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A unique telehealth company aimed at men

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Hims Online Therapy


While Hims offers online therapy services to men, these mental health services seem to be secondary to its primary focus of men’s sexual health and hair loss treatment. Hims also places a heavy emphasis on medication management, rather than therapy, for the treatment of anxiety and depression. That’s why we’d recommend men look elsewhere for talk therapy.

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Pros & Cons
  • Normalizes taboo issues related to men (sexual health, hair loss) 

    Board-certified doctors in all 50 states

  • Discreet service 

  • Easy online registration

  • Centralized platform with information about services, appointments, and treatment plans  

  • Can talk with therapists via live video or messaging

  • Different treatment plans available 

  • Customer service department is responsive and easy to contact  

  • No comprehensive FAQ section

  • Limited availability of therapists

  • Mental health treatment focused primarily on anxiety and depression 

  • Cannot indicate therapist preferences (i.e., race/ethnicity, sex, religion)    

  • No full list of therapists available before signing up

  • Not enough information in therapists’ bios

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We surveyed 105 users from each online therapy company and asked the companies to complete questionnaires. Then, we tested the services ourselves, conducted comprehensive data collection research, and evaluated our results with the help of three licensed therapists.

Hard-to-discuss issues, such as mental health, often prevent men from seeking help and attending to their own personal wellness. This is compounded when the stigma surrounding these concerns makes it uncomfortable to discuss them openly. 

Hims attempts to address these challenges head-on with a site dedicated to providing affordable access to prescriptions, products, and medical advice to men. In other words, it is trying to normalize the importance of wellness for men by focusing on issues related to mental health, as well as sexual health, hair loss, and more. 

To assess how well Hims is achieving its goals, we surveyed 105 users of the company—and 54 other companies like it—and we evaluated it against its teletherapy competition. I also signed up and participated in services at this company. Here’s how it fared.

What Is Hims?

Hims is a telehealth company founded in 2017 by Andrew Dudum and Hilary Coles. The company begin by focusing exclusively on prescription and over-the-counter medication for erectile dysfunction and hair loss, plus personal care products for men. 

Hims has since expanded to include a line focused on women (Hers), including products and services related to birth control, sexual health, dermatology, and hair health. The company launched mental health services for Hims and Hers in April 2020. Even though the company is relatively new, its has experienced rapid growth since 2017. 

In comparison to other telehealth platforms, Hims is relatively new and is working to establish itself in the world of mental health. The company is known in the market for accessible and affordable health care for men. However, services related to mental health seem to be overshadowed by products for sexual health and hair loss. 

The company overall has avoided major scandals, as its most notable coverage has centered around its rapid growth and expansion. Hims uses board-certified doctors in all 50 states and requires that customers complete an assessment and go through an online consultation to obtain a prescription. 

What Services Does Hims Offer?

The main therapy option through Hims is individual counseling sessions. These sessions are 50 minutes long and can be scheduled any time you like, as often as you like, depending on therapist availability.  

During the initial intake questionnaire, Hims asks you if you are looking for therapy or therapy plus medication. If you are seeking medication, you can take an online assessment that will determine whether you need to meet with a psychiatrist. If so, you’ll meet with a provider who can prescribe medication for anxiety and depression. Hims offers unlimited provider evaluations, medication adjustments, and ongoing follow-ups.

The company provides clients with a convenient experience that eliminates time-consuming in-person medical visits. Its digital platform offers an integrated experience with pharmacy fulfillment, which makes doctor visits and prescription management a seamless process. The integrated experience gives clients an opportunity to receive a medical consultation and visit with a licensed physician, get prescription medication (if deemed necessary), and access mental health counseling through one central platform. 

Hims partners with medical groups, pharmacies, and labs to give clients access to over 400 healthcare providers. The medical groups employ or contract with mental health professionals, physicians, and other allied health professionals. Individuals can use pharmacies identified by Hims or a pharmacy of their choice. As a result, customers can receive products discreetly delivered to their front door.

Who Is Hims For?

Hims offers individual therapy for adults 18 and older. It focuses on depression and anxiety for men but encourages individuals to express any other personal concerns as well. It does not provide specialized mental health services, such as couples counseling, teen counseling, or family therapy. 

