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    man standing at the base of ice mountains
    The Current State of Climate Anxiety
    drawing of a little girl coloring in her room taking a mental health day
    The Growing Acceptance of Mental Health Days for Students
    image of two hands holding each other, one black person, one white.
    Empathy Takes an Emotional Toll and People Are Avoiding It
    couple having relationship issues
    Differing Opinions on the COVID-19 Vaccine and Our Relationships
    landscape view of Afghanistan
    Afghanistan’s Mental Health Community at Risk of Collapse
    man receiving employee of the month award
    As the Job Market Climbs, So Could Feelings of a Satisfying Life
    Black student looking at books in the library
    First-Generation Psychology Students Report Economic Stress and Delayed Milestones
    woman in a red jacket stands at a fence over looking the ocean
    People With Higher BMI May Be at Higher Risk for Depression
    man talking to therapist in online therapy session
    Telepsychiatry Can Treat Bipolar Disorder and PTSD, Study Shows
    Man reading outdoors in a hammock
    Embrace Leisure Time—It Could Hurt Your Mental Health if You Don’t
    milk crates
    Why People Do the Milk Crate Challenge and Other Risky Stunts
    veteran sitting on the edge of the bed with his head in his hands
    How Veterans Are Coping With the Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan
    Black mother holding her son in her arms
    Black Mothers Fear for Their Children’s Safety, Study Suggests
    Man walking through a field with a shot gun over his shoulder
    Should Mental Health Checks Be Required Before Buying a Gun?
    black woman working at a computer
    Study Suggests Sitting Has Negative Impact on Mental Health
    Black man wearing orange beanie meditating
    Just Two Months of Meditation Could Improve Brain Efficiency
    person sitting at table with pill bottles
    Addiction Treatment Expands, Remains Unequal
    Man looking at a dark cloud of wildfire smoke
    The Mental Health Effects of Wildfire Smoke
    Person in a video call with their therapist.
    Assessing the Effectiveness of Online CBT
    a child's hands write chinese characters
    A Developing Brain May Process Music Differently When Learning a Foreign Language
    man walks in front of Google logo
    Google Launches Initiative to Hire More Autistic People
    child sitting on an exercise ball doing work on an ipad
    New ADHD Drug Treated Kids and Had Fewer Side Effects Than Stimulants
    young african american boy wearing makeup
    What is Title IX and How does this Statute Protect Trans Kids?
    woman sitting on a beg with pills around her
    Paying People to Quit Opioids Could Be a Drug Epidemic Solution
    young woman lying on her bed holding her smartphone
    Study Finds New Predictor of Suicidal Behavior in College Students
    Drawing of a young boy looking at a caterpillar in the yard
    Allowing Kids to Explore Further From Home Can Improve Confidence
    A parent and child embracing in the woods
    Attachment Styles in Children Can Finally Be Measured
    african american woman sitting at her computer with flowers and a candle
    Millennial Women Are Shifting Life Goals Post-Pandemic, Survey Says
    patient lying on a therapist's couch under the influence of psychedelics
    Oregon Paves the Way for “Magic Mushroom” Mental Health Treatments
    drawing of family looking at eviction notice on their door
    There’s a New Moratorium but Eviction Still Plagues Renters
    man holding a baby on a swing
    First Program for Dads’ Postpartum Depression Shows Promise
    older woman holding an ipad
    Virtual Contact Alone Did Not Mitigate Loneliness for Seniors During COVID-19
    paralympic basketball players
    Facing Mental Health Challenges as a Paralympic Athlete
    two woman hugging on a rug on the floor
    2021 Brings Major Milestones for Queer People
    trans woman shaving
    Transgender People Gain Mental Health Boost from Gender-Affirming Hair Removal
    drawing of a brain glowing
    MDMA Added to List of Beneficial Psychedelics in Treatment of PTSD
    two elderly people holding hands
    Emotional Resilience Is a Process, Study Confirms
    ECT form with pen
    Electroconvulsive Therapy Deemed Safe Despite Stigma, Study Says
    Older woman with chronic pain in kitchen
    Chronic Pain May Change Our Brain and How We Handle Emotions, Study Says
    image of a sun with an orange background
    The Western U.S. Heat Crisis and Our Mental Health
    mother and daughter meditating in child's bedroom
    Exercise and Meditation Helps Help With ADHD in 10 Minutes, Study Says
    young woman sitting on the curb appears stressed
    First Three Months Critical for Sexual Assault Survivors With PTSD
    woman holding a paper coffee mug
    Research Suggests Limiting Coffee for Brain Health
    Group of teens talking with each other
    Empathetic Teens Come From More Secure Homes, Study Says
    man administering Narcan to woman on the floor who has overdosed on opioids
    Why You Should Take Narcan Training Right Now
    person filling up a water bottle in a sink
    How the World's Lead Crisis Is Affecting Personality
    A therapist and patient discussing
    How Using the Right Language Can Destigmatize Mental Illness
    A physician discusses a vaccine with a patient.
    Comparing COVID-19 Vaccine to Well Known Shots May Increase Vaccine Trust, Study Says
    Children running out to recess.
    Quality Recess Gives a Boost to Children's Mental Health, Study Says
    African american disabled woman at an office holding an iPad
    Research Finds Reasons for Unemployment Among People With Disabilities
    Person looking at their computer late at night in the dark
    Mental And Physical Health Suffer When a Person Works After Hours
    kids being bullies in the school yard
    School Bullying Drops During COVID-19 Pandemic, Research Shows
    illustration of people favoring physical health over mental health
    Why Does Mental Health Take a Backseat to Physical Health?
    New Report Debunks Myth That “Smart” Technology Lowers Our Intelligence
    Illustration of a man speaking out of rage.
    Ask a Therapist: How Do I Stop Saying Hurtful Things I Don't Mean?
    An african american couple having a drink together, laughing
    Two-Thirds of Couples Started Out as Friends, Study Finds
    drawing of person doing a seated twist on a yoga mat wearing purple shorts
    Yoga Is the Best Way to Feel Less Stress From Work, Research Shows
    two adaptive athletes shaking hands after a tennis match
    Understanding Disability Pride Month
    African American person writing with a pencil
    Study Suggests Writing by Hand Is Best for Learning New Material
    A person walks in front of the Stonewall Inn decorated in Pride decor.
    What You Might Not Know about Queer History