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How to Quit an Addictive Behavior

Rehab, therapy, and support groups - there are many ways to overcome addiction. It may not be easy at first, but don't give up! Find what works for you.
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How Long Does It Take Detox From Substances?
Diverse group of people sitting in circle in group therapy session.
What Is a Sober Living House?
people at a support group
How Outpatient Rehab Works
hypnotherapist talking to female client laying down
Why Hypnotherapy Can Greatly Help People With Addiction
Support group
How to Find a Support Group Meeting Near You
Big Book Cover
The Big Book "Alcoholics Anonymous" Outlines How It Works
Tips for maintaining sobriety
How to Stay Sober: 13 Tips for Your Recovery
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How Counseling Can Help Marriages Affected by Addiction
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Why Quitting an Addiction Can Be So Challenging
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How Alcoholics Anonymous Works
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How Mindfulness Can Be Used for Treating and Prevention Addictions
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What to Expect From Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs
Narcotics Anonymous
How to Find an NA Meeting Near You for Helping With Your Drug Problems
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How Much Does Drug and Alcohol Rehab Cost?
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Al-Anon Topics for Beginners
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Detachment Protects You From Your Loved One's Addiction
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Common Misconceptions at the First 12-Step Meeting
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Differences Between AA Open and Closed Meetings
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You Don't Have to Believe in God to be Spiritually Aware for Recovery
Things you shouldn't do if you love an alcoholic
9 Ways to Help an Alcoholic
A psychology specialist explaining an action plan for recovery to a troubled teenage boy during an individual therapy session.
What Is Motivational Interviewing?
Person talking to therapist for treatment for addiction
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Addiction
Alcoholic Anonymous meeting
What Is Abstinence, and Is It Necessary?
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Can You Drink Non-Alcoholic Beer While on Antabuse?
Models pose as a couple counseling triad
Couples Can Seek Counseling for Help With Their Addictions
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Where to Find Free Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs
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What Happens When a Loved One Goes to Alcohol or Drug Rehab?
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The 12 Traditions That Serve As the Basis of AA and Al-Anon
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How Is the Serenity Prayer Used in 12-Step Groups?
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Al-Anon Can Prevent Divorce in Some Alcoholic Marriages
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A Study of Tradition 10 of the Twelve Traditions
Woman praying.
What You Need to Know About Step 11 of the 12 Steps
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Anonymity of the Participants in Alcoholics Anonymous
Chairs in a circle
Tradition 7 of AA Ensures Groups are Self-Supporting
A Study of Tradition 2 of the Twelve Traditions of A.A.
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A Study of Step 5 of the 12-Step Program
Young women forgiving each other with a hug
A Look at Step 10 of AA's 12-Step Program
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How Tradition 1 Helps Maintain Unity at AA Meetings
A man sharing his emotions in a support group.
Why Step 3 of the Twelve Steps Is so Important
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How Tradition 5 of AA Discuses the Purpose of Recovery Groups
Support group members comfort family member
What Is Al Anon and Alateen All About?
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A Study of Step 8 of the 12-Step Program
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What Freedoms the Fourth Tradition Grants AA Groups
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A Study of Step 2 of AA and Al-Anon's 12 Steps
Diverse group of ladies at a group AA Meeting
A Study of Step 12 of the Twelve Step Programs
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A Study of Tradition 9 of the Twelve Traditions
Group therapy
Why Alcoholics Anonymous Does Not Endorse Other Groups
Chairs in a circle
A Study of Tradition 3 of the Twelve Traditions
Man Collapsed on Treadmill
To Stay Sober, It's Best to Avoid All Compulisve Behaviors
Therapist working with patient on hypnosis
What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?
Young man hugging serious woman on couch
Step 9 in A.A. Is Making Amends
AA Meeting
A Study of Step 6 of the 12-Step Program
Caucasian couple sitting together comforting one another
How You Can Emotionally Support Someone With an Addiction
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Risks of Quitting Cold Turkey
How Long Does Withdrawal From Sugar Last?
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How to Build Self-Esteem During Recovery From an Addiction
Group therapy session
A Review of the SMART Addiction Recovery Program
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12 Step Recovery Programs Guide New, Addiction-Free Lives
Sad lonely girl sitting on stairs
How to Say the Appropriate Things After an Addict Dies
A group of young adults congregate around the grave of a friend who died from drugs
10 Ways to Support Someone Who Lost a Loved One to Drugs

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