Living With Panic Disorder

These resources will help you better manage living with panic disorder. Learn how to successfully resume or maintain your family, work, and social life.
Woman walking alone on the beach
How to Manage Loneliness When You Have Panic Disorder
Taking in some fresh air
Getting Relief After a Panic Attack Strikes
Man standing behind woman with his hand on her shoulder
How to Help a Spouse Who Suffers From Panic Attacks
a young woman looking stressed out with her computer in her lap in bed
How College Students Can Better Cope With Panic Disorder and Anxiety
Woman holding her head and very stressed
How to Deal With Constant Anxiety
Mid adult man in thought
How to Move Past the Stigma of Having Panic Disorder
a panicked man
How to Stop Your Thoughts From Racing Out-of-Control
Close up of a young man looking at a young woman
Why Social Support Is So Valuable for Those With Panic Disorder
Mother and daughter holding hands drinking tea
Tips for Parents of Teens With Panic Disorder
Fists and a keyboard
A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)
Young woman relaxing with headphones at home
Can I Stop a Panic Attack From Happening?
young woman sitting in a bar with a glass of beer in hand
The Risks of Using Alcohol to Relieve Anxiety
A woman looking out the window and worrying.
How Thought Stopping Works to Banish Negative Thinking
Distressed woman sitting in bed
5 Tips for Minimizing Morning Anxiety
Scared woman in a crowd
How to Help Someone With Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia
Depressed woman
Cognitive Distortions: What Is Magnification and Minimization?
Indian Man thinking moody portrait
Are Mental Filters Causing Your Anxiety?
Stressed woman rubbing her forehead at her desk
Anxiety Disorder and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Woman writing in journal
How to Keep and Mood and Anxiety Chart for Panic Disorder
Woman looking anxious
How Emotional Reasoning May Be Making Your Anxiety Worse
worried woman on sofa
How Can I Stop Worrying So Much? 6 Tips to Reduce Worry
Couple drinking coffee on a sofa
Is Panic Disorder Complicating Your Relationships?
Woman deep in thought at the bar
How the Word "Should" Can Increase Your Anxiety
Journaling with panic disorder.
How to Journal Write Effectively to Ease Anxiety
Every marriage has its bad day
The Issue With Blame and Panic Disorder
Woman sitting near window
Put an End to Panic-Related Avoidance
A woman sits with anxiety
Are There Potential Benefits to Having Anxiety?
Woman doing rows with a trainer
The Mental Health Benefits of Physical Exercise
young woman embracing sad-looking older woman
Explaining Your Panic Disorder to Friends and Family
Close up of older man meditating
How to Express Yourself Constructively With an Anger Management Plan
Woman smiling at boyfriend, eating and drinking wine at cafe table
Tips to Relax and Have Fun When You Have Dating Anxiety
Student using laptop in a university library
How to Overcome Panic-Related Procrastination
Woman writing in a diary
How Self-Modification Can Help Lessen Panic Attacks
Woman sitting with hands in face during panic attack
How to Manage the Physical Symptoms of Panic and Anxiety
woman resting her chin on man's shoulder
Tips for Dating Someone With Panic Disorder
Woman meditating on a beach
Mindfulness Meditation Exercise for Anxiety
Talking badly to yourself can worsen test anxiety.
How You Can Learn to Manage Your Anxiety Now
Woman writing in a day planner
How to Use a Panic Attack Diary
a woman panicking on a plane
How to Control Panic Attacks While on an Airplane
Office worker stressed and upset in office
How Thoughts and Values May Affect Your Anxiety
Forgiveness and anxiety
How Forgiveness Can Help With Your Panic and Anxiety
young man experiencing panic attack
Helpful Tips for Overcoming a Fear of Panic Attacks
pregnant woman holding belly outside
Tips for Managing Panic Attacks During Pregnancy
How Meditation Can Help With Panic Symptoms
Woman meditating
Take a Few Deep Breaths and Calm Panic Disorder
Woman participates in yoga class
Why Yoga May Ease Your Anxiety If You Have Panic Disorder
Sad woman
Overcoming All-Or-Nothing Thinking When You Have Anxiety Issues
couple upset
Why Do People Jump to Conclusions?
Young Man Traveling In Train - Lost in thought
3 Ways to Manage Your Panic Attacks While Traveling
Man feels stress and anxiety
4 Things You Should Never Say to Someone During a Panic Attack
man and woman on moving walkway at airport
How Can I Manage Anxiety and Panic Disorder While Traveling?
Man sleeping in bed
Overcoming Panic Disorder and Insomnia with Sleep Hygiene
stressed woman at office with head in hands
How to Manage Panic Disorder in the Workplace
upset woman curled in ball in front of window at home
What to Do If You're Getting Agoraphobic
Woman breathing in fresh outdoor air
How the Symptoms of Panic Attacks Can Be Managed
Hawaiian woman doing yoga pose outside
How to Use Relaxation Techniques for Help With Anxiety Disorders
Women breathing deeply, touching chest and abdomen
How to Use 3-Part Breath to Ease Panic Disorder Symptoms
Young couple watching photos at italian café
How Panic Disorder Can Make Dating Even More Stressful
woman with eyes closed in front of laptop
Visualization Techniques Can Help Manage Your Symptoms
man resting during exercising
Using a Healthy Diet and Exercise in Your Life for Reducing Anxiety