Relieve Stress With Fun Polls

Do you ever wonder how universal your experience is?  (I do, which is why I became interested in psychological research at a young age!) These aren't scientific polls, as the sample isn't considered "random"--it's all from a sample of people who read my articles on stress management. However, because you are one of those people (if you're reading this), the polls were conducted among a sample of people just like you!  So here are the polls, and here are the responses I received. (Unfortunately, the polls are closed to votes now, but the results are still interesting!)  I've linked resources with each to help you deal with whatever the issues in the poll happened to be. Enjoy!


How Does Stress Affect Your Eating Patterns?

Stress poll
Elizabeth Scott

Stress can affect our eating patterns in several ways, and most of them aren't good. The question in this poll was: How does stress affect your eating patterns? Here are the results:

33% (2478 votes)  I overeat. When I'm stressed, I mindlessly munch. I tend to eat when I'm not even hungry, or even late at night.

27% (1990) I'm an emotional eater. I crave sweets or food that has empty calories, too much salt, or too much fat. 

22% (1607)  I skip meals. I just get so busy, I forget to eat, or I don't get around to it until I'm starving.

9% (697) I eat fast food. I get too busy to plan meals, so I go through the drive-thru or get convenience food that isn't completely healthy. 

7% (521) Not at all. I always eat healthy, balanced meals at home, with the perfect, bountiful mix of fruits and vegetables, lean meat, fiber, and all the good stuff.


Just For Fun, Which Would You Most Want?

Stress poll
Elizabeth Scott

This one was just for fun. In fact, the question was: Just for fun, which would you want most of: money, sex, or relaxation? Because "less stress" was the winner, I've linked to an article with great general stress management techniques. The results were:

35% (1343 Votes) Less stress

33% (1274) More money

31% (1200) More sex


Are You An Optimist or a Pessimist?

Stress poll
Elizabeth Scott

 With all the proven benefits that come with a positive frame of mind, it pays to be an optimist! However, it's not always easy to look on the bright side.  So the question is: Are you an optimist or a pessimist? See the results:

33% (2379 Votes) I'm definitely an optimist!

27% (1975) If forced to choose, I guess I'm somewhat more optimistic. 

24% (1726) If forced to choose, I guess I"m somewhat more pessimistic.

14% (1068) Oh, I'm a total pessimist!


Who Do You Talk To When You're Stressed?

Stress poll
Elizabeth Scott

One important way to manage stress in your life is to have strong social support. Having a supportive friend or group of friends provides many stress management benefits. However, having no significant person you can talk to about stress can put you at increased risk for burnout. The question is: Do you have anyone you can talk to about the stress you feel in your life? The responses were:

32% (716 Votes) Yes, I have one or two people I can talk to about my feelings.

29% (665) No, I really don't have anyone I feel I can talk to when I'm under stress.

14% (327) Yes, I have several people I can talk to about anything when times get tough.

14% (311) Sort of. I have friends I can talk to about superficial things, but not about things like feelings and frustrations.

9% (200) I see a therapist for stress.


Are You a Perfectionist?

Stress poll
Elizabeth Scott

Perfectionism can seem like a positive trait--striving to be your best--but it can actually be crippling, adding stress to your life and actually detracting from your productivity! Do you have perfectionistic tendencies? I posed the question: Are yo a perfectionist?

55% (2774 Votes) Yes.

31% (1567) Yes, but I'm working to overcome it.

13% (653) No.


How Often Do You Have Conflicts With Others?

Stress poll
Elizabeth Scott

Do you think you get along with others better or worse than average?  Do you sometimes wonder if you're surrounded by more conflict than other people?  I decided to pose the question and see what people had to say: Do you have conflicts with others very often?  They said:

31% (685 Votes) Sometimes I have disagreements with people in my life, but we normally work things out.

30% (676) I don't have many conflicts with people, but I think it's because I don't stand up for myself and ask for what I need.  I'm afraid of making people upset with me, so I put their needs ahead of my own.

19% (430) I have conflicts with lots of people I encounter, and sometimes friendships are lost.

18% (415) Hardly ever.  I"m able to maintain boundaries with people without causing hard feelings, and I try to respect other people's needs as well.

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