How to Use A Coincidence Journal for Luck

Notice the lucky coincidences in your life

luck journal
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Do you remember the last time you experienced a lucky coincidence — a time when you found a very specific thing that you needed, exactly when you needed it? We all experience serendipitous coincidences on a regular basis but are sometimes too stressed and busy to notice them or take advantage of the opportunities that they provide.

Believers in the Law of Attraction maintain that these coincidences and lucky opportunities are always available to us, and the more we take advantage of them, the more often they will present themselves.

Research shows that optimists tend to enjoy more success and satisfaction in life.

However, there's also a more scientific explanation of how these events play out. One of the reasons happy people enjoy this luck is that they notice opportunities and take advantage of them.

We are all faced with lucky coincidences that bring opportunities, but optimists tend to notice them more and see the positive potential that they bring.

Create Your Journal

A simple way for you to more easily notice and maximize the lucky coincidences in your life — and enjoy the benefits of journaling at the same time — is to maintain a ‘coincidence journal’, where you record these events in your life as they happen. Here’s how to maintain your own coincidence journal:

  1. At the end of each day (or at a regular time when you can take a few minutes to reflect), think back and record all the instances where you found exactly what you needed, in unexpected or effortless ways. Did you see something that you had been looking for? Did someone offhandedly mention in conversation some information that was really helpful with a problem you currently face? Did you happen to pick up a book or newspaper that really speaks to you? These can all be counted as subtle coincidences, quiet opportunities that you can use to your advantage if you just take action.
  2. Also, look at how subtle or obvious these coincidences were. Did they jump out at you, or did you have to pay attention to notice the opportunities that presented themselves? As you maintain your journal, you’re likely to see more of these coincidences and the opportunities that they present, because you’re actively noticing them now.
  3. As you record coincidences and opportunities in your journal, think about what’s next for you. Think about the things you’d like to see come into your life, and think about ways you may find these things. Do what you can, but also let go and be open to whatever new things may present themselves for you tomorrow. Then, be ready to take advantage!

By Elizabeth Scott, PhD
Elizabeth Scott, PhD is an author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on stress management, positive psychology, relationships, and emotional wellbeing.