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Ours offers the best online premarital counseling

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Getting married is an exciting and monumental life event that marks a new chapter in your life and relationship. But regardless of how solid your relationship seems, couples on the verge of committing to one another for life can really benefit from learning better communication skills now to prevent communication breakdowns later. Enter: Premarital counseling. 

This type of counseling aims to help couples learn how to communicate clearly and effectively, resolve conflicts, and plan for the future in constructive ways that help you reach life goals as a team. And online premarital counseling is a convenient, accessible option for those who prefer to experience these benefits outside of an office setting. Our top picks for the best premarital counseling cover a variety of therapy modalities to suit your needs, including self-guided options, group support, continuous communication support, and intensive programs.

Best Online Premarital Counseling of 2023

Why Trust Us
Companies reviewed
Total users surveyed
Data points analyzed
We surveyed 105 users from each online therapy company and asked the companies to complete questionnaires. Then, we tested the services ourselves, conducted comprehensive data collection research, and evaluated our results with the help of three licensed therapists.

Best Overall : Ours

  • Price: $400 upfront for 6 sessions
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: No
  • Type Of Therapy: Couples Therapy
Why We Chose It

Ours provides a personalized approach to strengthening relationships with live talk therapy and self-study modules. It guides couples to pinpoint solvable relationship issues that may arise and then helps you work through them. 

Pros & Cons
  • Combined live talk therapy and online modules

  • Inclusive for all types of couples and individuals

  • Not covered by insurance

  • Cannot choose therapist

  • Only two live therapy sessions


Ours is a hybrid therapy option for couples that employs both live talk therapy and self-guided lessons based on premarital counseling to help address potential issues or barriers in your relationship.

Each couple meets their counselor, or "guide," for a welcome Zoom call. Then, your designated counselor chooses lessons from various modules that address areas you may need to work on in your relationship, including intimacy, communication, speaking and listening, finances, navigating differences, values, and the future. Your guide will be available to answer questions and assist you along the way, and you'll have one more live session with them.

Each “guide” has a minimum of a master’s degree in therapy, mental health, or counseling. You will be given a questionnaire to help your guide craft a personalized program. You’ll meet twice over Zoom so you can ask any questions you may have and receive personal feedback.

In our survey, 78% of users reported having most or all of their needs met by Ours, and 84% considered the therapists to be well qualified. Overall satisfaction rates were also relatively high, with 80% of survey respondents saying they had a positive experience at Ours. Still, only 61% of users said they would recommend the service to a friend.

Plans & Pricing

There is only one plan, which includes the two live sessions and four lessons for $400 upfront. Alternatively, you can pay $50 to start; the remaining $350 will be debited if you decide to continue after the first session. Insurance is not accepted.

Best for Healthy Communication : Growing Self

  • Price: $125 to $150 per session
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: No
  • Type Of Therapy: Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy
Why We Chose It

At Growing Self, learning how to communicate well with your chosen therapist is the first step toward better, more open communication with your partner. 

Pros & Cons
  • Free initial consultation

  • Choice of therapist

  • Likely to receive same or next day sessions

  • No subscription plan

  • More expensive than some other options

  • No messaging (video only)


Growing Self offers online premarital counseling by therapists who specialize in marriage and family counseling. You can choose your therapist based on their bios, then set up a free consultation to see if they’re a good match for you. At this time, you will also go over your goals. If the match doesn’t feel right, you can choose another therapist. 

Growing Self helps couples work through potential sticking points that can surface throughout their relationship and in their future as a couple, in part by encouraging you to practice clear communication with your partner by establishing good communication with your therapist. Depending on your needs and goals, your therapist can help you build conflict resolution skills, open and honest communication, address differences in parenting and finances, sexual intimacy, and much more.

Growing Self has a high user satisfaction rate, according to our user survey, with 90% of respondents rating it as good, very good, or excellent, making it one of the highest-rated services in our survey. Sixty-eight percent of users said their therapist met all or most of their needs, and 89% rated their therapist’s qualifications as good, very good, or excellent.

