • Does not offer crisis care


Teens need confidentiality and privacy in their treatment, as well as awareness of specific issues that come up at this turbulent phase of life, so it is important that teenagers who need support for an anger issue seek providers trained in adolescent psychology.

Teen Counseling is an online counseling platform for teenagers with thousands of licensed therapists, many of whom specialize in adolescent anger issues. Providers can offer support for anger management issues in a private, confidential setting using their clients’ preferred method(s) of communication.

The service addresses many other issues, including depression, anxiety, and eating disorders, which is a bonus, as there are often many factors underlying mental health.

Teen Counseling does not actually employ its therapists, but it indicates that it verifies credentials and licensure, and ensures that clients are matched to providers who can practice in the client’s geographic area. You can always check with your therapist’s licensing board to verify their license as well. 

Minors may use the company’s services if their accounts are created by their parents or guardians. When registering, the parent or guardian is asked questions about their teen’s mental health, sleep habits, behaviors, and current concerns. The survey includes questions to ensure that the client can safely and appropriately engage in therapy services with Teen Counseling. Clients are matched to therapists who are licensed at the client’s geographic location. If Teen Counseling is not appropriate, the site recommends a different form of care. 

Because Teen Counseling serves individuals ages 13 through 19, clients over 18 can register independently. Teen Counseling therapists will break confidentiality for safety concerns, including if they suspect the teen is in danger of being abused or may be harming themselves or someone else. Outside of these regulations, the details of teens’ sessions are kept confidential from their parents.

Teen Counseling offers a variety of session types based on individual preferences and accessibility needs. Teens can message the therapist between sessions, with specific boundaries and expectations for responses set by the therapist and client.

Plans & Pricing

Plans vary in price from $60 to $120 per week, billed to the parent or legal guardian (or the client if they are an adult) every four weeks. 

The price you see automatically varies by geographic location and therapist availability. Our editors on the East Coast have been quoted a range of $60 to $90 per week fairly consistently, while a Seattle editor has seen anywhere from $90 to $120 per week.

All plans include messaging as well as options for phone and video sessions.

Best for Self-Help Anger Classes : Udemy

  • Price: $14.99 to $84.99
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: No
Why We Chose It

Udemy offers a huge variety of anger management classes that you can take at your own pace. Courses are affordable and developed by experts, and for a one-time fee, you’ll get ongoing access to the class.

Pros & Cons
  • Self-paced courses

  • Many affordable options available

  • Dozens of topics to address your unique concerns

  • Might not satisfy court or employer requirements

  • Pricing varies

  • Not all courses have accessibility options


For those who are unable to access therapy services despite recognizing the need to work on anger management, a self-paced course to build skills is an option.

Udemy offers a wide range of courses varying in length and intensity. Dozens of its anger management courses are available for $14.99 each, with some courses running for up to $84.99. For instance, "10 Ways to Control Anger" is developed by psychologists and offers concrete tactics. "Anger Management Techniques That Actually Work" delves into both how to manage your anger and understand what causes these feelings. Keep an eye out for temporary discounts on specific courses for more savings.

Topics include general anger management, emotional stability, specific tips for managing anger, conflict resolution, and dealing with intense emotions. According to Udemy’s site, all courses are taught by “real-world experts” on each topic. Instructors are asked about their experience teaching and creating video content, with resources provided to ensure high-quality courses.

Each course has specific learning objectives and a recommended audience. Udemy reviews and vets all courses before they are public. It's a great resource for self-improvement, especially for those looking to learn more about their emotions and manage their anger in a healthier way.

Plans & Pricing

Each course is purchased on its own, so prices vary. Courses range from $14.99 to $84.99 for anger management, and Udemy frequently offers sales and discounts, keeping courses affordable.

Best Couples Therapy for Anger : Amwell

Verywell's Rating

  • Price: $109 to $129 per session or Copay
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: Yes
Why We Chose It

Amwell is a fantastic resource for couples working through unhealthy anger because it can also address other factors that are contributing to or resulting from this issue. Because Amwell offers both individual and couples counseling, couples can work on their individual needs as well as their relationship issues all through the same platform.

