A person who appears depressed

Causes of Depression

A variety of factors contribute to depression, including environment, genetics, brain chemistry, and more. Understanding them leads to effective treatment.
Sad woman with depression having consultation with psychiatrist in hospital mental health service center
What to Know About the Bargaining Stage of Grief
sad woman on the couch
What to Know About the Depression Stage of Grief
Shot of a young woman looking stressed out while working on a laptop at home
Can I Be Grieving After Losing My Job?
BIPOC woman looking depressed
How to Cope With Sibling Grief
Hispanic woman crying
What to Know About the Anger Stage of Grief
Close-Up Of Young Woman Crying
What to Know About the Denial Stage of Grief
depressed man sitting in room
How to Cope With Regret
sad parents
Post-Adoption Depression: What to Know About PAD in Adoptive Parents
sad woman looking out the window
I Feel Lovesick: What to Do and How to Cope
 Young attractive and sad black African American woman sitting depressed at home
Why You Might Feel Unlovable and How to Cope
Low Section Rear View Of Man Walking On Footpath By Fallen Autumn Leaves
The Impact of Liminal Space on Your Mental Health
Old woman headache while using smartphone, healthcare concept
I Hate Everyone: Why You Feel This Way and What to Do
Unhappy mature father and adult son not taking after quarrel
I Hate My Dad: How to Cope When You Feel This Way
Cropped shot of a young couple having an argument at home
I Hate My Sister: What to Do When You Feel Hate Toward Siblings
 Mother sitting with daughter while sharing problems to male therapist at community center
I Hate My Mom: What to Do When You Feel This Way
Stubborn mom and daughter avoid talking after conflict
My Mom Hates Me: What to Do When You Feel This Way
Sad depressed woman suffering from insomnia, she is sitting in bed and touching her forehead, sleep disorder and stress concept
Are You Experiencing Poor Quality Sleep? You May Need a Sleep Study
African American middle age woman looking sad.
Why Can’t I Make Friends?
Close-Up Of Young Woman Looking Through Window
'I Feel Empty:' What Does It Mean If You Feel This Way?
Male postpartum depression symptoms
Fathers Experience Postpartum Depression, Too
 Teenage girl in her bedroom on devices, showing a range of emotions including happiness and saddness
Why Do People Bully?
White woman lying down appearing sad
What Is an Inferiority Complex?
Lone pregnant woman sitting on the bed looking out at the window in the morning
How Depression During and After Pregnancy May Impact Children
Illustration of a woman sitting inside an empty bottle of wine, depressed
What's the Connection Between Alcohol and Depression?
Man winning employee of the month, doubtful
What Is the Fear of Success?
Two doctors male and female discussing x-ray medical case
Can You Spot the Early Signs of Dementia?
Man looking worried
What Is Amotivational Syndrome and How Can You Recognize It?
Person looking at overdue bills and notices
Is Your Debt Making You Depressed? The Answer Is Yes.
Closeup view of a girl holding an inhaler on her face. She has an empty look in her eyes and seems tired.
Do You Have Respiratory Depression?
Swiping through a dating app with different factors listed on each profile
Are Dating Apps Affecting our Mental Health and Behavior?
Sad man depressed in his room
Winter Blues vs. Seasonal Affective Disorder
Illustration of a person's mental state before and after decluttering
Clutter and Mental Health: What's the Connection?
Green food does the body good
How Much Does Diet Impact Depression?
Woman sad looking out window.
What to Do If Nothing Makes You Happy
mental health effects of social media
How Social Media Impacts Your Mental Health
A depressed young man.
Vitamin D Deficiency and Depression: What's the Connection?
Can Social Media Cause Depression?
menopause and depression
The Connection Between Menopause and Depression
Breakup depression
Dealing With Depression After a Breakup
Depression is linked to borderline personality disorder.
Factors That Could Increase Your Risk of Depression
Sad woman sitting on bed
Differences Between Sadness and Clinical Depression
depression risks
Are Some People More Prone to Depression?
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The Role of Cortisol in Depression
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How Estrogens Can Cause Anxiety and Depression
grief vs depression
How Do You Know If It's Grief or Depression?
Avoidant personality disorder can lead to isolation.
What Is Avoidant Personality Disorder?
DNA-molecule illustration
How Genetics Can Play a Role in Depression
Why depression is more common in women
Is Depression Really More Common in Women?
Upset man in therapy
What Is Abreaction?
Sad woman sitting on sofa
How Can a Person Be Depressed for No Reason?
Concerned young woman talks with friend in coffee shop
Is Depression a Choice?
Depression after retiring
How to Get Help for Your Depression After Retirement
Sad teenager listening to music in a bar
What Are the Warning Signs of Self-Injury?
Chemistry of depression
What Is the Chemistry Behind Depression?
Marking missed period on calendar
How Your Emotional Health Can Affect Your Menstrual Cycle
Hippocrates, polychrome majolica, detail, cloister of Old Cemetery, Padula charterhouse (Certosa di San Lorenzo), Padula, Campania, Italy
When Were the Earliest Accounts of Depression?
Senior woman holding pills in hand
10 Drugs That Can Cause Depression