Plans & Prices

Growing Self is a pay-per-session therapy service that is not covered by insurance, although you can check with your insurance provider for potential reimbursements. The fee is based on a sliding scale and your therapist's qualifications. 

New therapists charge $105 per session, master’s degree-level therapists charge $115, more experienced ones will charge $135, and some advanced therapists charge $175. Each may reduce the price depending on your specific case.

Best for Personalized Care : Octave Online Therapy

  • Price: $170 to $275 per session
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: Yes
  • Type Of Therapy: Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, Individual Therapy
Why We Chose It

Octave offers couples counseling, not specifically premarital counseling, but it’s still an excellent choice thanks to its incredibly personalized care and diverse roster of providers. The therapist matching process is seamless, and the quality of care is top-notch.

Pros & Cons
  • Diverse providers

  • In-network insurance coverage and out-of-network reimbursement

  • All therapists are specialized in treating couples

  • Only available in six states and Washington D.C.

  • Pricier than other options if not covered by insurance

  • Takes 10 or more days to begin service


Octave offers personalized care through its diverse providers who include members of marginalized communities specializing in racial trauma, LGBTQ+ issues, and trans issues. The therapists also have a broad range of specialties, such as expertise in family, marriage, and relationships. 

Once matched with your therapist, you will form a plan to address any issues, concerns, or goals you have for your relationship. Your therapist will track and measure your progress throughout your sessions to help you achieve your goals. The methods used are evidenced-based and scientifically backed, including:

  • Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT), which focuses on emotional security and attachment
  • Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy (IBCT), which focuses on emotional acceptance
  • The Gottman Method, which focuses on building positive emotions to replace negative ones 

The type or combination of therapy you receive is based on your individual needs and goals. Our survey revealed 71% of users found Octave to be a good, very good, or excellent service overall, and 82% found their therapist met all or most of their needs. What’s more, 74% of users rated their provider’s qualifications highly, and 66% said they would recommend the service to a friend or family member.

Plans & Prices

Couples therapy costs $190 to $275 per session. Octave works with insurance providers that may cover part of the cost and will provide a superbill for potential reimbursement with your out-of-network insurance provider.

Best for Unlimited Messaging : Talkspace

  • Price: $276 to $516 monthly
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: Yes
  • Type Of Therapy: Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy, Medication Management, Psychiatry, Teen Counseling
Why We Chose It

Talkspace offers premarital counseling with several communication options, including unlimited messaging and live video sessions. 

Pros & Cons
  • Multiple communication options

  • Led by licensed marriage and family therapists

  • Therapist is matched for you

  • Text-based therapy may not be as effective

  • Exact cost is not known until sign up


Premarital counseling through Talkspace aims to help you build a solid foundation before your marriage commitment. Your therapist will help you learn communication skills and conflict resolution, identify your values, help you match expectations around parenting and intimacy, work through anger issues, build trust, and more. 

In order to ensure quality care, Talkspace only employs licensed marriage and family therapists to provide premarital counseling. While your therapist is matched to you by Talkspace's algorithm, you can change therapists if you feel the one assigned to you is not a good fit. If you prefer a range of communication options with ongoing support through unlimited messaging, Talkspace is an excellent choice.

Our survey revealed that 90% of Talkspace users found the service good, very good, or excellent overall, making it one of the highest-rated services in our survey. Seventy-eight percent of those surveyed said their therapist met most or all of their needs.

Plans & Pricing

Plans begin at $396 monthly for live audio and video sessions, as well as unlimited text messaging. 

You will be billed monthly, although the website states prices by week. Talkspace accepts insurance, primarily through employers or employer-sponsored plans.

Best Intensive : Couples Therapy Inc

  • Price: Weekend retreats starting at $3,500; 80-minute sessions at $150-275
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: No
  • Type Of Therapy: Couples Therapy
Why We Chose It

Couples Therapy Inc. offers premarital counseling and intensive therapy retreats that foster communication, trust, and empathy.

