Isaac Alexis, MD, AAMA, AMP-BC

Isaac Alexis, MD, AAMA, AMP-BC

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Addiction Medicine Specialist


Addiction Medicine


Cornell University


Accurate information is critical for an online audience as it serves best as an educational tool. These tools then construct the building blocks that help to engineer great habits and then great health moving forward.

— Isaac Alexis, MD, AAMA, AMP-BC


Isaac Alexis, MD, AAMA, AMP-BC, is a board-certified internist specializing in addiction medicine. He currently serves as a medical director and director of infection control at an addiction treatment center in West Virginia and has studied the neurobiochemical and neurophysiological effects of isolation in the brains of individuals with substance use disorders. In his work, Dr. Alexis has rescued hundreds of lives from fatal drug overdoses each month and has counseled more than 1,000 suicidal patients.

Dr. Alexis is an active medical content contributor and has been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, ABC News, Fox News, and U.S. News & World Report. He has served as the private physician for the mayor of Detroit, personal physician for the director of the West Virginia State Police, and other heads of state.

He also served as an attending physician in emergency medicine and hospitalist at Pocahontas Memorial Hospital in West Virginia, and a primary care physician at rural hospitals in West Virginia and New York, treating all ages.

Dr. Alexis is also an assistant pastor in his community where he leads a hot foods kitchen, serving families, veterans, and more.


Dr. Alexis received his undergraduate degree from Queens College in anthropology while studying neuroscience at Columbia University. He obtained a post-doctorate certification in trauma surgery at Cornell University.

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