Mental Health in the Workplace: A Verywell Mind Webinar

Verywell Mind Webinar


For many Americans, job stress is nothing new. With a culture that is often driven by how successful a person is, how impressive their title is, and how much money or assets they have, we face significant pressure to perform at a high level on a daily basis. Meanwhile, many of our essential jobs are filled by individuals who are struggling to get by and couldn't afford to take time off to protect their health during the height of the pandemic.

The Mental Health in the Workplace Webinar

Whatever your working situation might be, there has traditionally not been enough time or energy devoted to protecting the mental health of American workers. From employers on down, mental health has been an afterthought. On May 19, 2022, Verywell Mind hosted a free webinar to shed more light on these issues.

Why Now?

After two years of working through a pandemic, many Americans have learned to think about their mental health in new ways, both in and out of the workplace. Businesses, meanwhile, are learning to adapt and build more supportive environments for the individuals who spend so many of their waking hours at work.

Companies that fail to adapt to this new reality may feel the effects of what has been dubbed The Great Resignation, as workers leave for better pay, better benefits, and more flexible schedules.

Still, even with more attention paid to mental health overall, job stress remains high. Even as COVID anxiety and related stressors waned in the latter half of 2021, Americans remained as worried as ever about their finances.

Whether workers need more money, more flexibility, more time off, or all over the above, they are hungry to upend the status quo that has us stressing about work 24/7/365. But even those who acknowledge the importance of mental health often don't know how to get started with strategies that might help their emotional well-being. The goal of this webinar is to arm bosses and employees alike with the tools needed to help understand and cope with mental health issues in the workplace.

Who Spoke at the Webinar?

You'll hear from Editor-in-Chief, Amy Morin, LCSW, and the following panel of expert speakers:

  • Disclosing a Mental Health Issue at Work with Julian Lagoy, MD. Dr. Lagoy is a psychiatrist with Mindpath Health.
  • Obstacles and Solutions with Minaa B., LMSW. Minaa B. is a corporate wellness coach and member of Wondermind's Mental Health Advisory Committee.
  • How and When to Talk About Mental Health at Work with Melissa Doman, MA. Doman is an organizational psychologist and author of "Yes, You Can Talk About Mental Health at Work (Here's Why and How to Do It Really Well)".
  • Creative Ways to Address Workplace Mental Health with Dr. Naomi Torres-Mackie, PhD. Dr. Torres-Mackie is a clinical psychologist and head of research at the Mental Health Coalition.

If you've spent any time thinking about how work affects your mental health or wondered about how you might foster a healthier work-life balance—either for yourself or for your employees—we are here to help.

In case you missed it, check out this recap of the webinar to find great strategies for use in your daily life when dealing with issues around mental health in the workplace.