Heroin addiction can impact every part of your life. Learn more about withdrawal symptoms, methadone treatment, and how to find support to stay sober.
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Heroin and Alcohol Consumption
Short term effects of Heroin
The Short-Term Effects of Heroin Use
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Heroin's Long Term Effects on the Body
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Treatment Options for Pregnant Women on Heroin
drug addict receiving his daily dose of methadone
Methadone Harm Reduction Approach for Quitting Heroin
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Controlled Heroin Use and Addiction
Man Injecting Heroin
Why Heroin Users Are at Risk for Contracting AIDS
Cooking Heroin
Reasons Behind the Rise in Heroin Use
Addict Shooting Heroin
What Is It Like to Be Addicted to Heroin?
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The Health Effects of Heroin
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Heroin: Myths, Effects, Risks, and How to Get Help
A heroin addict, injecting heroin with a needle, UK
Common Slang Terms for Heroin
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Heroin Withdrawal: Symptoms, Timeline, & Treatment
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The Feeling of Getting High on Heroin
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Types of Heroin and Their Ingredients
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How to Find a Needle and Syringe Exchange Program
Criminal drug paraphernalia
Photographs of the Various Types of Heroin
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An Overview of Heroin Addiction