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Coping With Social Anxiety Disorder

Living with social anxiety disorder may affect your quality of life at times. Learning the tools for coping with it may be the first step towards wellness.
Woman running next to the water.
8 Things People Do to Control Social Anxiety
How to Cope With Social Anxiety at the Gym
Coping With Social Anxiety Stigma
Woman with smart phone
Social Media and Social Anxiety Disorder
Coloring books can be used to help develop mindfulness.
8 Adult Coloring Books to Reduce Social Anxiety
Job interviews don't have to be terrible experiences.
Tips to Cope With Job Interview Anxiety
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How to Practice Autogenic Training for Relaxation
Teen sitting on steps alone
How to Parent Teens With Social Anxiety
Businesswoman asking question at presentation in office building
The Center of Attention and Social Anxiety Disorder
Use mindfulness meditation to reduce social anxiety.
A Basic Mindfulness Meditation Script for SAD
Social Anxiety Disorder Thought Patterns to Avoid
Teachers should be sensitive to the needs of kids with SAD.
Teaching Students With Social Anxiety Disorder
Help your preschooler with social anxiety.
Coping as a Parent of a Preschooler With Social Anxiety
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How to Overcome Your Fear of Conflict for Good
A woman and man having a conversation
Stuttering: Definition, Symptoms, Traits, Causes, Treatment
Use positive affirmations to reduce anxiety.
Positive Affirmations for Social Anxiety
You can thrive as an older adult even with social anxiety.
Living With Social Anxiety Disorder as an Older Adult
Teens my suffer silently with social anxiety.
Teenagers Can Manage Their Social Anxiety Disorder
Super foods may help you beat anxiety.
Healthy Eating Habits in Social Anxiety Disorder
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How to Find Motivation to Overcome Social Anxiety
Teenage boy (15-17) in football uniform, sitting in locker room
How to Handle Performance Anxiety as an Athlete
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8 Ways Social Anxiety Changes the Way You Think
Speaker at business luncheon talking in front of crowd
Tips for Managing Public Speaking Anxiety
Learn how to become a confident public speaker.
Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills
Teenager sitting on ground leaning against soccer goal post with head on his knees
Coping With Pre-Competition Nervousness
People in a circle enjoying a group therapy session.
Social Anxiety Support Groups
Teenage Girl in Empty School Hallway
A Day in the Life of a Teenager With SAD
Bride worried at her wedding
Coping With Social Anxiety When You Are Getting Married
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What to Do If You Fear Eating in Public
Living Fully with Shyness and Social Anxiety.
The 9 Best Books to Help With Social Anxiety Disorder
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How to Help a Loved One Diagnosed With Social Anxiety Disorder
Meet potential dating partners at the gym.
Where to Meet People When You Have Dating Anxiety
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How to Ask Someone on a Date When You Have Social Anxiety
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Things to Do On Your Birthday Alone
Business man hiding behind a presentation board
8 Tips for Giving a Speech When You Have Social Anxiety
Progressive muscle relaxation can help reduce social anxiety.
How to Practice Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Man reviewing notecards before a presentation
How to Prepare a Speech When You Have Anxiety
Relaxation techniques can be helpful for anxiety disorders.
Relaxation Techniques to Manage Social Anxiety Disorder
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Situations That Trigger Social Anxiety
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Positive Affirmations for Social Anxiety Disorder
How to Stop Stress Fast When You Have Social Anxiety
Talk with a stranger on an elevator to challenge yourself.
How Do I Get Over My Fear of Social Situations?
Phone anxiety can be related to social anxiety disorder.
How to Know If You Have a Phone Phobia
Student doing a debate in front of the class.
20 Public Speaking Tips for Students
Take care of yourself when looking after someone with SAD.
Coping When a Family Member Has Social Anxiety Disorder
Students Taking Test
How to Overcome Test Anxiety
You can overcome public speaking anxiety.
How Do I Get Over My Fear of Public Speaking?
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Guided Imagery for Anxiety Relief
Social anxiety anonymous uses a 12-step format.
Social Anxiety Anonymous/Social Phobics Anonymous
Use deep breathing to reduce anxious thoughts.
How Do I Practice Deep Breathing for Anxiety?
Make first dates fun by doing an activity together.
19 First Date Ideas for People With Social Anxiety
Survive your next office party despite social anxiety.
Tips for Coping With Office Party Anxiety
Think of others to reduce your social anxiety.
How to Be More Thoughtful When I Have Social Anxiety
People talking in a conference room.
5 Tips for Coping With Anxiety in Work Meetings
Check the yellow pages for mental health professionals who can help with SAD.
Getting Help for Social Anxiety Disorder
Man listening attentively
How to Practice Active Listening
Do a cartwheel to try and embarrass yourself on purpose.
How to Embarrass Yourself on Purpose
Violinists performing
Do You Have Musical Performance Anxiety?
Woman connects with others through online social communities
6 Social Anxiety Forums Worth Joining
Assertiveness does not mean stepping on other's toes.
How Can I Be More Assertive When I Have Social Anxiety?