If the imagery on the site is any indication, Hims places its emphasis on cis men—there is no mention made anywhere on the site of LGBTQIA+ individuals, including trans men. Therefore, we cannot assume that these services are LGBTQIA+ affirming.

How Much Does Hims Cost?

At Hims, therapy sessions are priced at a flat rate of $99 per session, regardless of how often an individual uses the service. For people that receive counseling and medication, there are treatment plans available that allow them to receive medication on a recurring basis starting at $25 per month. 

The price of $99 per session for individual therapy is within national averages. In fact, depending on the state, the cost falls on the lower end of the spectrum. This aligns with Hims' mission of providing access to affordable health care. 

This is likely why, according to our user survey, cost was the leading factor for 20% of respondents in selecting a therapist at Hims. In addition, 83% stated that the services were either very affordable, affordable and/or somewhat affordable. 

Does Hims Take Insurance?

Hims does not accept insurance for mental health services. Instead, it offers a flat rate for individual sessions, based on the desired frequency of sessions. 

Since the company doesn't accept insurance, it is inaccessible to a large group of individuals seeking mental health services. However, Hims offers a competitive out-of-pocket rate for individual sessions.

Does Hims Offer Discounts?

The company does not offer discounts for mental health services. For doctor-prescribed medication, there is a cost savings when purchasing a three-month supply.

Navigating the Hims Website

The Hims website has a distinguished look. The simple layout and neutral color palette provide a warm and inviting feel.  The site does not bombard users with unnecessary text, and clearly outlines its primary area of focus—which is medication for sexual health and wellness. 

ForHims Homepage

On the homepage, therapy services are not as accessible as medication services for mental health. You can find the therapy section on the menu tab in the top right corner under the heading "Treatment."

ForHims Homepage1

In this section, all available services are listed.  Once you click on the therapy section, it is very easy to locate the services, along with price, treatment options, and more. In our survey, 34% of users reported that the site was very easy to navigate.

ForHims Homepage

Does Hims Have An App?

ForHims Homepage

Yes, the company has an app that you can use on any iOS or Android device. It is simple to download and mirrors the online platform. Using the app, you can access 24/7 concierge services and support, contact your care team, manage deliveries and subscriptions, and access resources such as coaching and meditation.

How Do You Sign Up for Therapy at Hims?

The sign-up process is relatively easy and straightforward, especially once you locate the mental health section. 

ForHims Therapy

The first step in the process is to “Check In.” This involves answering a series of questions related to your overall mood and feelings.

Next, the questions focus on your mental health and your medical history. The questions offered in the questionnaire are standard and are included on most counseling intake forms. For instance, there are questions related to your current mood, emotional state, and/or thoughts related to self-harm during this portion of the intake process. One difference, however, was the slant toward anxiety and depression. 

Additionally, the questions in the survey seemed to favor medication. Even after responding that I was only interested in therapy, there was another question that alluded to my need for prescription medication. For example, during my initial intake, there was a question about whether I was seeking therapy or therapy and medication. After selecting therapy only, I was later asked if I was seeking medication treatment for ADD/ADHD.

After completing the survey questions, you get a score that shows how you fare with regard to anxiety and depression.

The last step in the process is to select a therapist based on your answers during the intake process. However, I was only given one therapist to choose from. Furthermore, this therapist only had one available appointment in a two-week span.  

When I reached out to customer service, I was told that this was the only available therapist in my area, and to check back later. Considering I live in a large metropolitan city in the state of Texas, I anticipated having more options. 

The information listed on the therapist’s profile page was also limited. The profile included general information about their years of experience, why they became a therapist, and a bulleted list of their areas of expertise. This provided minimum insight into their background, education, and approach to counseling. 

As a licensed therapist, I can personally attest to the importance of chemistry between a therapist and their client—which, to some extent, is enhanced by the information provided online. The information included on the profile did little justice to my therapist’s real experience and expertise. 

After selecting a therapist, you have access to a user portal, which houses information about your past and future appointments, along with your therapist’s expertise. However, you are only able to select a therapist after you sign up for services and complete the intake process. 

