Free and Low-Cost Online Treatment for Social Anxiety

Free online treatment resources for social anxiety disorder (SAD) range from programs for specific problems such as stuttering to general educational resources.

Most online treatment resources that are free are offered through a university or from a research setting, however, there is no guarantee about the effectiveness of treatment. Below is a list of some free online treatment resources for SAD.



MoodGYM home screen
Australian National University / MoodGym

MoodGYM is an interactive online program aimed at preventing depression and anxiety. Consisting of games, assessments, audio files and feedback, MoodGYM teaches the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), a treatment that has been shown to be effective for social anxiety disorder.

MoodGym is available worldwide but was developed at the Centre for Mental Health Research at the Australia National University.



Ecouch home screen
Australian National University / Ecouch

E-Couch is a free online program designed to prevent and provide coping strategies for depression, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and SAD.

E-Couch is provided through the Australian National University​ and is an offshoot of the MoodGym program.​


This Way Up Social Phobia Course

Visit This Way Up social phobia course home screen
St. Vincent's Hospital Sydney / This Way Up

The "This Way Up" social phobia course is for people who fear and avoid situations in which they could be the center of attention. The course takes up to 3 months with one or two lessons per week. There is a charge for the course; however, at around $60 US total it is much less than traditional therapy. Results are expected to be similar whether you complete the program on your own or ​with the supervision of your therapist.


Social Anxiety Institute Online Therapy Program

Social Anxiety Institute treatment program homescreen
Courtesy of Social Anxiety Institute

The SAI online program involves 25 weekly sessions and is more expensive than the others at about $160 US in total. However, SAI has a good reputation and runs workshops in-person, so this could easily be used as a stepping stone to enter therapy or one of those in-person programs.

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