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There are many health benefits of meditation. Learn how to use meditation to relieve stress and tension, relax the body, find focus, and center your mind.
Why Am I Crying During Meditation?
Woman sitting cross-legged meditating.
How Long Should You Meditate?
Woman doing yoga workout at home
How to Do Meditation
Mindfulness meditation
Meditating With ADHD: Tips, Strategies, Resources
Home meditation
Learn How to Meditate at Home
best singing bowls
The 11 Best Singing Bowls of 2022
Person attempting to meditate
Meditation Facts: Why You Don't Have to Clear Your Mind
The 8 Best Mindfulness Books of 2022
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How a Meditation Practice Can Help You Through the Winter
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What Is a Brain Orgasm?
Tai Chi in the Park
What Is Tai Chi?
The 7 Best Meditation Retreats of 2022
Sound bath
What Are Sound Baths?
Woman meditating beside a cat.
How to Practice Kundalini Meditation
Benefits of holotropic breathwork
Is Holotropic Breathwork Right For You?
Zen meditation can help you access your unconscious mind.
Why You Might Want to Try Zen Meditation
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The Best Meditation Books and How to Use Them
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The Benefits of Box Breathing for Stress Management
A woman meditating at home
The Simplest Form of Meditation Is Also Highly Effective
Mindfulness opportunities
Learn How to Make a Mindfulness Meditation Practice Part of Your Day
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Relax With This Unique Stress Relief Technique Done in the Bathtub
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The First Step in Meditation Is Finding a Comfortable Seat
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6 Ways to Fit Your Meditation Practice Into Your Day
Listening to music
Meditation That's Music to Your Stressed Mind
Guided sleep meditation can help you to relax.
How to Fall Asleep Easily Through Guided Sleep Meditation
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How Having a Regular Meditation Practice Can Lengthen Life Expectancy
Man sitting and meditating
5 Meditation Techniques to Get You Started
Best Guided Meditation
Best Guided Meditations of 2022
Rear view of woman meditating in lotus position
How to Practice Basic Meditation and Relieve Stress in Just 30 Minutes
singing bowls
Can Tibetan Singing Bowls Help Relieve Stress?
How to be more mindful
How to Make Mindfulness Your Way of Life
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How to Practice Loving Kindness Meditation
Woman meditating with incense
How to Meditate With Incense
Hope is a good mantra for stress relief.
Mantra Meditation Made Simple to Manage Your Stress
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How to Stop Worrying by Staying Present With Mindfulness
Group class sitting and meditating
Health Benefits of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
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How to Meditate With Chocolate
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Quick and Simple 5-Minute Meditation for Stress Relief
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How to Practice Focused Meditation in Just 30 Minutes
Woman meditating at home
Mindfulness Meditation Techniques for Stress Relief
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8 Meditation Techniques to Try
Relaxed man listening to music at home at night
7 Great Albums for Relaxation and Stress Relief
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How to Use Guided Imagery for Relaxing in 5 Simple Steps
Young woman being mindful
Can Mindfulness Relieve More Than Stress?
Simple Meditations to Relieve Stress
There are many ways to practice mindfulness meditation. Each of them can lead to inner peace.
How to Label Your Thoughts for Inner Peace
Woman lying on back doing a body scan meditation
Release Tension With This Targeted Meditation Technique
Woman Meditating at Home
Follow These Steps to Start Meditating at Home
Breathing exercises, when properly done, can feel like a weight lifted from your shoulders.
Learn to Evaporate Stress in Less Than a Minute
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How Meditation Impacts Your Mind and Body
The Secret
Can 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne Help You With Stress?
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Best Meditation Apps of 2022
Guided meditation can help you learn the practice.
The Simplest Way to Begin a Guided Meditation
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Best Mental Health Podcasts of 2021
Woman sitting on meditation cushion
The 10 Best Meditation Cushions of 2022
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Best Sleep Music Apps of 2022
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The Benefits of Meditation for Stress Management
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What Is Mindful Eating?