Pros & Cons
  • Both individual and couple work available

  • Accepts insurance

  • Offers medication management

  • Video sessions only

  • No free consultations or subscriptions


Amwell provides convenient and easy appointments with therapists and physicians. They also offer telehealth sessions for couples therapy for a variety of presenting issues, including parenting, infertility, and infidelity

All couples experience difficult times and conflict, and an anger issue can put particular strain on a relationship. Although a therapist can help you work through past violent behavior, couples therapy is not indicated in actively abusive situations.

Couples looking for support can schedule video sessions with a licensed therapist who specializes in couples therapy. The therapist will ask questions to determine how to best address the couple’s unique concerns and issues and help develop a treatment plan.

Couples therapy can benefit adults in any long-term romantic relationship, not just marriage, as well as those who are not together but co-parenting children. Many people in couples therapy also see an individual therapist to work through their own concerns while working on their relationship.

Plans & Pricing

Therapy visits with Amwell cost between $109 and $129, depending on the therapist’s credentials and experience. Amwell can work with your insurance plan or EAP with your employer to reduce the cost of care.

Best for Intensive Anger Therapy : The Logan Group

  • Price: $24.95 to $159.95
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: No
Why We Chose It

Some anger management courses give a general overview of tips and tricks to manage anger, while others are more in-depth. The Logan Group offers intensive anger management courses with recommended paces to ensure that you are fully absorbing the information presented.

Pros & Cons
  • Various course lengths available

  • Price-match guarantee

  • Free proof of enrollment

  • Some courses have a required pace

  • Weekly courses require prepayment

  • Assessment only available prior to starting a course


The Logan Group has a variety of self-paced courses available for topics including anger, aggressive driving, substance use, and shoplifting. The courses’ weekly modules range in total length from four to 52 hours. Self-paced courses can be completed as quickly or slowly as you like, while weekly courses are limited to one class per week in order to meet requirements that may be set by courts or employers.

Many courses offered by the Logan Group are accepted by courts, employers, or schools as anger management certification. The company also offers an anger management assessment for $29.95, which can provide you with insight into your anger and individualized needs. The assessment is not required to take any of the Logan Group’s courses, but it can help you determine whether an anger management course might be right for you.

Weekly anger management courses through the Logan Group are affordable and have a price-match guarantee; prepayment is required before starting.

Plans & Pricing

Prices vary by course length:

  • Four hours: $24.95
  • Eight hours: $39.95
  • 12 hours: $59.95
  • 18 hours: $79.95
  • 24 hours: $99.95
  • 26 hours: $109.95
  • 30 hours: $119.95
  • 36 hours: $129.95
  • 52 hours: $159.95

At the end of each course, you’ll complete an examination to demonstrate what you have learned. You can retake the exam at no additional cost if needed.

Best Court-Ordered Anger Classes : My Court Class

  • Price: $55 to $395
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: No
Why We Chose It

My Court Class offers anger management courses of varying lengths and intensities to satisfy court requirements. It also offers courses for other court issues that could be related to anger, including parenting classes and DUIs.

Pros & Cons
  • Self-paced classes can be taken anytime, anywhere

  • 99.4% acceptance rate with courts, military, employers, and schools

  • Acceptance not guaranteed

  • Does not offer live courses

  • Not all instructors are visible for review prior to signing up


An order from a judge to complete a course or therapy for anger management can be confusing and scary. While it is important to satisfy court orders, these courses can also be an excellent opportunity for self-improvement.

My Court Class is an organization that provides online courses to satisfy court orders ranging from anger management and domestic violence to alcohol awareness and minor-in-possession classes. Always check with the court to ensure that a course meets your jurisdiction's requirements and any specifications in your court order.

Anger management classes at My Court Class range from four to 52 hours and can accommodate a range of requirements. All courses are self-paced, which grants flexibility for anyone with child care or work scheduling issues. Additionally, online courses add a level of privacy as you generally cannot run into anyone you know in class.

My Court Class’s anger management classes include important topics such as expressing and recognizing anger, managing aggression, conflict resolution, and accepting feedback. They provide a wide range of skills and knowledge for dealing with your anger.

Plans & Pricing

Courses vary in price depending on length:

  • Four hours: $55
  • Eight hours: $95
  • 12 hours: $135
  • 16 hours: $175
  • 24 hours: $265
  • 26 hours: $285
  • 30 hours: $325
  • 36 hours: $345
  • 52 hours: $395

Courses are created by credentialed professionals, and the website indicates that people who use My Court Class have a 99.4% acceptance rate with courts. All courses have a 60-day refund guarantee.

