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Understanding Emotions

While we are all wired differently, our emotions and the ways in which we feel and react make us unique. Learn where emotions originate and why they manifest how they do.
Displaced anger
What Is Displacement in Psychology?
Woman with a stern and lost look.
Understanding Inappropriate Affect
Woman experiencing happy emotions
The 6 Types of Basic Emotions
Amygdala hijack can be overcome through mindfulness.
Amygdala Hijack and the Fight or Flight Response
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How the Cannon-Bard Theory Explains Emotion
Newborn baby holding Mothers hand
Understanding the Basic Emotions Babies Have From Birth
Emotional Intelligence
How Emotionally Intelligent Are You?
Woman taping a moving box
Life Decisions to Delay While Grieving
Two women talking in a business setting.
What Is the Losada Ratio?
Office worker crying
How to Cope With Your Job When You're Grieving a Death
Music and happiness
The Best Types of Happiness and How to Find Them
Man grieving in bed.
How to Cope With the Physical Effects of Grief
Woman smilig and laughing
Emotions and Types of Emotional Responses
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The Important Role of Emotions
Woman sitting outside in lotus position with the setting sun framed with her hands
5 Emotion-Focused Coping Techniques for Stress Relief
japanese female get acupuncture treatment in kyoto japan
How Emotions and Organs Are Connected in Chinese Medicine
Collage of man making different facial expressions
How Many Human Emotions Are There?
Teenage girl talking to friend
What Parents Can Do to Help Teens Cope With Anger
Two men from different cultures talking to each other
The Universal Expression of Our Emotions
stressed woman with elbows on desk in front of laptop
How to Deal With Negative Emotions and Stress
Woman crying on the floor
Medical Causes of a Sense of Impending Doom
A photo of different medicinal drugs, tablets and pills on blue background.
Best Drug Addiction Treatment Centers of 2021
Gravestone for a cat.
How to Cope With the Death of a Pet
Grief Support Group
The 7 Best Online Grief Support Groups of 2021
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The Best Motivational Interviewing Training Programs