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Illustration of a man speaking out of rage.
Ask a Therapist: How Do I Stop Saying Hurtful Things I Don't Mean?
An african american couple having a drink together, laughing
Two-Thirds of Couples Started Out as Friends, Study Finds
drawing of person doing a seated twist on a yoga mat wearing purple shorts
Yoga Is the Best Way to Feel Less Stress From Work, Research Shows
two adaptive athletes shaking hands after a tennis match
Understanding Disability Pride Month
African American person writing with a pencil
Study Suggests Writing by Hand Is Best for Learning New Material
A person walks in front of the Stonewall Inn decorated in Pride decor.
What You Might Not Know about Queer History
drawing of an LGBTQ+ woman approaching a church
Exploring the Varied Experience of Spirituality Within the LGBTQ+ Community
drawing of child settling in for bed while listening to a mindfulness podcast
Mindfulness Training Helps Kids Sleep Longer, Study Shows
Teenager with long hair is smiling, while using a laptop.
30-Year Study Shows Teens’ Use of Digital Tech Not Linked to Worse Mental Health
A person with dark hair holds their chest, while laying on a gray couch, under a blanket.
Chronic Physical Health Conditions Increase Depression Risk Later in Life, Study Shows
Scientist at a microscope writing down research.
Media Plays a Part in Public’s Mistrust of Science
drawing of women shopping
These Are The Techniques That Will Curb Impulse Shopping
A Black person with short hair is seen with an electric guitar in a well-lit room.
Taking Breaks Is Key to Learning, Research Shows
drawing of olympic swimmer amidst olympic rings
The Mental Health Challenges of Olympic Athletes During The Pandemic
Woman holds red AIDS support ribbon.
People Living with HIV/AIDS Have High Risk of Suicide
Older couple sitting on a wooden dock at a lake.
High Sense of Personal Power Leads to Happier Relationships, Study Says
drawing of Britney Spears with duct tape over her mouth
What’s the Deal with Britney Spears’ Conservatorship?
Old woman staring blankly outside.
Which Insomnia Symptoms Are the Most Predictive of Cognitive Decline?
Teenager in striped shirt sits head down in school hallway.
Depression in Youth is Associated with Poor Outcomes in Adulthood, 20-Year Study Finds
Man looking at phone, appearing bored.
Social Media Doesn't Alleviate Boredom, Study Says
Couple laying on the couch
A Quarter of Adults Don’t Want Children—and They’re Just As Happy
Woman on computer, video chatting with co-workers
Ask a Therapist: How Do I Make Friends as an Adult?
woman sitting on bed crying into a pillow
People With Mental Illness Feel Physical Symptoms Differently, Here’s Why
African American man and his young son read a book on the couch
How Early Learning Can Impact the Brain Throughout Adulthood
 Woman waking up and stretching in early morning light
Early Risers at Lower Risk of Developing Depression, Study Suggests
Two middle-aged women smile while holding video game controllers.
Video Games Could Hold Untapped Potential in Treatment of Mental Illness
two people try to picture an apple in their mind's eye
Understanding Aphantasia and Why Some People Can Visualize Better Than Others
queer couple outside wearing masks
How the Pandemic Impacted Queer People
Woman with prosthetic leg sitting on a couch and using a smartphone
Commodification Undermines the Body Positivity Movement, Study Suggests
A close-up of a vintage photo that shows a young bow riding in a child-size red car.
Earliest Memories Start at Age Two and a Half, Study Finds
online therapy session
Gen Z Is the Most Stressed Out Generation Right Now
Parents talking to their child
Why You Should Tell Your Kids If You’re Seeing a Therapist
A Black man rests his head on the back of his couch with a pink ice pack on his head.
People of Color Up to 50% Less Likely to Be Diagnosed With Migraine
drawing of people celebrating pride month
How to Safely Participate in Pride This Year
Man lying in bed struggling to fall asleep
Listening to Music Before Bed May Disrupt Sleep
drawing of people with different summer experiences
How To Make Realistic Expectations For Summer
A person sits on the floor against a wall with a backpack next to them.
Youth Homelessness and Foster Care Create Barriers to College
A mom talks with her teenage daughter on a sofa.
Attentive Listening Helps Teens Share Their Challenges, Study Finds
Sad young black woman portrait feeling negative emotions
Systemic Racism Contributes to Psychosis Risk, Study Finds
A teen girl wearing a black and white t-shirt lies on her bed with her phone in her hand.
Pandemic Significantly Affected Mental Health of Teen Girls
Nurse holding anesthesia mask in operating room
Laughing Gas May Provide Relief for Treatment-Resistant Depression, Trial Shows
Two male stock brokers talking on phones and pointing at computer screens
Men More Likely Than Women to Make 'Extreme' Choices, Study Suggests
Woman opening a paycheck
The Gender Pay Gap May Be Internalized Before Entering the Job Market, Study Shows
transgender individual on the phone
The Mental Health Impact of Delays to Gender-Affirming Surgery
Mood swing concept illustration
Intense Emotions May Be the Hardest to Understand, Study Shows
A caretaker wearing a white coat helps a man using a walker. Both people are smiling.
Deep Brain Stimulation Benefits for Parkinson's Can Last at Least 15 Years
Rear view of young Asian father giving little daughter piggyback ride by the promenade
Experts Make Roadmap of Mental Health Goals for the Future
Burmese men struggle to unload heavy cargo from boats.
Long Working Hours Killed Nearly 1 Million People in a Year, WHO Study Reveals
A young person sits on the floor, with one hand holding their forehead.
Young Adults With Schizophrenia Have Highest Suicide Risk
Young children practice breathwork in yoga class.
Yoga and Breathwork May Improve Focus in Kids With ADHD
A sad couple of teens embrace, with cigarettes in hand, on colorful stairs in Istanbul.
Do Transgender Teens Face Greater Risk of Substance Use?
Middle-aged man seated on a couch flipping through television channels
TV Viewing Habits in Midlife Could Exacerbate Cognitive Decline
An illustration of a man wearing a dark colored t-shirt looking at his reflection in a shattered mirror.
Study Uncovers Clear Link Between Narcissism and Aggressive Behavior
Mother and sun light a candle in church
Anxiety May Play a Role in How Religious Beliefs Are Formed, Study Reveals
A Black football coach trains a young Black athlete
Black Athletes Recognize Fewer Concussion Symptoms Than White Counterparts, Study Finds
man holding smart phone playing gambling game
Gambling Habits Increased During Lockdown, Study Finds
A man sits on a couch in jeans while speaking to a female therapist.
Life Insurance Qualifications May Hinder Mental Health Care
Four friends in a backyard watching a movie on a projection screen
Meaningful Movies Help People Cope With Life’s Challenges
woman in bed with a headache
How Long Haul COVID Takes a Toll on Your Mental Health
A young child and an adult in the kitchen look at fresh vegetables.
Managing Kids' Weight and Blood Pressure Linked to Better Brain Health
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