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Rear view of young Asian father giving little daughter piggyback ride by the promenade
Experts Make Roadmap of Mental Health Goals for the Future
Burmese men struggle to unload heavy cargo from boats.
Long Working Hours Killed Nearly 1 Million People in a Year, WHO Study Reveals
A young person sits on the floor, with one hand holding their forehead.
Young Adults With Schizophrenia Have Highest Suicide Risk
Young children practice breathwork in yoga class.
Yoga and Breathwork May Improve Focus in Kids With ADHD
A sad couple of teens embrace, with cigarettes in hand, on colorful stairs in Istanbul.
Do Transgender Teens Face Greater Risk of Substance Use?
Middle-aged man seated on a couch flipping through television channels
TV Viewing Habits in Midlife Could Exacerbate Cognitive Decline
An illustration of a man wearing a dark colored t-shirt looking at his reflection in a shattered mirror.
Study Uncovers Clear Link Between Narcissism and Aggressive Behavior
Mother and sun light a candle in church
Anxiety May Play a Role in How Religious Beliefs Are Formed, Study Reveals
A Black football coach trains a young Black athlete
Black Athletes Recognize Fewer Concussion Symptoms Than White Counterparts, Study Finds
man holding smart phone playing gambling game
Gambling Habits Increased During Lockdown, Study Finds
A man sits on a couch in jeans while speaking to a female therapist.
Life Insurance Qualifications May Hinder Mental Health Care
Four friends in a backyard watching a movie on a projection screen
Meaningful Movies Help People Cope With Life’s Challenges
woman in bed with a headache
How Long Haul COVID Takes a Toll on Your Mental Health
A young child and an adult in the kitchen look at fresh vegetables.
Managing Kids' Weight and Blood Pressure Linked to Better Brain Health
los angeles covered by a layer of smog
Air Pollution Negatively Impacts Mental Health
A nurse in blue scrubs leans against a wall.
Critical Care Nurses Are Experiencing Burnout at Alarming Rates
A woman slowly sips a glass of wine at a restaurant, surrounded by happy friends.
Moderate Drinking May Protect Heart Health by Calming Stress Signals
A young adult woman wearing a blue tank top clutches her chest.
High Stress May Double Risk of Second Heart Attack in Younger Survivors
Low angle view of a young Asian woman sitting on an examination table.
Without Prompt Treatment, Health Anxiety at 11 and 16 Could Last Into Adulthood
Two doctors wearing head-to-toe protective gear intubate a COVID-19 patient in the intensive care unit.
Spending Time in the ICU Increases Risk of Suicide and Self-Harm
kids and teacher playing in a garden with a butterfly over head
Spending Time With Kids Boosts Generosity and Compassion, Study Says
Multi-ethnic group of kids in mindfulness class together.
Mindfulness Programs Boost Children’s Mental Health, Study Finds
A stress-out woman plops down on her gray couch with her arms outstretched, looking up toward the ceiling.
How Pandemic Stress and Anxiety Sabotaged Exercise Motivation
A beige CVS store entrance stands between two rows of palm trees.
Mental Health Counseling Now Available At CVS
Man with young girl on his shoulder both admiring the forest surrounding them
Why You Need to Take a Vacation This Year, Even If You Don't Go Far
couple discussing a conflict at a diner
Resolving Conflict by Day's End May Promote Health
Male doctor looking at female doctor through a semi translucent brain
Study Finds Little Difference Between "Male" and "Female" Brains
Older woman with headphones on peacefully dozing off to sleep
Calming Music Could Help Older Adults Sleep Better
Two women in a therapy session.
I’m a Therapist Who Wrote the #1 Book on Happiness, Yet I Still Go to Therapy
animation of person in bedroom with objects appearing and disappearing
People Add Rather Than Subtract to Solve Problems
group of friends having coffee together
How to Rekindle Friendships After COVID-19
A stressed-out woman sits at her desk and rubs her eyes.
Work and Social Stress Increase Women's Risk of Heart Disease
Youth sitting next to each other, looking straight ahead
Family-Centered Programs May Help Protect Black Youth From Effects of Racism
illustratoin of one night stand regret
Sex-Related Regrets Don't Change Future Behavior, Study Shows
online therapy session
Methodology: Verywell Mind Mental Health Tracker
woman out in nature looking off into the distance
Why It’s Okay to Give Up Your New Year’s Resolution
A young girl lies on her hospital bed next to an orange teddy bear.
Wait Times at ERs Grow for Kids Who Need Mental Healthcare
Gloved hand of masked person using eye dropper under microscope
Study Reveals Racial and Demographic Disparities in Clinical Trials
Woman sits in a chair across from her therapist while undergoing hypnotherapy
How Hypnosis Can Alter the Way Our Brains Process Information
A woman sits on her bed, holding a credit card and a phone, while looking at a computer and shopping online.
How a Year at Home Turned Us All Into Online Shoppers
Black man speaking at a work meeting
A UCLA Study Measures The Toll that Discrimination Takes on Black Men
A woman standing outside wearing a mask that reads stop asian hate
Measuring racism's psychological impact on Asian Americans
A mom holds her smiling son in a park on a sunny day.
How Are Most Children With Autism Doing? Really Well, Study Confirms
Woman interacting with digital interface technology
How Exactly do Brains Understand Sentences? A.I. Mapping Can Help Explain
Sad child looking down with her head in her hand
Childhood Trauma Could Predict Performance-Enhancing Substance Use
drawing of people walking beneath flowers sneezing
Stress Reduction May Alleviate Seasonal Allergies, Study Finds
ER doctor facing mental health challenges amid pandemic burnout
4 Ways Doctors Showed Mental Strength This Year Amid Burnout
Stressed woman
Prolonged Focus on Negative Moments May Impact Mental Health
drawing of a girl reading a book using her imagination
Here’s What Happens in Your Brain When You Lose Yourself in a Good Story
outstretched hand holding ice cube
Here’s the Verdict on TikTok’s Most Popular Anxiety Hacks
Woman giving presentation
Reflecting on Your Own Capabilities May Boost Resilience, Study Finds
woman smelling food from a pan on the stove
New Research Explains Why Scent Triggers Such Powerful Memories
Pro-Trump protesters gather outside the Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021.
The Link Between Psychopathy, Narcissism, and Racism
young girl sitting in the grass on a soccer field
Legislation Nationwide Seeks To Ban Trans Girls From Playing on Girl's Teams
laughing animation
Laughter Therapy May Increase Life Satisfaction, Study Finds
group of activists protesting on the street
Moral Outrage, Acting on Beliefs Appeal to Women in Search of Partner, Study Shows
Two people smiling and laughing while standing against a red wall
Speed of Facial Expression Linked to Perception of Emotion
Older woman at doctor
Women May Have Faster Cognitive Decline in Old Age
woman using photo filter on her selfie
90% of Women Report Using a Filter on Their Photos
Small group of people with a mixed age range sitting around a table in a cafe
Spreading BS Could Make You More Likely to Believe It, Study Shows
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