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Elderly man sitting alone at home
Most Older Adults Won’t Seek Help For Depression, Survey Finds
woman wearing a mask walking in a polluted city
Major Link Found Between Air Pollution and Neurological Disorders
holiday loneliness
The Holidays Could Feel Lonelier This Year Due to COVID-19, Here's How to Cope
is 2020 the worst year ever?
Is 2020 Turning Us All Into Pessimists?
drawing of woman sitting in inner tube listening to music
This Is Why You Get Chills While Listening to Your Favorite Song
Relaxed young woman sitting on the floor at home listening to music
Your Birth Control Won’t Cause Depression, Study Finds
psilocybin mushrooms
Psilocybin Effective for Treating Major Depressive Disorder, Research Suggests
Two businesswomen look up at screen. One is holding an iPad.
Paid Employment May Protect Women's Memory Later in Life, Study Finds
drawing of old people playing cards together
Social Engagement Promotes Brain Health in Older Adults, Research Shows
veteran CIH therapy illo
Yoga, Tai Chi, and Meditation Provide Relief for Veterans with Chronic Pain and PTSD
Getty Images
Virtual Reality May Boost Success of Eating Disorder Telehealth Treatment
A white man with facial hair lies in bed looking at his smart phone screen.
Social Anxiety and Depression Linked to Dating App Usage, Study Finds
A young, transgender person of color with short hair colored green smiles and looks away from the camera. They are wearing a purple shirt
Earlier Access to Gender-Affirming Care Improves Mental Health Outcomes for Trans Youth
E-cigarettes May Help You Quit Smoking, But Carry Their Own Risks
staying mentally strong after the election
How to Stay Mentally Strong When Your Candidate Loses the Election
online therapy
A Verywell Report: Americans Find Strength in Online Therapy
family walking at night
Daylight Savings Time Just Ended, Here's How to Cope With Less Sunlight
Man using phone, working from home at dining table while child uses tablet next to him
Working From Home Indefinitely May Have Hidden Consequences, Study Suggests
transgender woman with light shining across her face
Transgender Individuals Face High Risk of Mental Health Issues, Studies Show
man sleeping in bed
Sleep Phase May Determine What Your Dreams Look Like
Two young children standing in front of their home
Socioeconomic and Racial Disparities Affect Early Childhood Development
woman reading in a bookstore
The Wise Old Age of… 35? New Study Suggests Brain Power Peaks Early
Sad man sits at edge of the bed while woman partner sleeps
Miscarriage Puts Both Partners at Risk of PTSD, Research Shows
Black man taking part in a clinical trial
Electronic Recruitment Causes Racial Disparities in Clinical Trials, Study Finds
Amy Morin, Editor-in-Chief of Verywell Mind
Letter From Amy Morin, New Editor-in-Chief of Verywell Mind
girl looking at her phone
New Law Establishes 988 As National Suicide Hotline
handwriting news illo
Writing by Hand Boosts Brain Activity and Fine Motor Skills, Study Shows
woman looking out the window drinking tea
Experts Fear Ongoing Mental Health Crisis If COVID-19 Keeps Us Home This Winter
girl lining up crayons in a row
Avoiding Ableist Language in Autism Research
group of students about to graduate
Staying in School Helps Maintain Cognitive Function Through Adulthood, Study Shows
man smiling looking at his phone
Schadenfreude: How to Respond When Bad Things Happen to People You Don't Like
Talking on phone
Voice Communication Creates Stronger Bond Than Text, Study Shows
sad teenager hugging a pillow while sitting on the couch
Self-Harming Behaviors May Be Socially Contagious in Adolescents, Study Finds
colors provoke similar emotional responses illo
Color-Emotion Connections Often Cross Borders and Cultures, Study Finds
Man in white shirt sitting at his desk, yawning and rubbing his eyes
Stereotypes of the Sleep-Deprived: Is It Manly to Be Tired?
grieving the loss of a pet illo
The Loss of a Pet Could Trigger Mental Health Issues in Children