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Eating Disorders

An eating disorder isn't always visible. Find resources to help yourself or loved ones understand the complex origins, signs, symptoms, and treatments.
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The Different Causes of Eating Disorders
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Can Anorexia Nervosa Affect People of Higher Weights?
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A Fictional Day in the Life of a Person with Anorexia
Comfort Food
Understanding the Binge-Purge Cycle in Bulimia
Suicide and Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders and Suicide Risk
Anosognosia and Anorexia
Anosognosia Condition and Anorexia
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Acute Massive Gastric Dilatation and Binge Eating
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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Eating Disorders
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Diagnostic Changes in the DSM-V for Eating Disorders
Bulimia and Your Oral Health
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The Influence of Abuse and Trauma on Eating Disorders
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Eating Disorders in Twins and Multiples
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Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Eating Disorders
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The Media's Influence on Eating Disorders
PTSD and Eating Disorders
PTSD and Eating Disorders: How Are They Treated?
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9 Essential Facts About Eating Disorders
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A Fictional Day in the Life of a Person With Bulimia
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Eating Disorders Commonly Found in Teens
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How Overeating Can Be an Addiction
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Factors Affecting Full Recovery from Anorexia
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Body Image and Eating Disorders
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Managing Holiday Meals When You Have an Eating Disorder
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Things You Don't Say to Someone With an Eating Disorder
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How to Curb Emotional Eating
Anonymous photo of two women during group psychotherapy for people with eating disorders
Eating Disorders: Definition, Symptoms, Traits, Causes, Treatment
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Prevalence of Eating Disorders With Boys
Drunkorexia: Where Binge Drinking and Disordered Eating Collide
College Drinking and Disordered Eating: Drunkorexia
Strange Food Combinations and Eating Disorders
Secretive Food Concocting in Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders and Hypothalamic Amenorrhea
Eating Disorders and Hypothalamic Amenorrhea
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What Is Night Eating Syndrome?
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Signs Your Teen May Have an Eating Disorder
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Excessive Exercise as an Eating Disorder Symptom
Eating disorders in children
How to Identify Eating Disorders in Children
Compensatory Behaviors
What Are Compensatory Behaviors in Eating Disorders?
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Identifying Purging Disorder
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Perfectionism Common in Those With Eating Disorders