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Childhood Depression

Children and teens are not immune to depression. Educate yourself on warning signs and learn how to recognize them and find treatment for depressed kids.
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Cyclothymia in Children and Adolescents
Depressed Child
Suicidal Thoughts and Depression in Children
African American mother consoling her sad girl at home.
Using the CBCL to Assess Depression in Children
Social withdrawal
When Social Withdrawal in Children Is a Problem
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The Children's Depression Inventory (CDI)
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When Children Have Depression After Death of a Parent
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Are Low Self-Esteem and Depression the Same Thing?
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How Personality Traits Can Influence Depression in Kids
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Why Self-Consciousness and Depression in Youth Coexist
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How Depression Affects Young People's Relationships
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How Moving Can Trigger Depression in Children
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When Your Child Is Resistant to Therapy
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Depressive Disorders in Children: Symptoms, Risk Factors, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Coping
how depression in children is treated
How Depression in Children Is Treated
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The Consequences of Untreated Depression in Kids
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Separation Anxiety Disorder and Depression
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Attractive Teens Don't Have More Self-Esteem Than Peers
Mother's Love
How to Help Your Depressed Teenager
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Self-Help Strategies for Depressed Teens
depression signs in children
How to Tell if Your Child Shows Symptoms of Depression
Depression in teenagers doesn't always look like depression in adults.
How Teenage Depression Differs From Adult Depression
Cyberbullying and Depression in Children
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Baby Depression: Symptoms, Risk Factors, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Coping
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How Teen Self-Esteem Influences Risky Sexual Behavior
Depression during puberty
Children Are More Prone to Depression During Puberty
There are several different types of depression in teenagers.
Types of Depression Commonly Found in Teens
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Cutting and Self-Harm Behaviors in Teens
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What to Do With a Depressed Teen Who Refuses Help
Depressed Teen
Treatment Programs for Depressed Teens
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Common Issues Facing Tweens and How Parents Can Help
A depressed teen in a counseling session.
Dangers of Untreated Depression in Teens
effects of childhood obesity
Psychological Effects of Tween Obesity
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Symptoms of Depression in Tweens
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What Learned Helplessness Looks Like in Children
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The Importance of a Child's Social Identity