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Mania and Hypomania in Bipolar Disorder

What does "manic" mean? Learn how mania manifests in bipolar disorder, its effects on mood, and how to cope with this end of the extreme when it does occur.
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How Neuroscience Helps Explain Impulsive Behaviors in Bipolar Disorder
Why Did Manic Depression Become Bipolar Disorder?
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Bipolar Disorder and Catatonic Behavior
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What Is a Manic Episode?
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What Is Hypomania?
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How Do You Spot Signs of Bipolar Mania in Yourself and Others?
The Difference Between Hyper Behavior and Bipolar Mania
When Excessive Pompousness Is a Sign of Bipolar Mania
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How to Maintain a Sex Life With Bipolar Disorder
Pressured Speech
Can Pressured Speech Be a Symptom of Hypomania in Bipolar Disorder?
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Self-Help Techniques to Calm the Fight-or-Flight Response
A Quiz to Help You Determine If You've Had a Manic Episode
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Take This Bipolar Hypomania Quiz