Best Apps to Help You Quit Smoking

Say goodbye to cigarettes

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Smoking addiction is a serious problem that requires a dedicated plan to overcome. If you are trying to give up cigarettes, an app to help you quit smoking might be just what you need to help you drop the bad habit.

With the variety of apps available it can be challenging to figure out which ones are the best. When making a decision, be sure to take into account your own personality and what motivates you the most. (Some people will need community support, while others may benefit from charting their progression.)

To help you make the right choice, we've rounded up the best apps to help you quit smoking for gopd.

The Best Apps to Help You Quit Smoking

Best Apps to Help You Quit Smoking
Best Apps to Help You Quit Smoking

Best Overall : EasyQuit

Easy Quit App

 Easy Quit App

Why We Chose It: EasyQuit was chosen because of its high ratings by both Apple and Android users, the inclusion of a slow mode for gradual quitting, and multiple tools for tracking.

What We Like
  • Includes a memory game to resist cravings

  • Option to use slow mode to quit gradually

  • Motivational badges to encourage you to quit

What We Don't Like
  • Some users have reported excessive pop-up ads

  • Requires the user to maintain motivation to use the app

  • Tracks days and hours, but not minutes and seconds

EasyQuit provides smokers with tracking information to motivate them to quit, such as days and hours without a cigarette, the amount of money saved, and how their health is improving. It is designed to provide motivation, tracking, and encouragement for those who want to quit on their own.

EasyQuit includes a memory game to fight urges, a journaling tool, and a log to keep track of triggers. Since some users may find it easier to quit gradually, the app includes an alternative strategy for those who need a slower approach to curbing their habit. Finally, there are motivational badges to encourage users to keep going, although there is no community discussion for support.

Reviews indicate that users feel motivated by seeing how their health is improving due to not smoking. However, some of them reported a lot of pop-up ads and glitches that took away from the user experience.

The app is free, but if you're looking for additional features, the Pro version is about $5 and may be a solution for any tech issues.

Best Budget : Get Rich or Die Smoking

Get Rich or Die Smoking app logo

 Get Rich or Die Smoking app logo

Why We Chose It: Get Rich or Die Smoking is a standout app because it emphasizes how quitting smoking will save you money.

What We Like
  • Real-time chat available

  • Quantifies the real-world impact of not smoking (in terms of saving money)

  • Includes goal list of things to buy with the money that you save

What We Don't Like
  • Graphic design could use improvement

  • Lacks a place to take notes or reminders

  • Risk of dealing with negativity inside the chat forum

If you are on a strict budget, the Get Rich or Die Smoking app will provide you with even more of an incentive to quit, since it's focused on how it will help you to save money. The free app shows you how many dollars you have saved using a meter that you can also convert into other currencies. Plus, it also includes trackers for your health.

Get Rich or Die Smoking also includes a community forum, so that you can connect with others trying to quit and compare how you will spend the money that you have saved. This is important as research has shown that motivation to continue using a quit smoking app is critical for quitting. Another perk? The app also includes regular activities to keep your habits on track.

Some users reported glitches uploading photos inside the chat forum. However, most found the app motivational and unique in its purpose. At the end of the day, if you're motivated by money or material items, this app might be your saving grace.

Best for CBT : Quit Genius

Quit Genius

   Courtesy of Quit Genius

Why We Chose It: Quit Genius utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) principles to guide the quitting process, making it ideal for those interested in the additional help of therapy techniques.

What We Like
  • Encouraging for those who have tried other apps and failed

  • Addresses the psychological aspects of quitting smoking

  • Includes quizzes to test your knowledge about quitting

What We Don't Like
  • Users must upgrade to the premium version to unlock the best features

  • Glitches pop up when trying to set the time zone correctly

  • Users must subscribe with payment information in order to use the free trial

Quit Genius lets you set your own goals for quitting and uses CBT to help you do it. The app also helps to motivate you with trackers for money saved and the years of life you've gained from curbing your smoking habit.

Choose a quit date, and then the app provides tips and tools to motivate you once your quit date arrives. Cravings are managed using audio tracks and breathing exercises. When you pay for a premium version, the app unlocks special features, including the ability to chat with a personal quit coach. If you've tried to quit on your own without success, having the support of a coach could be helpful.

For those who enjoy knowledge quizzes, the app also offers the opportunity to test your knowledge about the stop smoking process and what you have learned, a unique feature not found in other apps on this list.

Quit Genius costs about $4 per month.

Best for Encouragement : Kwit



Why We Chose It: We chose Kwit as one of our top picks because it includes accessible motivation cards for cravings and urges.

