Explore top resources and advice on how to quit smoking for good, whether you're looking for yourself or want to help someone else achieve their goal.
truth about vape pens
Everything You Need to Know About Vape Pens
Group of people smoking hookah at an outdoor cafe.
What Are the Risks of Hookah Smoking?
Three friends at a festival smoking and drinking
Is It Safe to Be a Social Smoker?
Cigarettes in a pack
What Is a Pack-Year and How Many of Them Have You Smoked?
Hookah On Table At Restaurant
What to Expect at a Hookah Bar
Serious woman in car smoking a cigarette
A Day in the Life of Someone Addicted to Smoking
Old man smoking with pipe
Is Smoking a Pipe Healthier Than Smoking Cigarettes?
Man pulls chewing tobacco from can
Reasons to Stay Away From Smokeless Tobacco
Bald headed businessman smoking a cigar
Surprising Facts About Cigar Smoking
man smoking cigarillo
Cigar Smoking Is Not a Safe Alternative to Cigarettes
Man Lighting Cigarette in Bar
Researchers Link the Alcohol-Nicotine Interaction
Hands breaking a cigarette
The Best Apps to Help You Quit Smoking
Hands breaking a cigarette
Best Non-Medical Ways to Quit Smoking
Reasons Why You Should Consider Quitting Smoking
Doctor Discussion Guides
People drinking beer at a bar
Going Out When You Are Trying to Quit Smoking
how your body heals after quitting smoking
What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Smoking?
A woman wearing an apron, sitting at a table, sprinkling herbs into a bowl of vegetable stew.
How to Avoid Weight Gain When You Quit Smoking
Single cigarette
There Is No Such Thing as Just One Cigarette
A man sitting on the couch, relaxing with headphones on
Reshaping Your Attitude Towards Quitting Smoking When You Don't Want To
Prescription pills scattered on table with empty pill packets
How Quitting Smoking Can Seriously Affect the Medicines You Take
Woman drinking water outdoors
Health Benefits to Expect When You Quit Smoking
Hand holding cigarette in ashtray
How Your Body Reacts During the First 2 Days of Smoking Cessation
Smiling senior man talking with wife and doctor in examination room
The Health Benefits of Having One Smoke-Free Year
Smiling woman breaking her last cigarette in half.
The Benefits That Come With the First 9 Months of Smoking Cessation
Office Worker On Cigarette Break
What Smoking Does to Your Metabolism
Someone putting out a cigarette
Do You Know How Long Nicotine Stays in Your System?
close up front view of businesswoman sitting at desk anxiously completing an aptitude test
10 Tips for When You Quit Smoking
Woman with headache
Why Am I Still Craving Cigarettes?
Woman with headache in bed
Why Smokers Can Feel Flu-Like Symptoms When They Stop Smoking
Smoking while drinking beer
How to Quit Smoking When You're Out Drinking With Friends
woman with a headache
The Toughest Times in the Quit-Smoking Process
Young woman smoking cigarette outside office building
Why People Go Back to Smoking Even Years After Stopping
Woman's hand putting out a cigarette in an ashtray
Practical Tips for Getting Through Your First Smoke-Free Week
Woman opening fridge at night
How to Avoid Weight Gain From Snacking When You Quit Smoking
High Angle View Of Cigarette In Ashtray
9 Common Rationalizations for Smoking
Young woman enjoying a healthy snack during a break in office
Quitting Smoking and Weight Gain
woman smoking
Mind Games Go Both Ways When You Quit Smoking
First year of quitting smoking is critical
Learn Why the First Year of Smoking Cessation Is So Important
Woman walking with dog on street
Tips for Dealing With Stress While You Quit Smoking
A woman at the couch
Depression Related to Quitting Smoking
Cropped Image Of Person Smoking Cigarette
Does Smoking a Cigarette Mean You've Relapsed?
Young couple talking over coffee
Helping Friends and Family Understand How It Feels to Quit Smoking
person thinking while resting chin on clasped hands
Faulty Thought Patterns That Put You at Risk of a Smoking Relapse
Woman enjoying cup of tea with her eyes closed
How to Make the Holidays Less Stressful After You Quit Smoking
An Overview of What to Expect After You Quit Smoking
Close up of cigarette in someone's hand
How Much Money Will You Save When You Quit Smoking?
Hands breaking a cigarette
The Best Online Resources for Smoking Cessation
Illustration for tips to quit vaping
7 Tips for Quitting Vaping
woman applying nicotine patch
The Best Nicotine Patches to Help You Quit Smoking
Nicotine Patch
Pros and Cons of Using Nicotine Replacement Therapy
Woman looking at cell phone
Top 5 Free iPhone Apps to Help You Quit Smoking
Man smoking outside bar with smoking ban
Can the Nicotine Patch Help You Quit Smoking?
woman with syringe
What to Know About the Nicotine Vaccine
A crowded pharmacy storage area.
Are Nicotine Lozenges an Effective Quit Aid?
Man holding packet of nicotine gum
Can You Be Addicted to Nicotine Gum?
Cigarette snapped in half on top of a calendar with "Quit!" written on it.
What Should You Do Before You Stop Smoking?
Woman drinking water outside
The 5 Ds That Help With Smoking Cessation
Woman Drinking Hot Tea in the Kitchen
Supplies to Stock Up On Before You Quit
A sign that reads "No smoking in this area"
Why Are You Afraid to Quit Smoking?