I Used to Think Cigarettes Were My Friend

Stuart's Goodbye to Smoking

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Smoking Cessation Support Forum member Stuart wrote this goodbye letter to cigarettes when he quit smoking. Nicotine addiction is like a love relationship gone bad in more ways than one. All of the "good times" we thought of in regards to smoking were in truth destructive. 

Dear Nick O'Teen,

This letter has been a long time coming, and it has been extremely difficult for me to pluck up the courage to write it.

I think you know by now from the fact that I haven't spent time with you for several days that I have decided to end my association with you. I felt I should give you some of the reasons.

I used to think you were my friend. I know now that you are not. For years you have lied to me, telling me you want what is best for me. You promised to relax me when I was tense. You promised to make me alert when I was tired. You promised to console me when I was sad...you know all the promises you made. And, sucker that I was, I believed you. But when I learned more about you and your motives, I realized that you were lying all along.

All this time, you were slowly killing me, while pretending to be my friend. I thought you were killing other people but wouldn't do that to me. How could I trust a liar? I should have known when you made me feel physically rotten, all the time telling me I was OK.

And, that's not all. You were robbing me of my precious wife's company every time I had to go outside to be with you. You were like a mistress, robbing my wife of the attention I should have been giving her when she sat alone inside and I was out on the porch with you. And you would have, if I let you, robbed her of a husband altogether. And that's so unfair to her.

You robbed me of the pleasure of brisk walks in the park, of riding bicycles, of playing rough games with my nephews.

You cheated me out of self-respect and out of the respect of others. You made me a social outcast. You were no friend. You were a slave master.

Well, no more, Nick. I recognize you for what you are. You've been trying to take everything from me all along.

I admit that every now and then I still hear your voice calling me. Sometimes louder than others. But I'm learning to shut you out. It won't be long now, and you will be out of my life forever.

Good riddance, Nick.

Your ex-slave,


Recovery from nicotine addiction is a process that takes time.  It's not over in a matter of weeks, but when compared with the amount of time that most of us smoked, it doesn't take all that long.

Reprogramming  our brains to serve us healthier options than lighting up in response to just about everything we think and feel requires practice, so dig your heels in and get started if you're a smoker who is ready to quit.

The links below will help you get started with smoking cessation.

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