Fun Ways to Improve Your Memory

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Test your memory as a way to keep your mind active. Getty / Alistair Berg

Individuals with social anxiety can suffer with memory deficits due to symptoms of anxiety in everyday life. Using tricks to improve memory can be one way to ensure that you don't forget important dates, names, and other details. Remembering details also means less stress and less worry on a daily basis.

There are many things you can do every day to improve your memory. Since we know that we must frequently challenge ourselves in order to give our brains a workout, why not make it something that’s easy to fit in, helpful to your life, and maybe a little bit fun?

At the Store

One easy way to do a brain workout is at the store.

Many people play a game guessing how much their total ticket price for grocery shopping will be. Imagine if you already knew it precisely and weren’t surprised to be short or go way over your budget. Simply making a game of remembering the prices of your groceries will test your brain, maintain it, and does not take any extra time out of your day.

A simple way to start is just with rounded prices. Keep a running tally, and have a final price at the end of your shopping.

Try to remember for longer during your shopping trip, and then try to get closer and closer to the actual total. Eventually, you can work in the change too. Soon enough, you will find yourself with the exact total, accounting for discounts and tax.

You can shock the cashier when you give her the total before she tells you it, and imagine how organized your budget could be. Just working on these type of games every day can make a difference.

Remembering Names

Another good opportunity to practice memory in an everyday situation is with names.

Make a game out of remembering names. If you only meet a couple of people, usually just making that extra effort to repeat the names to yourself will store them.

It helps if you repeat a name a few times, out loud or just in your head. The very best way to remember names is to make a connection between the name and something visual or easy to remember.

Perhaps you meet a woman named “Sandy” and notice that her hair is the same color as the sand on a nearby beach. Now you will likely never forget her name!

Make this work for you by adapting it to your own style and things with which you have strong connections.

If you are really stumped for a way to remember someone’s name, here are a couple more little tricks:

Try to rhyme the name with something you can remember. Make connections to the letters or letter sounds in the name.

Repeat the name to yourself about thirty seconds later, then about a minute later, and then about five minutes later.

After practicing these for a while, people will see you as a pro with names, and therefore, social interactions.

Lastly, don’t forget the importance of a proper diet, sleep, and stress management. You won’t make any progress if your body does not have the right fuel to store memories and grow your knowledge.

Do your best to eat healthy, keep a healthy body, and get enough sleep.

Sometimes taking a break from a task will help in learning and memory.

Overall, just try to take care of yourself.

Hopefully, you now have some ideas to get you started working on your memory. Make up your own games to help you accomplish tasks during your day, and simultaneously work your brain.

If you take care of your body, exercise your mind, and reduce stress, your memory will be enhanced.

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