Kristalyn Salters-Pedneault, PhD

Clinical Psychologist


Borderline Personality Disorder, Psychological Trauma


Boston University School of Medicine



Kristalyn Salters-Pedneault, PhD, is a former writer for Verywell Health covering borderline personality disorder (BPD). She is a psychologist whose research and clinical work focus on psychological trauma and trauma-linked conditions, such as BPD and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Dr. Salters-Pedneault has extensive training and experience treating individuals with BPD, and has been published in dozens of journals. She has been a research associate of the National Center for PTSD Behavioral Science Division at the VA Boston Healthcare System, as well as an instructor of psychiatry at the Boston University School of Medicine. Dr. Salters-Pedneault is currently an associate professor of psychology at Eastern Connecticut State University and a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice.

In addition to her work with patients, she conducts research that focuses on emotional processing and fear learning in traumatized populations. She has received research funding from the National Institute of Mental Health, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Department of Defense, has published extensively in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and has presented her work at national and international conferences.


Dr. Salters-Pedneault earned a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from American University in Washington, DC, and an MA and PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Massachusetts Boston.

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