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    Thoughtful man looking away against wall
    Experts Identify Three Key Factors That Determine Mental Illness
    young man sits on a bench looking sad
    We Need a Clearer Understanding of Treatment-Resistant Depression, Say Experts
    pregnant asian woman talks on a zoom call
    Not Everyone Hates Seeing Themselves on Zoom, Study Shows
    Friendly cow approaching a small child
    Want to Hug a Cow? There Could Be Real Benefits to Farm Animal Therapy
    two women talking
    New Research Sheds Light on How Others Help Us Regulate Our Own Emotions
    woman sitting at a cafe table
    Education Protects Against Mental Illness In Midlife, But Its Effects Are Waning in the US
    woman talking to ai on her phone
    Artificial Intelligence Could Be The Future of Mental Illness Detection
    Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio in Don't Look Up
    How Don't Look Up Makes Us Sit with Existential Dread
    Black woman looks at herself in a small handheld mirror
    Stress Is Aging You Faster—But It’s Possible to Slow Down the Biological Clock
    woman caring for multiple children
    Multiple Children and Complex Communication Increased Stress For Women Working Remotely
    teen girl putting her head on her desk
    Pressure to be High Achievers Impacts Mental Health of Teen Girls
    white woman assisting black child
    Whites Trained in Mindfulness 3 Times More Likely to Help Black People in Staged Scenarios
    mom helps child tie a bow on a present
    1 in 5 Parents Polled Say Holiday Stress Negatively Impacts Child’s Seasonal Enjoyment
    image of Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd in the Shrink Next Door
    What "The Shrink Next Door" Can Teach Us About Toxic Patient Therapist Relationships
    Body Image during the holidays illustration
    For Americans With Negative Body Image, the Wrong Comment Can Make It Even Worse
    man quitting his job carrying the items from his desk
    Quitting Your Job Could Do Wonders For Your Mental Health
    busy mom hanging out with her 3 kids
    Parental Stress is Key Contributor to Development of Children’s Mental Illness
    Pregnant woman lying on a couch
    Adoption is No Substitute for Abortion: Forced Pregnancy Impacts Mental Health
    Woman running in the park
    Just 10 Minutes of Running Improves Mood, Research Confirms
    Drawing of mental health responder sitting with man who broke a window
    A Look at Police Reform and Mental Health Crises—Has Any Progress Been Made?
    Drawing of family decorating the house for the holidays
    Vaccines Bring Relief to the Holidays, but You Still Might Be Stressed
    woman holding a glass and a pill
    Dopamine and the Placebo Effect Could Impact the Success of Your SSRI
    Illustration of girl dancing in her bedroom with her dog napping on her bed
    Listening to Your Favorite Music May Prevent Cognitive Decline
    Black man looks happily into the distance
    SNT Experimental Depression Treatment Nearly 80% Effective
    Drawing of person looking stressed among natural disaster
    Impact of Climate Change on Mental Health Goes Beyond Anxiety
    Film still from A La Cara
    Who are Internet Trolls and Should You Confront Them?
    Verywell Mind Year-In-Review Final
    The Verywell Mind 2021 Year-in-Review
    photo of Penn Badgely with original border around it
    How Accurate is The Depiction of Stalking in Netflix's You?
    drawing of two Native Americans back to back with eyes closed
    How Native Americans Are Healing Despite Ongoing Settler Colonialist Trauma
    woman using her smart phone in the tub
    Could a Smartphone App Treat Severe Mental Illness?
    Young black adult male looking out of a window
    The Impact of COVID-19 on Suicide Death Rates
    person eating a healthy lunch
    The Evidence Is Adding Up: What You Eat Can Directly Impact Stress and Anxiety
    woman smiling in a meeting at work
    Being Friendly and Trustworthy is Most Important When it Comes to Choosing Teammates
    drawing of little girl looking up at empty store shelves
    How to Cope With Holiday Shopping Stress Amid Supply Chain Disruptions
    person holding pills and a glass of water
    Your Medical History Can Help You Pick the Right Anti-Depressant, Study Finds
    photo of Dr. Sasha Hamdani
    My Conversation With ADHD Specialist Dr. Sasha Hamdani
    Drawing of different pictures on a girl's dating profile
    Fixation on Appearance Linked to Anxiety When Dating
    Drawing of a caregiver and a woman with alzheimer's disease
    The Emotional Toll of Caring For a Loved One With Alzheimer's Disease
    drawing of adoptive parents receiving baby
    We Need To Remove The Stigma Around Putting A Child Up For Adoption
    drawing of a man sitting on a step smoking
    Smoking Addiction and Mental Health Should Be Treated Together
    Holiday conversations
    3 in 4 Americans Have Concerns About the Holidays This Year
    girl sitting on the beach looking out onto the ocean
    Cognitive Function Rapidly Restored After Ketamine Treatment, Decreases Suicidality
    man lying in bed looking at his phone
    Men Tend to Experience Emotional Pain From Breakups More Strongly Than Women, Study Finds
    Photo of news anchor Robin Meade wearing a red dress
    How News Anchor Robin Meade Confronted Nearly Career-Ending Anxiety
    military woman hugging her child
    Suicidality Among Veterans Did Not Increase at the Beginning of the Pandemic, Study Suggests
    woman on a video call with her physician
    Data Shows Minimal Change in Americans' Use of Mental Health Services
    veteran woman sits on the floor of her living room
    Often Kept Secret, Military Sexual Trauma Leaves Lasting Scars
    old man petting a cat
    How Robotic Pets Are Helping Older Adults Facing Dementia and Isolation
    woman looks wearily at grocery store options
    Even Basic Decision-Making Feels Overwhelming in the Pandemic, Study Finds
    man and woman embracing
    Despite Culturally Ingrained Stereotypes, Women Are Not More Emotional Than Men
    two teenaged girls lying on a bed looking at their smartphones
    TikTok May Be to Blame for Rising Cases of Tic-Like Behaviors in Teens
    little kids playing soccer outdoors
    Playing Sports as a Child Could Prevent Mental Illness Later On
    woman hugging little boy under the kitchen table
    Why Children's Mental Health Has Become a National Emergency
    photo of pregnant woman sitting in a hospital bed
    National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month: How Parents Process Grief
    unhappy girl sitting on park bench
    There's a Reason Why Stressful Memories Stick Out in Our Minds
    looking at emts through a car window
    We Need to Talk About the Mental Health of First Responders
    Senior white man hanging from monkey bars
    Motivation Might Be the Key to Healthy Aging
    drawing of various halloween things, a full moon, a cat, pumpkins
    Does the Moon Actually Affect Our Behavior?
    Woman looking out into nature wearing a red backpack
    Nature-Based Activities Improve Mood and Limit Anxiety
    Black woman singing with friends
    Singing is Great For Your Mental Health, Even if You Can’t Stay In Key