Sexual orientation and gender identity are key aspects of your authentic self. Learn more about mental health considerations for LGBTQ+, plus ways you can help support the community.
Baby being born
What Is Intersex?
BIPOC person holding pride flag
What Is Prejudice?
What is Latinx?
A photograph of an Indigenous couple standing side by side.
What Is the Two Spirit Community?
A photograph of a woman looking at her reflection in a mirror.
Gender Dysphoria: Definition, Symptoms, Traits, Causes, Treatment
Bipoc woman on couch with hand on head in stress
What Is Othering?
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What Is a Demisexual?
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What Is Gender Fluid?
What Is Pansexual?
People are holding a giant gay rainbow flag over the street at gay pride parade.
What Is Asexuality?
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What Is Homophobia?
How to Navigate Your Own Privilege
Black Lives Matter protest
Why Protests Turn Into Riots
Portrait of an LGBTQ+ couple
What Does LGBTQ+ Mean?
Portrait of non-binary gender young adult student in front of College.
What Does Gender Nonconforming Mean?
transgender woman lying on the floor
Understanding the Stigma Faced by Transgender Women
Five men of different nationalities at a pride parade
What Does It Mean to Be Heteroflexible?
Hate crimes occur against certain groups.
What Is a Hate Crime?
Legs with gender symbol on asphalt, gender concept
What Does It Mean to Be Genderqueer or Nonbinary?
Transgender People and Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders in Transgender People
what is non-binary illustration
What Does It Mean to Be Nonbinary or Enby?
Transgender man with daughter explaining how to do homework
Having Children When Transgender
Two women kissing in a field at sunset
Types of Sexual Minorities and Characteristics
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What Parents Should Know About Gay Bullying and Suicide
How can you know?
Spouses of Gay Men and Lesbians May Be the Last to Know
Man in wedding ring with rainbow watch and flag
Metoidioplasty vs. Phalloplasty