Best Anger Management Certification : Open Path

  • Price: $17 to $115
Why We Chose It

Open Path offers anger management certification taken at your own pace and on your own schedule. You can complete a variety of anger management courses to satisfy work, court, or school requirements from the privacy of home.

Pros & Cons
  • Free promotional lesson

  • Guaranteed court approval with money-back guarantee

  • Multiple certificate options

  • Registration fee in addition to the course fee

  • No live course option is available

  • Instructor information is not available prior to signing up


Getting an anger management certification can help you grow as a person and learn to manage your emotions in a healthier way. Open Path offers certification courses ranging from four to 52 hours, and you will receive proof of certification immediately upon completion. If needed, you can also receive an official certificate by mail.

Open Path works with you if certification is required for work, court, school, or another source, and you can take a free promotional lesson before registering to ensure that the collective's classes are a good fit. All courses are self-paced and can be done from home. Open Path also offers a directory of sliding-scale counseling services, so if you decide you would benefit from ongoing therapy, they can put you in touch with someone affordable.

Plans & Pricing

All anger management courses offered through Open Path require a $4.99 one-time registration fee. You can request that a hard copy of your certificate be mailed to you for $5. After registration, course prices vary depending on length:

  • 4-hour certificate: $17
  • 8-hour certificate: $33
  • 12-hour certificate: $53
  • 18-hour certificate: $70
  • 24-hour certificate: $85
  • 30-hour certificate: $94
  • 36-hour certificate: $100
  • 52-hour certificate: $115

The website notes that you can contact the course creators to “assess your situation” if the cost of courses is prohibitive; however, it would be helpful if Open Path provided more information about financial aid.

Compare the Best Anger Management Programs of 2022

Overall Rating Best For
Is Insurance Accepted?
Accepts Hsa Or Fsa
Type Of Therapy
Communication Options
Reset All
Doctor on Demand
Best Overall $129-$179 per session Yes N/A N/A Audio, Video Chat Learn More
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Best for Teen Anger Counseling $240 to $400 per month No N/A N/A Audio, Live Chat, Messaging, Video Chat Learn More
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Udemy Best for Self-Help Anger Classes $14.99 to $84.99 No N/A N/A N/A Learn More
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Best Couples Therapy for Anger $109 to $129 per session or Copay Yes N/A N/A Video Chat Learn More
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The Logan Group Best for Intensive Anger Therapy $24.95 to $159.95 No N/A N/A N/A Learn More
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My Court Class Best Court-Ordered Anger Classes $55 to $395 No N/A N/A N/A Learn More
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Open Path Best Anger Management Certification $17 to $115 N/A N/A N/A N/A Learn More
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Final Verdict

Seeking support for anger management can be scary, and it can be difficult to know where to start. Some companies emphasize teen mental health, like Teen Counseling. Others, like Open Path and My Court Class, offer certifications and classes that can meet requirements for courts, employers, and schools. 

Doctor on Demand offers therapy services for anger management and underlying causes of anger, while offering access to medication management and working with your insurance to make services more affordable. Open Path provides affordable classes at a variety of lengths to meet just about any need.

Guide for Choosing the Best Anger Management Programs

How Do I Know if I Have Anger Issues?

Anger is a healthy and common emotion. However, some people lash out when they are angry, become violent and aggressive, or destroy property. People with anger problems that lead to legal trouble are at higher risk for more anger issues in the future.

When you get angry, are the people around you intimidated or scared? Do you find that you “blow up” or cannot calm down once you start to feel angry? Have you ever had an issue at work because of your anger? Have you ever struggled to remember what happened when you were angry? Has your anger cost you friendships or romantic relationships?

If your anger feels out of control or causes problems in your life, you might have anger issues and it may be time to seek help. Anger can indicate underlying issues, such as trauma, ADHD, depression, or other mental health diagnoses. It can also be caused by life stressors such as divorce or losing a job. 

What Is Anger Management?

Anger management is treatment and/or education that specifically addresses anger problems. The goal is to develop appropriate skills and tools to manage your anger in a healthy way, as well as address and treat any stressors or underlying diagnoses causing your anger issue. Although each individual will have their own goals for treatment, the focus of anger management is to improve regulation and coping with anger.

What Is the Difference Between an Anger Management Class and Anger Management Therapy?

