OurRelationship Online Therapy Review

Online courses that can be completed independently or with a relationship coach

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Our Relationship Review

Our Relationship

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In contrast to traditional couples therapy, OurRelationship strengthens relationships via a series of affordable, expert-developed online courses that can be completed independently or with the guidance of a relationship coach.

  • Pros & Cons
  • Key Facts
Pros & Cons
  • Affordable

  • Self-paced courses

  • Flexible scheduling options for coaching

  • Discounts and financial aid available

  • Courses developed by relationship experts

  • Available for individuals, heterosexual, same-gender, and military couples

  • Not a true online therapy company

  • Relationship coaches are not licensed therapists

  • Self-led course and coaching are not a substitute for weekly therapy sessions

  • Doesn’t take insurance

  • Not polyamory/non-monogamy competent

  • Vague privacy policy statement

  • No medication management services

Key Facts
$50 without a coach; $150 with a coach
Is Insurance Accepted?
Type Of Therapy
Communication Options
Video Chat
HIPPA Compliant?
Is There an App?
Why Trust Us
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We surveyed 105 users from each online therapy company and asked the companies to complete questionnaires. Then, we tested the services ourselves, conducted comprehensive data collection research, and evaluated our results with the help of three licensed therapists.

OurRelationship isn’t like any of the other online therapy companies we reviewed. Instead of offering users the ability to book regular therapy sessions with a therapist, it instead provides a series of online courses that you can take on your own time or with the assistance of a relationship coach. While these relationship coaches aren’t licensed therapists, the programs themselves were developed by Dr. Andrew Christensen and Dr. Brian Doss, both psychology professors and researchers, and they were published for public access in 2016 with the research lab headquartered at the University of Miami in Florida. The coaches are also clinical psychology doctoral students.

The goal of the company is simple: to help couples find the tools and resources they need to improve their relationship on their own time and with as little or as much help as they need. 

OurRelationship did not respond to our questionnaire, despite multiple attempts to contact a representative. This hindered our ability to gain as much insight into the company, the course, and how it stacks up against the other options available to couples. Instead, we had to rely exclusively on user survey data in order to assess the company. Keep reading to see how OurRelationship stacks up against its online therapy competition. 

First Impressions and Sign-up Process

At first glance, OurRelationship’s homepage looks a little dated. It doesn’t feel like a sleek, modern mental health resource. 

Our Relationship Homepage

At the top of the page, you’ll find a stock image of a couple, below with the words are the words “Effective Online Relationship Advice” and (in red) “Helping Relationships Thrive.” Below that, there is a brief introduction to the company’s mission statement, a video by the course creator Dr. Brian Doss, an introduction to the four courses offered, and testimonials. Further down still, you’ll find an invitation to try a free activity (as long as you provide your name and email), media reviews, and a mention that the company is supported by the Administration for Children and Families. 

The most informative page for someone who knows nothing about the company is its FAQ page. This is where the company transparently explains that its programs are online self-help offerings, not therapy, even though you can book regular coaching sessions. This is helpful to know right away—and if you’re looking for virtual couples therapy, you’re better off considering ReGain or Talkspace.

The website also has pages on the website devoted to all four courses offered—one for heterosexual couples, same-gender couples, military & veteran couples, and individuals—and each one comes with an informative video by Dr. Doss explaining what you can expect from the course. On the “About Us” page, you can find information about the effectiveness of the courses. 

OurRelationship does have a blog, but as of March 2022, it hasn’t been updated since May 14, 2021. The company has a YouTube channel, but it hasn’t posted a video in a year. While its Instagram account has been updated more recently, it has fewer than 1,000 followers and very little engagement. 

Seventy-nine percent of the users surveyed reported that they either had a very good or excellent experience signing up for OurRelationship.

The process for signing up for one of the programs is pretty easy: First, select the course that best suits your needs. Then, you’ll have a chance to see if you qualify to take it for free (but you’ll have to share info about your combined household income). If you choose to skip this step, select whether you want to work with a coach or not, then create an account and pay.  


Since OurRelationship doesn’t offer traditional couples therapy, just a course and coaching, it’s one of the most affordable options available to you. Seventy-one percent of clients surveyed reported either very good or excellent services received for the amount of money spent. 

You'll only pay once:

  • $50 for the online course alone
  • $199 for the online course and five 20-minute coaching sessions with your relationship coach
OurRelationship's Prices Compared to Other Therapy Options

Does OurRelationship Accept Insurance?


Are There Discounts Available?

No, though you can apply to take your chosen relationship course for free if you need financial aid. If you qualify, your fee will be paid for with a grant provided by the Association of Children and Families. 

Ease of Use

If you sign up for the course with coaching, you will schedule your weekly coaching sessions through your portal. Appointments are available during the day, evening, or weekend. Your coaching sessions are held live through Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, or FaceTime, depending on your and your coach’s preference. 

Seventy-nine percent of the users we surveyed thought the platform was either very good or excellent in terms of user-friendliness.

If you do not like the coach you’re currently working with, you can ask to switch to a new one by emailing the company’s customer service through the contact page or by calling them directly.

Once your request is received, a team member will work with you to find a better fit, though it may take longer than at other companies we reviewed where you can request a switch through the touch of a button in the app. Still, 76% of survey respondents found the process easy or very easy. 

