Three people talking in group therapy

Coping and Recovery

Addiction affects relationships with family and friends. Learn to communicate better with loved ones and start working on your relationship with yourself.
older woman embracing younger woman by a window
Morphine Withdrawal: Symptoms, Timeline, and Treatment
veteran with his hand over his face, upset
Tramadol Withdrawal: Symptoms, Timeline, and Treatment
Woman listening to friend while resting on sofa at home
Communicating With Someone Who Has an Addiction
Close up of two friends holding hands
What Not to Say to Someone With a Drug Addiction
Young businessman sitting at tram stop in the evening using earphones and smartphone
How to Set Healthy Boundaries When Dealing With Addiction
Older man and woman looking sad
When Someone Dies From Addiction
Tired woman taking a nap in a cafe
Sleep Problems in Recovering Alcoholics
Group of friends walking outside
How to Make Friends Without Alcohol
Sugar Withdrawal: Symptoms, Timeline, and Treatment
Adult daughter tries to pursuade her mother to quit smoking
Setting Boundaries With Addicted Grandparents
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What Is Recovery?
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Top 5 Triggers of Relapse and How to Avoid Them
Man covering woman's eyes as she holds a gift
5 Best Gifts for Recovering Alcoholics and Addicts
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How Antabuse Medication Helps Drinkers Stay Sober
Son With Ailing Father
How to Stop Enabling an Alcoholic or Addict
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Behaviors That Can Make Addicts Dangerous
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5 Games Drug Addicts May Be Playing
Substance/Medication-Induced Sleep Disorder
Support Group
The 7 Best Online Sobriety Support Groups of 2021
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Is Tough Love Effective in Treating Addiction?
Alcoholism in family.
Information for Friends and Families of Alcoholics
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Benefits of Using Hypnotherapy in Addiction Treatment
Diverse people sit in circle and brainstorm ideas
How to Find a Support Group Meeting Near You
Human head, MRI and 3D CT scans
Exercising the Alcoholic Brain May Help Recovery
Big Book Cover
The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous
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How to Stay Sober: 12 Tips for Your Recovery
Female therapist talking to couple in couples therapy session
Counseling Helps Marriages in Trouble With Addiction
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How to Quit an Addiction: Advice on Stopping
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How Alcoholics Anonymous Works
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Mindfulness Therapy as an Addiction Treatment
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What to Expect From Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs
Group Meeting
Narcotics Anonymous Meetings Can Help Drug Addictions
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The Costs of Alcohol and Drug Treatment
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Al-Anon Meeting Topics for Beginners
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How to Talk to Your Doctor When You Use Substances
Support group session
Detachment From a Family Member With Alcoholism
Group therapy session, man standing in foreground, smiling
Going to Your First 12-Step Meeting
Women hugging in group therapy session
Open and Closed 12-Step Meetings
Doctor and nurse working with MRI brain scans seen through interactive display
Neurotransmitters Are Key to Treating Alcoholics
Woman meditating
A Higher Power, Spirituality, and Addiction
Older Man With Conselor
10 Things to Stop Doing If You Love an Alcoholic
Couple in counseling
Motivational Interviewing as a Treatment for Addiction
A woman talking to her therapist.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Addiction
Alcoholic Anonymous meeting
What Is Abstinence in Addiction Treatment?
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Can You Drink Non-Alcoholic Beer While on Antabuse?
Models pose as a couple counseling triad
How Couples Counseling Can Help With Addiction Issues
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10 Myths About Motivational Interviewing
Display of pamphlets
Free Alcoholism and Drug Rehab Programs
Man Holding Door for Woman
Coping With a Family Member in Alcohol or Drug Rehab
Empty chairs in a circle for AA meeting
The 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous
woman receives support at a group meeting
The Serenity Prayer in 12-Step Recovery
Anguished woman
An Alternative for Alcoholics and Divorce
Chairs in a circle
A Study of Tradition 10 of the 12 Traditions
Coffee Cup
The Intent Behind Alcoholics Anonymous' Step 11
Woman Holding Coffee
Anonymity: Last of the 12 Traditions in AA
Chairs in a circle
Tradition 7 of the 12 Traditions of AA
A Study of Tradition 2 - The 12 Traditions of A.A.
Chairs in a circle
A Study of Step 5 of the 12-Step Program
Worried Woman
Anti-Alcohol Antabuse Implant Used in Eastern Europe
Young women forgiving each other with a hug
A Look at Step 10 of AA's 12-Step Program