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Lesson One of the Careers in Psychology Course

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Have you ever thought about starting a career in the field of psychology? Then welcome to the psychology e-course on choosing a psychology career! This course is designed to help you learn more about the many different career options within psychology. From a more traditional career in a field like clinical psychology to lesser known jobs like aviation psychology and military psychology, you will cover a wide variety of topics in the coming weeks.

Are you trying to decide if psychology is the right career path for you? Which specialty area should you choose? What type of education and training do you need? We will explore all of these questions in greater depth later on in the course.

This is your first lesson for this course. Today, you’ll start by taking a brief career quiz to discover which area of psychology is best suited to your interests and goals. This quiz is designed to help you think about your interests and the jobs that are best-suited to those interests.

Why Take This Course?

Psychology is one of the most popular subjects on college campuses throughout the world.

If you are thinking about earning a degree in psychology, then it is essential to understand the type of career options that are available.

Psychology is a very diverse field. While many instantly think of psychotherapy as the primary career path, mental health jobs represent only one segment of the field.

Today, most psychology programs require students to take at least one "Careers in Psychology" class prior to graduation. In most cases, students are expected to take this course during their freshmen or sophomore year. Whether you are just curious to learn more about the job options or seriously trying to determine which career path to take, there are plenty of excellent reasons to take this course.

  • You can learn more about yourself and your interests.
  • You can discover which career paths are most suited to your personality, needs, interests, and goals.
  • You can find out what kind of education and training you will need in order to work in your chosen field.
  • You can learn about career options that you might never have previously considered.

Start a Planning Journal

While this is not a requirement for this course, you might find it useful to start an education and career journal. Simply get a notebook and start taking notes about the things you learn. Start by writing down the results of your career assessment quiz, and make note of the career options that interest you the most right now. Jot down possible questions you have or things that you want to learn more about.

All of this information will prove useful as you move further along in the course. As you move forward, you can use your planning journal to track your education and career progress.

Once you have completed this lesson, please feel free to move on to lesson two of the course.

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