Pros & Cons
  • Free 15-minute trial call with therapist

  • In-depth assessment for targeted therapy

  • Includes therapy and work as individuals and together

  • No payment plan or subscription option

  • Expensive


Couples therapy with Couples Therapy Inc. starts with an assessment of over 800 questions aimed at fleshing out specific areas of concern and targeting trouble spots to work on with your therapist. Once you complete the assessment, a step-by-step plan is provided with actionable advice for each session. The online intensives are scheduled for Fridays 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. followed by Saturdays and Sundays from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Other modified formats are available upon request if you can’t make the weekend sessions.

During the premarital counseling intensive, a licensed marriage counseling specialist will work with you separately and together during sessions. The intensive will focus only on what you should address before your marriage and provides advice and areas of work for each of you as individuals and as a couple.

Our user survey revealed 90% of Couples Therapy Inc. users felt the overall service was good, very good, or excellent, and 82% said most or all of their needs were met. Also, 90% rated their therapist’s qualifications as good, very good, or excellent.

Plans & Prices

Couples Therapy Inc. intensives are priced depending on the experience and degree of your therapist and range from $3,500 to $6,500. If you prefer coaching services instead, they range from $150 to $275 for a 55-minute session.

Best for Busy Couples : ReGain

  • Price: $240-$360+ per month
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: No
  • Type Of Therapy: Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy

Verywell Mind readers get 20% off their first month of ReGain membership.

Key Specs
  • Price: $60 to $90 per week
  • Insurance Accepted?: No
  • Communication Options: Audio, Live Chat, Messaging, Video Chat
Why We Chose It

ReGain’s services are available anytime, anywhere, via a computer, tablet, or smartphone, making your therapy sessions and communications easy to access, no matter how busy you get.

Pros & Cons
  • Covers both the individual and the couple

  • Licensed therapists experienced in relationship counseling

  • Suitable for relationship tune-ups to prevent future problems

  • Not specifically for premarital counseling

  • Only one available subscription plan


While ReGain is not explicitly designed for premarital counseling, it is a couples therapy service that provides counseling for improving relationships. If you feel your relationship needs a tune-up or you’re hoping to learn some quick communication and problem-solving skills for your upcoming marriage, ReGain may be perfect for you. 

You share a joint client portal with your partner to communicate with your therapist. All written communication is shared and visible to you both as well as your therapist, so everyone can stay in the loop. You can share what is going on with you personally and what you want to focus on as a couple. Your therapist will provide feedback and advice for you both to follow. 

If desired, you can also request live private sessions. You don’t need to schedule appointments for messaging-based communication; instead, your communication is in real-time, and you will receive a notification when your therapist has responded. 

Our survey found 77% of users reported ReGain’s overall service as good, very good, or excellent, and 80% felt most or all of their needs were met by their therapist.

Plans & Prices

ReGain therapy costs $60 to $90 per week and is billed every four weeks.

Best for Group Therapy : Mindful Care

  • Price: $49 per month for substance abuse; Individual therapy: $50 for 20-minute sessions; $100 for 40-minute sessions; $35 per group session; $75-$175 for psychiatry session
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: Yes
  • Type Of Therapy: Group Therapy, Individual Therapy, Medication Management, Psychiatry, Teen Counseling
Why We Chose It

Mindful Care’s group therapy, MindFit, includes a group for relationship therapy led by licensed therapists using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) methods.

Pros & Cons
  • Uses effective therapy practices (CBT, DBT, psychotherapy, etc.)

  • Affordable sessions for those not covered by insurance

  • Sessions are one hour

  • Group meeting times only between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. (EST)

  • No follow-up communication with group members available

  • No communication outside of weekly meetings


Relationship group therapy sessions with Mindful Care, called Connect, involve learning communication, mindfulness, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) skills in a peer setting that a licensed therapist leads. Group therapy is helpful for anyone who appreciates the validation and affirmation that comes from communicating with others who have shared experiences and may better understand the issues you’re facing.