What We Like
  • Extra encouragement when needed through instant motivation cards

  • Can be used for cutting down or eliminating vaping and nicotine sources other than cigarettes

What We Don't Like
  • No community forum

  • Premium version may be too expensive

Kwit is also inspired by CBT but offers many other features, including a personalized dashboard to keep track of your progress and a diary to manage cravings. You will also have access to something a little bit different: motivation cards. If you are experiencing a craving, Kwit will produce a motivation card if you shake your phone to help you stay on your quitting journey.

Kwit is free to download and can be used for quitting smoking, reducing the use of nicotine substitutes, and stopping vaping. It offers encouragement with milestones during your journey to quit smoking by tracking how much money you have saved and how long it's been since you smoked.

Kwit also offers a place to make note of cravings, so that you can keep track of triggers. If you have the right mindset to quit, this app will provide you with the tools you need to make it happen.

Best Tracking : Quit Tracker

Quit Tracker

  Quit Tracker

Why We Chose It: Quit Tracker made our list because of its focus on tracking progress while you try to quit smoking.

What We Like
  • Can reset progress as needed

  • Ability to personalize your own reasons and goals for quitting

  • Offers a distraction game to get your mind off of urges

What We Don't Like
  • Not set up for quitting nicotine replacement therapy

  • Can't change the price of cigarettes

  • Can't pause if you have a single cigarette

Quit Tracker is a motivational app that helps you to track the money you will save and the improvements in your health you'll experience while you quit smoking.

This app is best for someone who likes to understand the benefits of quitting smoking from a statistical point of view. Quit Tracker also lets you reset the day and time you last smoked. Plus, when those cravings hit, there's a distraction tab to help you make it through.

Quit Tracker will be helpful if you want validation for quitting and need a tangible way to measure your progress. It prioritizes tracking tools over other features and will be best if you don't need a peer forum or another social support from an app.

Quit Tracker is free but offers in-app purchases.

Best Evidence-Based : Smoke Free

Smoke Free

 Smoke Free

Why We Chose It: Smoke Free stood out because of its use of evidence-based strategies to help people stop smoking.

What We Like
  • One-on-one advice to help you quit and a Facebook community for support

  • Research-based techniques and strategies

  • Social support through coaches

What We Don't Like
  • May be better for maintaining your quit status rather than actually quitting

  • Some users report losing their progress

Smoke Free uses evidence-based behavior change techniques to help you quit smoking. The app features graphs to plot your progression, tips to beat cravings, and the ability to participate in research to help others quit smoking. Plus, it includes more than 30 proven techniques and methods to increase your chances of quitting successfully.

Smoke Free includes access to stop smoking coaches, a quit smoking tracker, achievement badges, a quit smoking log, the financial benefits of smoking, and health improvements charts. You can also share success with friends and record triggers in a diary.

The best part? The app is free, and it stands out for its community support. Just repeat Smoke Free's mantra "not one more puff" to help you along the way.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the key differences between the apps that were identified revolved around community support, features, and ease of use. While an app like Get Rich or Die Smoking is excellent for those motivated by money, it will be less effective for those who want extensive tracking features or evidence-based coaching support.

Ultimately, EasyQuit offers the best variety of features, along with a strong user base and positive reviews. Given that app features are most important for keeping you engaged with the quitting process, EasyQuit delivers the best overall user experience.


Are Apps to Quit Smoking Really Effective?

Some research suggests that smoking cessation apps may help some people quit smoking, but there is significant inconsistency in the studies evaluating these tools. Your adherence to using the app may be what makes the most difference. If you feel as though you will not follow through, it's best to choose an app that includes a motivational component, community forum, or coaching aspect.

If you want to quit smoking, it is important to use evidence-based approaches and follow your doctor's recommendations. Smoking cessation apps may be best used as a tool to complement other evidence-based treatments.

How Long Should I Use the App?

It can take months or years to fully overcome a smoking addiction. For this reason, it's a good idea to commit to using an app over a long period of time. However, you may find that in the initial days or weeks, you will be using the app more consistently, as you may be dealing with withdrawal symptoms.

Do I Need to Start Over if I Relapse?

If you relapse while using a stop smoking app, it's best to use the app features designed for this situation. Some apps may require you to restart your "quit date," while others may allow you to enter your "slip-up." If you feel as though starting over will undermine your motivation, try to choose an app that allows for mistakes without having to reset your progress.

How We Chose the Best Apps to Quit Smoking

We reviewed 25 apps and considered user reviews and ratings, the usability of the interface, design, frequency of updates, effectiveness, features, and evidence-based strategies. These factors ensured that the top apps were current, research-backed, and popular with users.

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