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A happy woman hands a smiling cashier a few dollars at a coffee shop.
Happiness Doesn’t Top Out at $75,000, Study Says
Heather Monahan is the mentally strong person of the week.
Mentally Strong Person of the Week: Confidence Expert Heather Monahan
two women wrapped in a pride flag
President Biden Just Signed A Landmark LGBTQ Rights Executive Order
Upsetting thoughts might follow you around.
Ask a Therapist: How Do I Deal With Bad Memories?
Amy Chan is the mentally strong person of the week.
Mentally Strong Person of the Week: Amy Chan
Self-esteem affects the way you see yourself.
Ask a Therapist: How Can I Improve My Self-Esteem?
old man looking at a computer
The Digital Divide Is Hindering Access To Therapy
Two young boys playing in the front yard of a house
Adverse Childhood Experiences Linked to Justice System Contact
A happy couple hands their passport to an airport worker.
Frequent Travel Can Make for Happier Life, Study Shows
Darryl Strawberry is the mentally strong person of the week.
Mentally Strong Person of the Week: World Series Champion Darryl Strawberry
drawing of people using a dating app
Dating Apps Don't Inhibit Love, Study Finds
man looking at reflection in a CD
Mental Health Is an Increasing Focus in Rap Lyrics—What That Means for Listeners
man drinking a cup of tea and smiling
Dry January: The Benefits of a Month Without Alcohol
James Altucher is the mentally strong person of the week.
Mentally Strong Person of the Week: James Altucher
sad woman wearing a mask
America's Mental Health Is the Lowest it's Been in Two Decades
woman drinking green smoothie after yoga
Diet, Exercise, and Sleep Are Pillars of Mental Health, Study Finds
Woman postmenopause
New Links Between Inflammation, Menopause, and Depression, Research Finds
Feeling restless is a common problem.
Ask a Therapist: How Can I Stop Feeling Restless and Unproductive?
Motiff is the metnally strong person of the week.
Mentally Strong Person of the Week: Motiff
student loan illustratoin
For Many Borrowers, Student Loans Are a Mental Health Crisis
Loneliness during coronavirus
The 2020 Verywell Mind Year-in-Review
Sprinter woman at start position, Ready to run
Are You Making a New Year's Resolution This Year? Readers Weigh In
Woman sitting solemnly in hallway
PTSD and Depression Increase Early Mortality Risk
Sleep trouble and high stress often go together.
Ask a Therapist: What Can I Do to Sleep Better and Feel Less Stressed?
Woman practicing mindfulness
Meditation May Ease Migraine Symptoms, Study Shows
Woman's hand writing 2021 resolutions
Why It's Okay to Break Your New Year's Resolutions
Danica McKellar is the mentally strong person of the week.
Mentally Strong Person of the Week: Danica McKellar
male manager ignoring depressed coworker
Male Managers Hold Greater Stigmas Against Workplace Depression, Study Says
Getty Images
Teens With Body Image Concerns At Risk for Depression
A young lesbian couple lays on a blanket together in a park.
New Educational Model for Teaching Sexual Consent Embraced by Young People, Study Finds
Woman at protest
What to Know About the 2020 APA Stress in America Report
Remote learning is tough for many kids.
Ask a Therapist: How Do I Help My Kids Cope With Pandemic Stress?
Pregnant woman looking out window and holding coffee cup
Suicidal Thoughts On the Rise a Year Before and After Birth
Man wearing a suit has blue light projecting dots and lines on his face
Extreme Biohacking: Self-Improvement or Mental Health Concern?
Young girl using her phone while lying down
Digital Self-Harm Is on the Rise, Study Shows
Nora McInerny is the mentally strong person of the week.
Mentally Strong Person of the Week: Nora McInerny
cbd oil
CBD Doesn't Impair Driving, New Study Finds
A black person using a wheelchair gives a presentation to colleagues at work.
Diversity and Inclusion Are Key to Improving Longevity Fitness, Report Finds
Be firm when family tries to guilt you into doing things.
Ask a Therapist: How Can I Deal With Pressure to See Family for the Holidays?
A young girl with black hair working on a computer with wireless headphones in.
Earlier Intervention Is Needed for Children at Risk for Self-Harm
sad woman
Divorce Conflict Strains Mental and Physical Health, Study Shows
Dan Harris is the Mentally Strong Person of the Week
Mentally Strong Person of the Week: Dan Harris
man and woman arguing in the kitchen
New Research Explains How to Deal With Defensive Behavior in Emotional Times
Watching your sister move out might feel sad.
Ask a Therapist: Should I Feel Bad for Telling My Sister to Move Out?
Older woman seeing doctor
Researchers Confirm Link Between Alzheimer’s and Gut Microbiota
Ally Brooke
Mentally Strong Person of the Week: Ally Brooke
virtual reality nature experience
Virtual Reality Experiences May Have Mood-Boosting Benefits
Two white gay men walk down a dirt road while holding hands and smiling.
Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual People May Face Higher Dementia Risk Later in Life
Anxious woman reading notes outside an office full of people
Mindfulness Might Not Remedy Stress How You'd Expect, Study Suggests
person putting small back of white powder into their back pocket
It's Been a Landmark Year for Drug Decriminalization: Here's Why That Matters
Elderly man sitting alone at home
Most Older Adults Won’t Seek Help For Depression, Survey Finds
woman wearing a mask walking in a polluted city
Major Link Found Between Air Pollution and Neurological Disorders
holiday loneliness
The Holidays Could Feel Lonelier This Year Due to COVID-19, Here's How to Cope
is 2020 the worst year ever?
Is 2020 Turning Us All Into Pessimists?
drawing of woman sitting in inner tube listening to music
This Is Why You Get Chills While Listening to Your Favorite Song
Relaxed young woman sitting on the floor at home listening to music
Your Birth Control Won’t Cause Depression, Study Finds
psilocybin mushrooms
Psilocybin Effective for Treating Major Depressive Disorder, Research Suggests
Two businesswomen look up at screen. One is holding an iPad.
Paid Employment May Protect Women's Memory Later in Life, Study Finds
drawing of old people playing cards together
Social Engagement Promotes Brain Health in Older Adults, Research Shows
veteran CIH therapy illo
Yoga, Tai Chi, and Meditation Provide Relief for Veterans with Chronic Pain and PTSD