Therapists' Qualifications and Quality of Care

Despite not being licensed clinical psychologists, 87% of the users we surveyed said they found their coach’s qualifications to be either very good or excellent, though only 73% said the same about the number of coaches available. There are only 22 coaches with bios posted on the website and it is unclear if these are the only coaches associated with the program. 

Most coaches are psychology students working towards advanced degrees or pursuing specialized training. They are not licensed therapists and have not completed their training. 

Still, 96% of users said they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the coach options available. 

Types of Therapy Offered

As noted above, OurRelationship doesn’t offer therapy at all. It offers self-help courses geared towards helping you better understand and improve your relationship. 

There are four courses available, geared towards:

  • Heterosexual couples
  • Same-sex couples
  • Military couples
  • Individuals

All four courses take about eight to 10 hours to complete over five to eight weeks. The work is spread out over time to give couples a chance to work on various skills and issues before moving to the next step of the course. 

If you choose to sign up for a coach while taking the course, they do not use any particular therapeutic techniques. They are just there to help guide you as you take it, answer questions, and offer feedback. Since the sessions are only 20 minutes, these chats are not designed to go in-depth into any issues you have. 

Privacy Policies​

While the OurRelationship website says it takes your privacy seriously and keeps your personal information secure, it doesn’t go into any specific details about what types of safety precautions it takes, like many of the other companies we reviewed do. The company also did not respond to our questionnaire.

Because the course is not therapy, the coaches and the company are not bound by HIPAA laws. That said, since it is a self-guided program focused on tools and conflict resolution skills, there are no medical records to keep or maintain. 

Overall Client Satisfaction

Seventy-one percent of the users we surveyed rated the course and coaching they received through OurRelationship as either very good or excellent and 73% said its value was very good or excellent for the money spent.

Eighty-nine percent of those who had used other online therapy services said that OurRelationship was better or much better than their other experience(s).

Ninety-five percent of users reported that they were either likely or very likely to recommend someone like them to OurRelationship. 

Is OurRelationship Right For You?

OurRelationship’s course is designed for any couples or individuals who want to improve their relationship, but you have to be comfortable taking a self-guided course. If you’re someone who doesn’t like doing homework or self-help books, you’re unlikely to want to take this course, even with the regular coaching sessions.

The course is also not appropriate if you're seeking individual or couples therapy. The course will tackle general relationship issues, but it won’t go into the same depth as therapy would and it may not help you address specific issues, such as intimacy issues, affair recovery, or trauma. 

OurRelationship is also not designed to be an emergency service. People struggling with suicidal thoughts, domestic violence, who are in crisis, or need any kind of medical care are not suitable for this course. The course is only aimed at adults over the age of 18. 

OurRelationship vs. Couples Therapy Inc.

Website Comparison: OurRelationship vs ReGain

OurRelationship and Couples Therapy Inc. are both companies devoted to helping couples through their relationship issues. However, the way they go about that is very different. OurRelationship offers a course with the option of coaching, but Couples Therapy Inc. offers virtual therapy sessions, coaching, intensive retreats, and courses. 

Couples Therapy Inc. is the service you should choose if you’re looking to work with a licensed therapist and have regular, in-depth sessions. OurRelationship’s coaches are not licensed therapists and will only meet with you for 20 minutes instead of the 50 minutes provided by Couples Therapy Inc. 

Because Couples Therapy Inc. offers intensives and classes, though, both companies might work well for someone who doesn’t want to sign up for long-term therapy and prefers to dedicate less time to learning new relationship skills and tools with their partner. 

Of course, since OurRelationship is a one-time fee for a course, it is more affordable. You pay either $50 or $199 once, rather than $125 to $200 per session or $3,500 to $6,500 for an intensive. Neither accept insurance.

When it came to our user surveys, 95% of users are both companies said they were either likely or very likely to refer someone to the company; but 76% of Couples Therapy Inc. users said services were either very good or excellent, compared to 71% at OurRelationship.

However, 88% of OurRelationship respondents said services were much better or a little better than others they tried compared to 76% at Couples Therapy Inc. 

Final Verdict

If you cannot afford weekly couples therapy sessions or do not have the time to make that kind of long-term commitment, OurRelationship likely offers you a cost-effective alternative. You can pay a one-time fee and take a self-guided course to learn ways to improve your relationship and even schedule short, weekly coaching sessions.

However, OurRelationship's services are not a replacement for traditional therapy or couples therapy, so if you’re having more serious issues in your relationship, we recommend choosing a different online therapy company.


Our methodology for evaluating online therapy companies is comprehensive and data-driven. As mentioned above, we sent questionnaires to 33 companies and surveyed 100 current users of each in order to gather qualitative and quantitative data about each company and its users’ experiences.

Specifically, we evaluated each company on website usability, sign-up process, subscription offerings, client privacy protections, and how easy it is to change therapists. We then looked at therapist qualifications, the types of therapy offered, quality of care, client-therapist communication options, session length, and the therapist assignment process. Finally, we looked at cost, value for money, whether the companies take insurance, overall user satisfaction, and the likelihood clients would recommend them. 

By Mary K. Tatum, MS, LMHC
Mary is a licensed mental health counselor and psychotherapist with 15 years of experience working in the psychology field. She earned a Bachelor of Science in psychology from Bluefield College and a Master of Science in Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University. She began in social work and then moved to drug rehab settings, working as a therapist, group facilitator, and clinical director. She specializes in family dynamic systems, trauma recovery, improving resilience, addiction recovery, and the psychology of successful business management.

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