Tips to Keep Your Long Distance Marriage Healthy

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Being in a long distance marriage creates complications and can make a marriage even more challenging. Here are a few tips for keeping your marriage strong even though you are not living under the same roof.

Here's How

  • The key, as it is in all relationships, is communication. Keep the lines of communication open on a daily basis. Send photographs, Skype one another, send text messages, short videos online or through cloud computing.
  • It is vital that you are both committed to one another and truly believe in your marriage.
  • Your long-distance marriage will fail if there is a lack of trust between you.
  • Although you are apart from one another, make time for one another. You can do this by sending a love letter, an email, writing in a journal, day-dreaming about your spouse, or having a chat online or through text messages.
  • Share your expectations about being apart from one another. Also, share your expectations about being together again.
  • Be honest about your concerns and fears about your separation.
  • Consider having a daily dialogue with each other.
  • Keep a daily journal.
  • Give one another a scented pillow case or shirt to help keep your presence with them.
  • Plan a trip, a few days away together, or some fun activity (other than sex) to do when the two of you are back together.
  • Enrich your online communication with electronic cards, music, poems, movies, and stories.
  • With more opportunities to watch movies and television shows online, you both could watch a show and then talk, chat, or text about it with each other.
  • Send care packages to each other often.
  • Play online games together.
  • Surprise each other once in a while with a phone call.


  • Don't assume that infidelity will occur because of your physical separation. Most long-distance marriages do not have to deal with this heartache because of the love and commitment the spouses feel for one another.
  • Since you can't read one another's non-verbal communication, use symbols or words or happy faces to describe your thoughts better.
  • When you are back together, don't rush into getting things done around the house right away. Allow the returning spouse to have some time to adjust to being back home.
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