While Connect isn’t specifically for premarital counseling, it addresses topics relevant to couples who want to learn better communication skills and conflict resolution to make the transition to marriage and cohabiting go more smoothly. CBT group therapy is inclusive, judgment-free, and designed to help you recognize and change undesirable thought and behavior patterns, communicate more effectively, and increase mindfulness. 

Groups meet once weekly for one hour at a set time between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. through video chat. You can join the conversations or just listen without pressure to speak. Ninety-two percent of users of Mindful Care rated the overall service as good, very good, or excellent, and 82% said their therapist met most or all of their needs.

Plans & Pricing

Mindful Care group therapy sessions cost $35 each for self-paying clients, but many health insurance providers and Medicare are accepted. Initial evaluations for group or individual therapy cost $150.

Best Directory : Gottman Referral Network

Why We Chose It 

The Gottman Referral Network (GRN) is a directory aimed at helping couples find Gottman-trained therapists. The Gottman Method is a renowned couples therapy style founded on 40 years of research.

Pros & Cons 
  • Referral network is free to use 

  • Ensures you find a Gottman-trained therapist

  • Accessible for couples worldwide

  • Some gaps in therapy access internationally 

  • Must initiate contact and treatment requests yourself


Gottman Couples Therapy is an effective relationship-building method that’s been proven to help foster intimacy and improve marital adjustment, providing lasting effects. The Gottman Referral Network is a free database of Gottman-trained therapists that couples worldwide can access. 

The network allows you to search for in-person therapists in your area or find a practitioner who offers  virtual therapy sessions. You can filter results by therapist specialties and services offered. Therapists’ profiles are available for comparing and finding someone you’re comfortable reaching out to for the next steps.

In our survey of directory users, 79% of respondents said they were satisfied with their overall experience using the Gottman Referral Network. In addition, 72% of users said the website was easy to navigate and 56% said they were able to find a therapist who met all of their needs. Finally, 71% of users indicated they were still seeing the therapist they found using the directory.

Plans & Prices

Plans and pricing will differ based on which therapist you choose. Access to the Gottman Referral Network is free.

Best Self-Guided Course : Happily Ever After

  • Price: $97
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: No
Why We Chose It 

Happily Ever After is not therapy, but it does help couples work through potential conflict areas and improve communication.

Pros & Cons 
  • One-time, affordable pricing for lifetime access to course 

  • Includes assessment, videos, interactive worksheets, and implementation plan

  • Convenient and accessible self-paced course

  • Does not include personalized counseling

  • Not designed by licensed therapists


The Happily Ever After self-guided premarital course covers six topics that commonly cause conflict or sticking points in relationships, and helps couples build communication skills so they can work through issues as they arise. These topics include finances, self-discovery, conflict and repair, sex and intimacy, how your family of origin impacts relationships, and successful communication. You’ll learn about building a connection, addressing mental health concerns like anxiety and attachment, and discussing parenting and family building. 

The course begins with an assessment that helps you pin down your relationship’s strengths and areas to work on. Then, you will move on to viewing short 20- to 30-minute videos on various topics, followed by completing worksheets designed to help you build tools to better navigate issues, and create a plan of action for your marriage. 

If you'd like more personalized advice after completing the course, you can sign up for premarital coaching, but only after you've gone through all of the self-guided material. It's worth noting that these sessions will take place with coaches at Happily Ever After, not licensed therapists or counselors.

Plans & Prices

The Happily Ever After premarital course is $97 for lifetime access. Those who’ve gone through the course can also get online premarital coaching from experienced premarital coaches for $169 to $315 per hour.

Best Budget : Ritual Online Therapy

  • Price: $30 to $200 per month
  • Is Insurance Accepted?: No
Why We Chose It 

Ritual offers an affordable way for couples to learn, develop, and work on relationship skills daily in a convenient format. Three plans allow you to pick an option that fits your goals and budget, including complete self-learning or expert-led sessions.