Therapy involves individual, family, or group treatment for an anger problem. Participants might be diagnosed with a specific mental health condition, and facilitators (licensed mental health professionals) help them achieve their specific goals for managing anger through an individualized treatment plan. Sometimes, anger management therapy can be covered by health insurance.

An anger management class is a course, real-time or self-paced, that teaches general skills for coping with anger; participants might have to determine on their own which are most beneficial for them. Courses have set lengths and typically provide certificates of completion when you finish.

Is an Anger Management Program Right for You?

If you notice your anger is interfering with your relationships and life, an anger management program might be a step in a positive direction. You will develop skills to manage anger in a healthy way and communicate appropriately.

If you have gotten into legal trouble due to your anger, you might be ordered by a judge to complete an anger management program. In that case, consult your attorney about the requirements and carefully select a course that meets those requirements.

Therapy for anger management can be effective in reducing problems with anger. Although the data are mixed on anger management courses, this could be because many are required by judges to take these courses, which can impact effectiveness. If you are motivated and want to see positive changes, an anger management course can help.

Comparing Anger Management Programs

Many anger management programs are available, so finding the one that best fits your needs may be challenging. Consider the following factors while deciding on a class or therapy service:

  • Cost: Is the program affordable? Do they offer payment plans or a sliding scale?
  • Insurance: Most courses and group therapy sessions are not covered by insurance, while individual therapy usually is. If paying out-of-pocket is not an affordable option, limit your search to programs that accept your insurance.
  • Program type: Do you want to work at your own pace? Are you uncomfortable talking to someone about your anger? Is therapy not the right fit? If so, you might benefit from an anger management course. On the other hand, if you have a diagnosable mental health condition that contributes to your anger, you might benefit from counseling services.
  • Program length: Therapy varies in length depending on your treatment goals and how you progress. If you are registering for an anger management course, on the other hand, you decide the length of the course when you register. If you have been ordered to complete a course, make sure that you choose a course that is the appropriate length to meet those requirements.
  • Ease of use: How user-friendly is the platform? Does it meet any accessibility needs you may have? Is customer service available to help you if you have technical issues or get stuck?
  • Scheduling flexibility: Most self-paced courses are available 24/7 and can be accessed at your convenience. If you choose to seek therapy for anger management, your choice of providers will be limited to those who can accommodate your availability.
  • Platforms available: People have different preferences when talking to a therapist. Some like the option to send their therapist messages between sessions. Others might be uncomfortable with video sessions and instead prefer phone sessions. 

In general, there’s no one right answer when choosing an anger management program. It’s up to you to determine your priorities and needs. For guidance, consult an existing therapist or legal counsel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Anger Management Programs Cost?

The cost of courses varies greatly depending on the company and the content. Some brief courses cost less than $20, while some intensive courses cost hundreds of dollars.

The cost of therapy varies as well, with sliding-scale sessions costing as little as $30 per session up to several hundred per full-price session.

Who Should Take Anger Management Classes?

Anyone who is struggling with an anger problem might benefit from an anger management class. Anger becomes a problem when it causes issues in your life and relationships. For example, if you say hurtful things, destroy property, or experience road rage, you may benefit from an anger management class.

How Long Are Anger Management Programs?

If you are seeking therapy for anger management, the length of care will depend on your unique needs and treatment plan. Some people come to therapy for a few months, and some stay for years.

Anger management courses vary in length from four to 52 hours. When mandated, only one course “hour” can be completed per week. Double-check your required course length with the court.

Does Insurance Cover Anger Management Programs?

Many insurance plans will cover online therapy for a variety of issues, including anger management. Typically, insurance requires an official diagnosis.

Although “anger issues” is not an official DSM diagnosis, many people with anger management problems meet the diagnostic criteria for mood, anxiety, impulse control, and/or other disorders. As such, it is possible that your health insurance will cover therapy services for anger.

However, courses and certifications for anger management are typically not covered by health insurance, as these are not considered mental health treatment.


We looked at more than two dozen courses, online therapy providers, and certifications for this review. Our top priority in assessing therapy programs was determining which ones offer competent care for anger problems. For courses, we assessed the competency and scope of courses offered. We also considered factors such as accessibility, price, and flexibility to ensure that people’s needs are met when utilizing these services.

The quality and ethics of courses for anger management are also important when seeking treatment. Since anything can be posted on the internet, vetting these resources is essential to ensure that people get the care they need for their anger.

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