The 11 Best Singing Bowls of 2021

Add some sound therapy to your meditation routine

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Our Top Picks
Small enough to be easily transported and hand-held, it's large enough to make quality sounds and includes a cushion and mallet.
Ideal if you're new to singing bowls and want an affordable option, this compact bowl provides quality sound and vibration.
Made in Nepal by special craftsmen, each bowl is individually tested for sound quality, comfort, and vibration quality.
Upgrade your meditation routine with this high-quality pick that's frosted on the outside and vibrant on the inside.
Tuned to activate the throat chakra specifically, its sound quality and vibration is enhanced by the suede-covered striker.
For when you want to shift moods, the seven singing bowls address different chakras with various sizes and mallet options.
Each bowl is made to address a specific chakra to help beginners feel confident in their ability to use the bowl.
Paired with hand carved designs and a soothing sound to target the throat chakra, it's both aesthetically pleasing and healing.
The crystal bowl is designed to target the root chakra for immune system stimulation to promote physical healing.
Slightly smaller at 8 inches, the crystal bowl is lighter in weight and includes a carrying case for on-the-go relaxation.

Singing bowls, also referred to as Himalayan or Tibetan Singing bowls, have been used for thousands of years by monks and followers of Buddhist meditation practices to increase focus, serenity, and improve meditation practices.

Science is beginning to confirm what those who have practiced meditation have always voiced—it’s good for your health. One research study found a significant decrease in the severity of chronic pain when sound therapy, using singing bowls, was regularly integrated into a patient's treatment routine. 

While there is little research on why singing bowls work, it is believed that the sound paired with the vibrations of the singing bowl can help calm the mind and nervous system, creating a greater spiritual connection and decreasing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and physical pain resulting from chronic stress.

Here are the best singing bowls on the market.

Best Overall: Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set with Cushion

Hand-crafted by Nepalese artisans, this handheld bowl is small enough to take on the go but large enough to emit quality sound. It's made with brass and features a traditional carved exterior, making it durable and aesthetically pleasing.

The set comes with a cushion, mallet, and an instructional guide for easy, beginner use.

Best Budget: DomeStar Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Quality doesn't always come with a hefty price, and this affordable singing bowl set is a good example. Hand-hammered in traditional Nepalese style, the 2.8-inch bowl is a compact option that features quality sound and vibration.

Plus, it comes with a handmade silk cushion and a mallet.

Best Traditional: Ohm Store Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Made in Nepal by special craftsmen, this singing bowl set is traditional in terms of shape and style. Simple but created with quality brass, each bowl is individually tested for sound quality, comfort, and vibration quality.

The hand-carved teakwood striker and vibrant cushion are included in the set.

Best Colorful: CVNC Rainbow Colored Crystal Singing Bowl

If you find beautiful colors soothing, this lively singing bowl—made with quartz crystal—will make a great addition to your meditation routine.

The frosted exterior complements the vibrant interior, creating a rainbow effect that offers therapy for your eyes, ears, and mind. The 8-inch bowl is designed for use on the ground and produces a rich, resonant tone when played.

Best for Sound Quality: sitsang G Note Throat Chakra Singing Bowl

The G note sound of this bowl is specifically tuned to activate the throat chakra (an energy point in the body). The sound quality and vibration are enhanced by the suede-covered striker, and the set comes with an artificial leather carrying case to keep the crystal bowl safe.

At 10 inches in diameter, it's important to treat the fragile bowl with care.

Best Set: thamelmart Chakra Healing Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

This beautiful set has everything you need for a relaxing meditation session at home. Seven singing bowls are included to address different chakras with various colors, sizes, rings, and mallet options.

You can easily change bowls to shift moods or chakra concentrations, and the designs are uniquely crafted for each individual bowl. Plus, the set comes with a carrying case for easy transport.

Best for Beginners: Tibet Tree of Life Chakra Singing Bowls Set

Etsy Chakra Singing Bowls Set

If you're a beginner, the Tibet Tree of Life Gifts Chakra Singing Bowl Set is designed to quickly help you feel comfortable. Each one is crafted to address a specific chakra, and each bowl comes with a description of the chakra that correlates with the bowl.

The small 3.5-inch size makes it comfortable to play with and easy to use, and the bowls can be purchased individually or as a set.

Best Design: Maha Bodhi Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Blue is commonly known as a calming color, making this option great for overall relaxation. Paired with hand-carved designs, the bowl creates soothing sounds that target the throat chakra while offering healing and meditative properties.

The set also comes complete with a storage box, a suede mallet, and a silk cushion.

Best Crystal: ENERGYSOUND Crystal Singing Bowl

Crystal is a popular singing bowl material because it creates a clear and bright sound. This bowl is designed to promote physical healing through sound therapy while targeting the root chakra for immune system stimulation.

For the best sound quality and lasting tone, place the bowl on the floor using the provided rubber ring rather than holding it in your hand.

Best Portable: Ryan Dvan G Note Crystal Singing Bowl

When teaching a yoga or meditation class, you need a bowl with far-reaching tones and sound quality that will fill the room. While crystal bowls are famous for their beautiful sound, larger bowls can be heavier and more fragile than hand-held metal bowls.

This 8-inch crystal bowl is slightly larger than handheld options but lighter in weight than most large bowls. Additionally, it comes with a heavy-duty carrying case to prevent damage when in transport.

Best Splurge: SOUNDENERGY Perfect Pitch Crystal Singing Bowl Set

Expensive singing bowls can seem like an investment, but if you need one for your career or if the practice is a significant part of your health and wellness routine, a quality product can make all the difference.

This set includes seven crystal singing bowls and, while it does not include mallets or a carrying case, the crystal composition offers an extremely pure sound. Since the bowls are white, they also go with any home or studio decor.

Final Verdict

The Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set with Cushion (View at Amazon) is the best overall option for a peaceful and personal meditation session. Accompanied by a guide based on the ancient traditions of meditation, the set is designed to ensure confidence when using the bowl.

The crystal material is also best for bright and clear sounds with lasting vibrations—perfect for yoga classes or meditation sessions.

What to Look for in a Singing Bowl 


The most important aspect of a singing bowl is its “voice” or sound. The sound should be calming, pleasant, and even emotional in some cases. As strange as it may seem, the sound should be pleasant enough to quickly affect your mood or emotions.


Singing bowls come in a variety of sizes and materials. If it’s a small, hand-held bowl, it should fit naturally and comfortably in your hand. A larger bowl can be set on the ground or set on a cushion. Some bowls can weigh over 3 pounds which may become heavy, so if you're planning on holding your bowl while playing or taking it on the go, choose a lightweight option.


A good quality bowl should be able to hold its vibration for several tones without quickly tapering off or wavering. The vibration is a big part of the healing quality of a singing bowl, so it’s important to choose a durable bowl with a steady and lasting vibration. 


With so many different types of bowls to choose from, it's important to find one that fits your exact needs. A bowl with low tones is best for mediation and yoga, while a bowl with high-pitched tones is best for physical healing and stimulating the immune system.

Additionally, a small bowl is designed for smaller spaces and a larger bowl is crafted for a large space or studio.

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