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How to Quit Smoking

The decision to quit smoking may be easy, but making it stick is the hard part! Prepare yourself for the big step and learn tricks to help you find success.
Nicotine Patch
Pros and Cons of Using Nicotine Replacement Therapy
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Top 5 Free iPhone Apps to Help You Quit Smoking
Man smoking outside bar with smoking ban
Can the Nicotine Patch Help You Quit Smoking?
woman with syringe
What to Know About the Nicotine Vaccine
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Are Nicotine Lozenges an Effective Quit Aid?
Man holding packet of nicotine gum
Can You Be Addicted to Nicotine Gum?
Cigarette snapped in half on top of a calendar with "Quit!" written on it.
What Should You Do Before You Stop Smoking?
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The 5 Ds That Help With Smoking Cessation
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Supplies to Stock Up On Before You Quit
A sign that reads "No smoking in this area"
Why Are You Afraid to Quit Smoking?
Quit date and cigarette butt on a calendar
When Is The Best Time To Quit Smoking?
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Don't Let a Smoking Relapse Get You Down!
Man taking Zyban to help him quit smoking
Using Zyban to Help You Quit Smoking
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Safety Concerns and Side Effects of Using Chantix to Quit Smoking
Person holding pills in hand
Why Chantix Might Help You Quit Smoking
Man holding packet of nicotine gum
Everything You Need to Know About Nicotine Gum
Pros and Cons
Why Do People Smoke?
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Natural Remedies to Help You Quit Smoking
Man reading book
Why You Should Reward Yourself Every Day When You Quit Smoking
Woman using electronic cigarette
Is the Nicotine Inhaler a Good Choice to Help You Quit Smoking?
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Stressed from Quitting Tobacco? Read This.
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Why Quitting Smoking Is Worth It at Any Age
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12 Tips That Will Help You Quit (And Stay Quit) For New Year's
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The Best Apps to Help You Quit Smoking
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Best Non-Medical Ways to Quit Smoking
Gratitude can increase happiness and resilience.
How to Quit Smoking for Good
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How Chantix Helps You Control Nicotine Cravings
Person holding piece of nicotine chewing gum
Quit Aids Can Help You Stop Smoking More Comfortably