Marcia Purse


Marcia is a freelance writer and has her own web design business. You can learn more about her from her Google profile: Marcia Purse.

Her personal blog is Echo's Web. You can follow Marcia on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.


Marcia was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in early 1999 and knows firsthand the difficulties of living with the illness and the often difficult task of finding the right medical treatment. Being a student of the subject gives her a special personal interest in finding and sharing as much information about manic depression as possible.


Marcia has an Associate of Arts degree in English from Kendall College and - what she considers much more valuable than schooling - many years of surviving and succeeding in the real world with a mental illness.

A Word From Marcia Purse

Message to my readers:
You are not alone. I'm here to find and share information on living and coping with bipolar disorder. From symptoms and diagnosis to medications and other treatment options to dealing with both the everyday and the extreme issues of manic depression, this site is focused on bringing you what you need and want to know.

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