The majority of users (56%) reported that they had enough information about the therapists, prices, and what services entailed after signing up for services.

How Do Therapy Sessions Work at Hims?

Video Sessions

All therapy sessions on the Hims platform are conducted virtually. There is no software to download, as sessions can be accessed through a secure link. This link is provided via email and through your online portal. 

At the time of your appointment, you simply click the provided link, and your therapist will appear once they sign on. There are also several reminder messages that you will receive via email and text 24 hours before your session, and again one hour before the session.  

My session experience was seamless. During the call, there were no technical difficulties, the audio and visual were clear, and the therapist was on time. The session lasted approximately 50 minutes. The therapist was engaging, thoughtful, and appeared knowledgeable of the concerns presented. The environment was welcoming, and I felt comfortable sharing personal life experiences. 

The therapist also had lived experience and was able to draw from both personal and clinical experience. Overall, this created a balanced perspective and increased my confidence in their ability to offer me support. 

Messaging Your Therapist

Through your online platform, you can exchange messages with your therapist. When you receive a new message, you will get a notification via email  After my therapy session, my therapist sent a follow-up message stating that they looked forward to our next session. This was a personal message, but was very simple and did not include detailed information. I did respond several days later, but did not receive a reply back. 

The messaging portal states that messages are not monitored daily, and therefore, if you are in an emergency situation, you should contact 911 or text “home” to 741-741 to connect with a crisis counselor. In a non-life-threatening crisis, you can contact an 800 number that is just available in the portal.  

What Happens If I Miss a Session at Hims?

The cancellation policy at Hims is standard. If you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment, you are charged the cost of a full therapy session ($99). You can cancel appointments through your portal. The company does an excellent job making its cancellation policy clear and reminding you of your appointments via text and email. 

Switching Therapists at Hims

The process of changing therapists can be completed in your online portal. If you selected a per-session plan, then changing therapists would involve selecting a different therapist when you schedule your next appointment. In our survey, 56% of users never switched therapists at Hims, followed by 17% changing only once. The remaining 27% of users changed therapists two or more times.

Pausing or Canceling Therapy at Hims

Pausing or canceling at Hims can be completed through your client portal as well. 

If you signed up for a membership, you can log into the portal and cancel at any time. There are no long-term contracts that would legally bind you to services beyond your selected time. If you only signed up to receive therapy once, there is no action required to cancel. This option does not incur ongoing fees, and there is only a charge if you use the service again. 

Quality of Care and User Satisfaction

Overall, the quality of my experience at Hims was positive. This is also reflected in user data, with 23% of users ranking the company as excellent and 36% describing it as very good.

As a licensed therapist, I understand the anxiety associated with reaching out to a therapist, and thus, the importance of having a seamless process when signing up for your first session. The Hims onboarding process was clearly outlined and minimized the guesswork of what to expect during your first counseling session. 

I also had various options to communicate with my therapist (i.e., video or online messaging), so the opportunity to engage was helpful. In the FAQ section, one question specifically answers what clients are able to discuss in their sessions. This is helpful information for individuals going to therapy for the first time.  

The therapist’s credentials and experience aligned with my answers provided in the survey. This gave me confidence that they could address my needs and were adequately skilled. Nearly half (48%) of users reported that Hims met all their needs. For individuals who discontinued services, most (31%) reported that it was because they were feeling better and no longer needed therapy. A small group (22%) reported that they would still be using Hims six months from now, but many (35%) expressed that they were unsure. 

The Hims intake questions seemed to focus on depression and anxiety. As a result, I felt limited to some degree. Also, there was a subtle push to receive medication, which was evidenced by some of the questions I answered even after stating that I only wanted therapy. The second concern I had with the platform was that I was only provided one therapist option. It worked out, but if it was not a good fit, then my experience would have been negative. Additionally, the intake process did not solicit my preferences for the type of therapist I desired. For instance, race, religion, or experience working with diverse populations was not included. 

