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Mike Bayer

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Life Coaching, Mental Health, Substance Abuse


If we are connected with our best self when making any given decision, we are infinitely more likely to make a decision that will lead us toward a better life rather than away from it.

— Mike Bayer


Mike Bayer is a two-time New York Times best selling author, personal development coach, and mental wellness advocate whose mission is to help people achieve sound mental health in order to become their best selves.

Mike spent the earlier years of his career as a drug and alcohol counselor (CADC-II) and later became a board registered interventionist (BRI-II), where he helped thousands of struggling families navigate through incredibly challenging conflicts and conditions.

In 2005, Mike founded CAST Centers in Los Angeles, California, a treatment center uniquely designed to treat both mental health and substance abuse issues. CAST Centers has since become one of Los Angeles’ leading dual-diagnosis treatment centers and continues to change the lives of hundreds of people every year.

Coach Mike has a highly reputable track record of helping people heal and recover all over the world. From refugees in the Middle East and A-list celebrities experiencing burnout to everyday people searching for their passion and purpose, Mike is one of the most impactful and accomplished life coaches in the world today.

Mike is well-known for creating personalized, interactive exercises and workshops for a wide variety of professional organizations. He’s an in-demand keynote speaker who effectively connects with the audience and empowers them on a deeply personal level.

He also has his own podcast, "Always Evolving With Coach Mike Bayer," sits on Dr. Phil’s advisory board, and makes regular appearances on programs such as Dr. Phil, The Doctors, and more.

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