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What: Online Therapy: Is It Right for You?

When: Wednesday, February 22nd at 1:00pm Eastern Time

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Even before the pandemic, the telehealth industry was seen as a major part of the future of medicine. Over the last 3 years we have accelerated even faster toward that future, and online therapy has perhaps seen the biggest boost in popularity.

Americans continue to grapple with their increased awareness and acceptance of mental health issues, and our collective desire to seek care that is accessible, convenient, and effective has led to a robust market of online therapy services that continues to grow.

But with so many options available, you may have a lot of questions about these services, how they work, and which one may be right for you.

The Online Therapy Webinar

On February 22nd at 1:00pm Eastern Time, Verywell Mind will host a free webinar led by Editor-in-Chief, Amy Morin, LCSW. She will help you explore whether online therapy is right for you and what you can expect from the experience.

What You'll Gain By Attending

Morin will address several critical topics around online therapy, including the following:

  • Learn about the five big advantages of seeing an online therapist.
  • We’ll talk about the four types of people who shouldn’t use online therapy.
  • Find out the three things to do before signing up for online treatment.
  • You’ll leave feeling more empowered to make a choice about your online provider. 
  • We’ll dig into the biggest misconceptions about online therapy so that you feel more confident in your decision.
  • You’ll receive an exclusive offer from Talkspace to get you started on your therapy journey.* 
  • Plus, we’ll answer some of your most pressing questions.

She will also be joined by Amy Marschall, PsyD, a licensed clinical psychologist certified in trauma-focused CBT and telemental health. In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Marschall is a regular contributing writer to Verywell Mind who also lent her expertise to help evaluate 55 online therapy services as part of our 2022 Online Therapy Awards.

Dr. Marschall will provide insights into our favorite online therapy sites as well as how the teletherapy boom has impacted specialized care, privacy issues, the overall quality of care, and more.

*All registrants will receive an exclusive offer of $120 off their first therapy session at Talkspace.

Why Now?

Wherever you stand on the value of modern technology and the increasing prevalence of screens for so much of our daily needs, online therapy is here to stay.

Research shows that about 70% of Americans can't access traditional, in-office therapy for reasons such as cost, availability, and accessibility. Online providers can help fill this void.

While teletherapy does not cut out all of the complications that may come with seeking in-person therapy, millions of people have made use of services like Talkspace, Betterhelp, and the dozens of others that have joined the marketplace in recent years.

More than ever, it's important for everyone—whether or not you have a clinically diagnosed mental health condition—to know their options and better understand the full scope of online therapy services available.

Whether you are looking for a culturally competent therapist, someone who shares your lived experience, or even just someone who can help you work through some things, help may be more readily available than ever.

If you have been considering online therapy but aren't sure how to get started or have concerns about the process, we are here to help provide the info you may need to help you decide if online therapy is the right treatment option for you.

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Click here to sign up for our free webinar and for more details about the event.

About Amy Morin, LCSW

Amy Morin, LCSW is the Editor-in-Chief of Verywell Mind. She began working as a psychotherapist in 2002. As a licensed clinical social worker, she helped children, teens, and adults build the mental strength they needed to reach their greatest potential. Amy is an international bestselling author. Her books, "13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do," "13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don’t Do," and "13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don’t Do" are translated into more than 40 languages.

She’s also the host of The Verywell Mind Podcast where she introduces listeners to mental strength-building strategies that can help them think, feel, and do their best in life.

About Dr. Amy Marschall

Dr. Amy Marschall is a clinical psychologist licensed in South Dakota, Montana, New York, North Dakota, and Florida. She received her doctorate from the University of Hartford in 2015 and completed her internship at the Psychology Training Consortium, Central Region, focusing on assessment and rural mental health.

As a therapist, she works primarily with children and adolescents and can work with adults if they are a good fit. As an evaluator, she provides psychological assessments for children, teens, and adults for ADHD, autism, anxiety, mood problems, personality issues, memory difficulties, and other concerns. She is trauma-informed and neurodiversity-affirming, and is certified in telemental health. She has a full-time clinical private practice, Resiliency Mental Health and is also a speaker, educator, and author.

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