Pros & Cons 
  • 14-day free trial  

  • Confidential, supportive community 

  • Personalized daily program for ongoing support

  • Not specifically designed for premarital counseling


Ritual is an app-based support platform that provides couples with accessible, affordable relationship-building guidance to improve connection and closeness. It does this through a combination of live sessions and activities. The app offers daily customized skill-building tips using expert-created videos and audio. You’ll also receive guided journal prompts encouraging self-reflection to better apply what you’ve learned and understand how your newly discovered skills will improve your relationship.

The basic plan is self-guided and includes a personalized learning path with access to expert-led videos and a progress report. You’ll also receive weekly check-ins, feedback within 72 hours, and two expert-led sessions per month. If you’d like some more guidance, the expert-led option provides four expert sessions per month with ongoing expert support. There is also a couples plan, which provides three expert-led sessions per partner per month and a monthly extended couple session.

Plans & Prices

Ritual has three plan options: 

  • Flying Solo journey with two expert guidance sessions per month for $100 a month
  • Flying Solo journey with weekly sessions for $160 per month
  • In This Together journey with three sessions with an expert per partner a month and one monthly extended couples session with ongoing expert support for $65/week or $260/month

Compare the Best Online Premarital Counseling of 2023

Best For
Is Insurance Accepted?
Does it Accept HSA/FSA?
Type Of Therapy
Communication Options
Reset All
Ours Best Overall $400 upfront for 6 sessions No No Couples Therapy Messaging, Video Chat Learn More
Hide, not for me
Growing Self Best for Healthy Communication $125 to $150 per session No No Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy Video Chat Learn More
Hide, not for me
Octave Online Therapy Best for Personalized Care $170 to $275 per session Yes No Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, Individual Therapy Audio, Video Chat Learn More
Hide, not for me
Talkspace Best for Unlimited Messaging $276 to $516 monthly Yes Yes Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy, Medication Management, Psychiatry, Teen Counseling Audio, Live Chat, Messaging, Phone, Video Chat Learn More
Hide, not for me
Couples Therapy Inc Best Intensive Weekend retreats starting at $3,500; 80-minute sessions at $150-275 No No Couples Therapy Video Chat Learn More
Hide, not for me
ReGain Best for Busy Couples $240-$360+ per month No No Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy Audio, Live Chat, Messaging, Video Chat Learn More
Hide, not for me
Mindful Care Best for Group Therapy $49 per month for substance abuse; Individual therapy: $50 for 20-minute sessions; $100 for 40-minute sessions; $35 per group session; $75-$175 for psychiatry session Yes No Group Therapy, Individual Therapy, Medication Management, Psychiatry, Teen Counseling Audio, Video Chat Learn More
Hide, not for me
Gottman Referral Network Best Directory N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Sign Up Now
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Happily Ever After Best Self-Guided Course $97 No No N/A N/A Learn More
Hide, not for me
Ritual Online Therapy Best Budget $30 to $200 per month No No N/A Audio, Messaging, Video Chat Learn More
Hide, not for me

Final Verdict

Ours made the top of our list because it combines live talk therapy sessions and self-guided modules to create a personalized program with reinforcing activities designed to help you improve your relationship behavior. Ours stands out from other options due to its variety of specialties, personalization, and high-quality experts. 

If you’re looking for a more accessible, budget-friendly option, Ritual and Talkspace provide varying plans and price points. On the other hand, if you’d prefer an entirely self-paced course, Happily Ever After is an excellent choice, allowing you and your partner to explore and learn relationship-building skills on your own terms. 

Guide to Choosing the Best Online Premarital Counseling

What Is Online Premarital Counseling? 

Online premarital counseling can take several forms, including therapy, coaching, coursework, group therapy, and more. Premarital counseling in general aims to improve relationship dynamics by teaching communication skills, working through potential conflict areas, and discussing goals for the future. Those who take premarital counseling may experience more satisfactory relationships and be more committed to proactively fixing future rough patches.

Is Online Premarital Counseling Worth It?

Every couple will likely experience ups and down, sticking points, and disagreements throughout their marriage. Learning optimal ways to work through issues and settle differences before you get into the thick of it can help prevent relationship damage and heartache—and that’s exactly what premarital counseling provides. Premarital and couples counseling aren't just about fixing problems, they're about learning the best ways to have a healthy relationships. In fact, an overwhelming 99% of couples we surveyed said that their relationships benefitted from counseling.