I believe these gaps can largely be attributed to how new the therapy platform is. In my opinion, Hims is better suited for medication and issues related to sexual health, hair loss, and personal wellness. The platform has a good price point, so it provides a more economically feasible option; however, there are other online counseling platforms that offer more resources at a comparable cost. 

Another important thing to note is that, based on the company’s language and images featured on the site, Hims is primarily geared toward cis men. For trans men who are looking for gender-specific services, this could be at best problematic and at worst discriminatory. There is no indication anywhere that trans men’s issues are addressed by this service.

Privacy Policies at Hims

Not all information you provide on the Hims site is protected under HIPAA, the federal law protecting personal health information. The site has multiple functions beyond therapy, and therefore, some information, such as your home address and age, is used for functions such as verification purposes and order fulfillment. However, information provided for the purposes of therapy is protected under HIPAA guidelines. Hims also prides itself on direct delivery and discreet packaging, which offers an additional layer of privacy for those who receive over-the-counter or doctor-prescribed medication by mail.

Hims vs. Its Competitors

Hims is best known for its sexual health products for men, and although the company is relatively new in online counseling, it joins an array of competitors. However, unlike other similar companies, Hims is aimed at men specifically—for men who feel more comfortable with a gender-specific service, this is a great resource. But other, more inclusive services might be best for the LGBTQIA+ community and trans community, as there is a noticeable lack of affirming language on the Hims website.

As an example, companies such as Talkspace and BetterHelp are two rivals that have an established reputation in this space. When comparing the companies side by side, a higher percentage of users ranked BetterHelp and Talkspace over Hims. But on the question of whether the company met all of your needs, Hims (48%) scored higher than Talkspace (38%) and BetterHelp (38%). This is probably due to the fact that Hims offers services specifically geared towards men, so its target audience is niche.

The results were mixed in other categories. For instance, when asked how satisfied they were with the therapist options, Hims (35%) users were more satisfied than BetterHelp users (32%), but Hims scored slightly lower than Talkspace in the category of “very satisfied.”  The same is true when users were asked if they would use their therapist six months from now; 22% of Hims users said they were very likely to continue seeing their therapist; 21% of BetterHelp users and 26% of Talkspace users reported they would still be with their therapist six months from now. 

Another competitor for Hims is Brightside, mainly because they both focus on issues related to depression and anxiety. The results for Hims in comparison to Brightside are slightly different. For instance, 28% of Hims users reported that they were less satisfied with the number of quality therapists in their state, with 18% of Brightside users stating there were many options. About a third of Brightside users (30%) reported that the company was “good” at offering additional resources on its site, while 30% of Hims users reported the resources were “excellent.” Hims ranked higher than Brightside in other categories as well, such as how likely you are to recommend the company, amount of needs being met, and the process of finding a therapist. 

Final Verdict

Overall, I believe Hims provides an economically feasible option to engage in therapy online. The price was a top reason for individuals using the platform, and cost is also a key reason for people deciding whether to engage in therapy or not. My experience was positive, but I was limited in the number of therapists I could choose from. I believe this is attributed to the fact that Hims is known more for sexual health care and less for mental health services, which it only launched within the past two years. Additionally, this service might not be right for LGBTQIA+ or trans individuals, as there is no language or imagery on the site specific to non-cis men. However, the consensus among our users is that people are satisfied with the services they receive, and an added benefit is that Hims provides access to doctors in all 50 states.  


To fairly and accurately review the best online therapy programs, we sent questionnaires to 55 companies and surveyed 105 current users of each. This allowed us to directly compare services offered by gathering qualitative and quantitative data about each company and its users’ experiences.

Specifically, we evaluated each company on the following factors: website usability, the sign-up and therapist matching processes, therapist qualifications, types of therapy offered, the service's quality of care, client-therapist communication options, session length, subscription offerings, client privacy protections, average cost and value for money, whether it accepts insurance, how easy it is to change therapists, overall user satisfaction, and the likelihood that clients would recommend them.

We also signed up for the companies in order to get a sense of how this process worked, how easy to use the platform is, and how therapy takes place at the company.

By Nic Hardy
Nic is a nationally recognized thought leader on relationship satisfaction and received his Ph.D. from the University of Houston.

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