Recreational and prescription drug addiction affects millions of Americans. Learn the risks, health effects, and how to find help for you or a loved one.
glass of alcohol on the rocks
How Depressants Affect Your Body
Man has put a drip coffee at the counter
An Overview of Stimulants and How They're Used
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When Does Drug Use Become an Addiction?
Young woman suffering from withdrawal headache while sitting on the sofa at home with an expression of being unwell
Withdrawal: Definition, Symptoms, Traits, Causes, Treatment
Teenage girl inhaling drugs
Short and Long-Term Effects of Inhalant Drugs
A woman seated on concrete stairs with her chin resting on her knees.
How Easy Is It to Develop a Drug Addiction?
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How Harm Reduction Works in Substance Use
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When Happens in Substance-Induced Mood Disorder?
Syringe and Pills
The Costs of Drug Use to Society
Delirious woman holding head in hands
Substance Intoxication Delirium
Man rubbing head in bathroom
The Health Effects of Commonly Used Drugs
Model poses as a man with substance/medication-induced psychotic disorder
Substance/Medication-Induced Psychotic Disorder
Lost in memories
Medication or Substance-Induced Neurocognitive Disorder
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Should Workplace Drug Testing of Employees Be Allowed?
Portrait of woman drinking alcohol at work
The Dangers of Substance Abuse in the Workplace
Woman about to take a pill with water
How Is Drug Toxicity Treated?
Woman talking to doctor with fingers cross behind her back
How to Control Compulsive Lying When You Have an Addiction
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Overview of Inhalant Drug Abuse
Marijuana Drug Use Teen Smoking Pot
Health Effects of Various Illegal Drugs
Urine Test Strip
Learn About Drug Testing in the Workplace
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How Long Drugs Can Be Detected in Your System
Woman persuading her upset daughter at home
High Stress Teens Twice as Likely to Drink or Use Drugs
Drink on a bar
GHB: Myths, Effects, Risks, and How to Get Help
Urine Test Strip
The Truth About Home Drug Testing for Teens
Close-Up Of Weed In Mason Jar On Table
A Glossary of Drug-Related Slang Terms
Hydrocodone capsules, a schedule III drug, spilling out of a prescription bottle
Controlled Drugs in the Controlled Substance Act
Salvia divinorum plant
Salvia Divinorum: Myths, Effects, Risks, and How to Get Help
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Poppy Seeds and Opiate Addiction
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Dehydration Causes and Symptoms
Cold and cough liquid medicine in a measuring cup
Purple Drank: Myths, Effects, Risks, and How to Get Help
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Uses and Effects of Barbiturates
A person with their head in their hands.
U.S. Has High Levels of Illegal Drug Use
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The Differences Between Hard vs. Soft Drugs
Ritalin Pills on Table
Is Ritalin Addictive?
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How Stereotypes About Drug Use Harm the Gay Community
Man Igniting Marijuana Joint With Lighter
Rates of Illicit Drug Abuse in the U.S.
Sobriety Test of a man by a police officer at night
Alcohol and Drug-Related Crime Statistics
Anabolic Steroids
Basic Facts About Anabolic Steroids
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Dangers of Drug Use When Breastfeeding
Person being arrested
Common Drug Law Terms and Laws
Cocaine on mirror
The Truth About Snorting Drugs
Brain Waves
Neurotransmitter Linked to Pleasure & Reward in Brain
E.R. Patient
Why Alcohol Is the Most Harmful Drug
Baby crying being cleaned by mother
Guidelines for Treating Newborns Addicted to Drugs
A Parent's Guide to Drug Paraphernalia
Information About Commonly Abused Drugs
A urine cup ready for a sample to test for drugs.
Drug Testing and Drug Screening for Teens
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The Term Comedown in Drug Addiction
Intravenous drug user
How Safe Injection Sites Work
Spilled pill bottle on nightstand next to glass of alcohol
Signs and Treatments for Drug Overdoses
Urine Test Strip
Guidelines for Federal Workplace Drug Testing
Adderall Withdrawal: Symptoms, Timeline, and Treatment
common symptoms of gabapentin withdrawal
Gabapentin Withdrawal: Symptoms, Timeline, Treatment
Woman Taking Pill
Klonopin Withdrawal: Symptoms, Timeline, and Treatment
Cocaine is often stored loose in baggies
Cocaine: Myths, Effects, Risks, and How to Get Help
woman's hand cutting powdered cocaine with razor blade
Does Cocaine Have Any Medical Uses?
Man holding bag of cocaine
Cocaine Withdrawal: Symptoms, Timeline, & Treatment
Depressed woman
Cocaine May Play Role in User's Depression
Lines of cocaine on a mirror
Basic Facts About Cocaine and Crack
Woman Snorting Cocaine
How Cocaine Affects the Female Brain Differently