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Eating Disorder Treatment

Depending on your personal needs, treatment for an eating disorder can involve inpatient or outpatient services. Explore your options for professional help.
Vyvanse for binge eating disorder
What Medications Are Used to Treat Binge Eating?
Midsection of female healthcare worker explaining to young patient in medical clinic
How Anorexia Is Treated
An older black woman is in workout gear doing yoga in a studio. She is curvy and loves her body. Stretching and mediating help her feel relaxed and strong.
How Body Neutrality Can Help With Eating Disorder Recovery
Stack of cotton balls
What Is the Cotton Ball Diet?
What Is Dance Therapy?
Lab scientists examining a green bottle of substance. Psychedelics Being Studied for Eating Disorder Treatment.
Could Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy Help Your Eating Disorder?
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The Nuts and Bolts of Food Addicts Anonymous
Encouraging therapists talks with young woman
What Is Eating Disorder Recovery Specialists (EDRS)?
A scene of an Overeaters Anonymous group meeting
What Is Overeaters Anonymous?
Caring for a Loved One With an Eating Disorder
How to Support a Friend or Loved One With an Eating Disorder
intuitive eating
How Can Intuitive Eating Help My Eating Disorder?
How Larger-Body Patients Can Recover From an Eating Disorder
Recovering from an Eating Disorder When You Live in a Larger Body
Paying for Eating Disorder Treatment
How Much Does Eating Disorder Treatment Cost?
Weight loss pills
Why You Shouldn't Take Vyvanse to Lose Weight If You Don't Have BED
pregnant woman feeling bad at home
Eating Disorders During Pregnancy: What You Need to Know
people serving food in buffet line
Reasons to Increase Food Variety in Eating Disorder Recovery
Hands of woman pouring prescription medicine in hand
How Medication May Help Treat Eating Disorders
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Meal Plans for Recovering From Anorexia Nervosa
Woman holding a cupcake
4 Steps to Challenging Forbidden Foods in Eating Disorder Recovery
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How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Can Help Treat Binge Eating Disorder
CBT session
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Eating Disorders
Regular eating
How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Helps Eating Disorder Recovery
Woman eating chocolate
How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Can Help Treat Food Addiction
illustration of a brain
The Importance of Weight Restoration for People With Anorexia
Body Checking
Try These Two Steps to Stop Yourself From Body Checking
Can Self-Help Help My Eating Disorder?
Hard to break eating disorder habits
Tips for Difficult-to-Break Habits Related to Eating Disorders
Mother and father supporting daughter
Family-Based Treatment (FBT) for Eating Disorders Overview
Which Level of Eating Disorder Treatment is Right for Me?
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How Eating Disorders Can Be Treated With Medications and Psychotherapy
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Self-Monitoring in the Treatment of Eating Disorders
Meal Support in the Treatment of Eating Disorders
Caucasian women talking in group therapy
Can Dialectical Behavior Therapy Help Treat Your Eating Disorder?
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How Hospital or Residential Treatment Centers Can Help Eating Disorders
A Dietitian Can Make Treatment Plans for Eating Disorder Recovery
Teen in therapy session
Outpatient Treatment for Eating Disorders
Woman practicing yoga
Yoga Can Possibly Help Patients Struggling With Eating Disorders
Summer Tips for Those With Eating Disorders
Man looking in fridge
6 Steps to Stopping a Cycle of Binging and Purging
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5 Helpful Disordered Eating Treatment Strategies
Young woman with glasses working on a puzzle.
How Cognitive Remediation Therapy Can Help Treat Anorexia Nervosa
woman in therapy
11 Do's and Dont's for Eating Disorder Recovery
Journaling Topics for Helping You Recover From Your Eating Disorder
Meal Planning in Eating Disorder Recovery
Meal Planning Is Important for Anyone Recovering From Eating Disorders
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Can an App Help With Managing an Eating Disorder?
Sad woman sharing with friends and instructor
Best Eating Disorder Support Groups of 2021
An Overview of Eating Disorder Treatments
PTSD and Eating Disorders
PTSD and Eating Disorders

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