In addition, research shows that premarital counseling can significantly improve relationship satisfaction, increase intimacy, and boost self-esteem. Moreover, couples who participate in premarital counseling are more likely to feel empowered to keep their relationship healthy and strong, and reach out for future help when needed.

Is Online Premarital Counseling Right for You?

Online premarital counseling is ideal for couples getting married or committed to being together long-term since it is convenient and often more affordable than traditional face-to-face options. It also may be beneficial for newly married or cohabiting couples who feel their communication and relationship dynamics could be better. Online counseling may be more accessible and affordable than in-person options. 

Compare Online Premarital Counseling 

  • Price: Premarital counseling options are available at a wide range of prices ranging from $30 to $400 per month. Pricing often varies depending on service, your therapist's qualifications, and other provisions such as learning materials, videos, or extra communication options. Consider your budget and what your needs are before making a decision.
  • Communication options: Decide whether video, audio, texting, or messaging options will work best for you and your partner. Some types of therapy rely only on messaging, which is convenient, but may not work for everyone. You may prefer group sessions where you can listen without pressure to speak. You’ll also want to consider how frequent and fast you want communication with your therapist or counselor to be.
  • Types of therapy/counseling: Not all premarital counseling services use the same therapy methods. The Gottman Method and CBT are two examples of methods that are proven to be effective. Some forms of counseling or coaching are not standardized or designed by licensed therapists, but may still be helpful. 
  • Insurance: Check with your preferred premarital counseling provider and insurance company to determine your options. Some companies accept insurance, while others do not. Note that couples therapy is not often covered by insurance.  

What If I'm Having Thoughts of Harming Myself? 

Online therapy does not provide immediate service to those who are feeling suicidal or are having a mental health crisis. You can call the new national Suicide and Crisis Lifeline number 988 rather than 911 when you are in crisis. You’ll be able to speak with people specifically trained to address and deal with mental health issues. 

However, you should be aware that in rare cases the police may be notified. Police intervention can be traumatic and often even dangerous or fatal to those experiencing a mental health crisis, especially for the BIPOC community. Keep this information in mind before calling 988. Above all, know this too shall pass; you are loved and can overcome this. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is the Difference Between Couples Counseling and Premarital Counseling?

    Couples counseling is dedicated to helping established couples work through relationship issues and concerns. Premarital counseling is typically more proactive, providing skills and tips for potential future issues and building communication techniques. While premarital counseling can also help you work through current problems, it’s more focused on learning how to begin planning and living a life together.

  • What Should You Cover In Premarital Counseling?

    Premarital counseling should cover topics such as communication, conflict resolution, finances, parenting, sex and intimacy, roles and responsibilities, and all of the expectations that come with living together. More personalized topics can be covered with a therapist or counselor during premarital counseling, such as current or past issues you want to work through as a couple before marriage.

  • Is Online Premarital Counseling Effective?

    Research into online therapy shows that it can be just as effective as in-person counseling. Many aspects of counseling’s effectiveness are the same online and off: it depends on your genuine interest in participating and learning from your therapist or education modules, the amount of time you invest, your therapist’s qualifications and how well you work with them, and the personal applicability of the content to your specific situation. One perk of accessing counseling online is it can greatly widen the number and diversity of therapists or premarital programs available to you.

  • Is Online Premarital Counseling Covered by Insurance?

    Some online premarital counseling services are covered by insurance, but you should check with your service provider to see if you are entitled to full or partial coverage or reimbursement. Couples counseling and premarital therapy are not often covered by insurance.


To create this list of the best online premarital counseling options, we looked at 20 companies offering a range of counseling, coaching, course options, and therapy choices. Those that made the list stood out in their respective categories for offering the best value and expert care available. Survey data was also considered for many companies, especially those rated highly overall. Various forms of premarital counseling and coaching were considered, including self-guided options and more personalized expert care.

Best Online Premarital Counseling of 2022

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