Inspiration and Creativity

Explore concepts of creativity and problem-solving, two fascinating cognitive psychology themes. Learn inspirational strategies used to make decisions and foster ideas.
Music can motivate you.
What to Do When You Have No Motivation
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28 Instagram Accounts That Destigmatize Mental Health
Start of a conversation
How to Start a Conversation the Right Way
Emotion psychology at work
Utilizing Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
Finding your purpose in life has many benefits.
7 Tips for Finding Your Purpose in Life
These strategies can help you appear more socially intelligent.
How to Increase Your Social Intelligence
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5 Ways to Build Self-Confidence
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Expertise: How Hard Is It to Become an Expert at Something?
Adjusting to retirement can take a while.
8 Tips for Adjusting to Retirement
Do 30-Day Challenges Actually Work?
Woman Painting
10 Characteristics of Creative People
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Reasons Why You Make Bad Decisions
Person putting together puzzle pieces
Overview of the Problem-Solving Mental Process
Functional Fixedness
Functional Fixedness as a Cognitive Bias
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Synchronizing Your Biological Clock With a Schedule
Three women in front of wall of stickers brainstorming
The Psychology of Decision-Making Strategies
Decision-making problems can be common
Problems in Decision-Making
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Personal Development Goals for Your 20s and Beyond
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10 Psychological Tricks That Will Boost Your Creativity
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How Ego Depletion Can Drain Your Willpower
Life Coach
The 7 Best Life Coach Certification Programs of 2021
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Understanding the Psychology of Creativity