A person with borderline personality disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment

The most effective treatment for borderline personality disorder varies. Learn more about medication, hospitalization, self-help, and psychotherapy for BPD.
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How to Find Dialectical Behavior Therapy for BPD Near You
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A Unique Therapy to Ease a Traumatic Memory
Man taking an Ativan
Can Anti-Anxiety Medications Help Treat Your BPD Symptoms?
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How Empirically Supported Treatments Help People With BPD
Consider Supplementing Your Therapy With Self-Help When You Have BPD
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What Medications Can You Take for Borderline Personality Disorder?
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How Can Phone Coaching Help Treat Borderline Personality Disorder?
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How Transference Therapy Works for Borderline Personality Disorder
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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Quitting Therapy for BPD
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Mentalization-Based Therapy May Help Borderline Personality Disorder
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How to Find the Right Therapist for Borderline Personality Disorder
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What You Should Know Before Taking Psychotropic Drugs
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Is There a Cure for Borderline Personality Disorder?
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Is Electroconvulsive Therapy a Good Option for Treating BPD?
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Is Dialectical or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Better for Treating BPD?
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What to Expect From Inpatient Treatment for BPD
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Schema-Focused Therapy Can Help People With BPD and Childhood Trauma
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Are Antidepressants an Effective Medication for BPD?
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How Can Dialectical Behavior Therapy for BPD Help You?
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The Options You Have for Treating Borderline Personality Disorder
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Building a Network for Borderline Personality Disorder Support